It's the largest bow, standing at 7'0 feet tall and weighing as the heaviest at 23 pounds. It's an aqua color and has a ruby embedded into it's metal.


It's creator the godess of light, Luna, created it with the first artifact. It was stolen by the Mad One who used it's power to destroy all who could oppose him, but, he forgot about the heroes of legend, they fought and defeated him.


It has the power of light, able to kill all dead or living things with 10 shots, it can kill living with 2-3 shots, and undead with 1-2 shots. It was created to destroy undead that were rising up to challenge the gods.


It was created alongside the sword of time, it was used to end a war against an undead army, than it rested untill the Mad One decided to claim it. He used it's power, but still couldn't defeat the heroes of legend. Instead, they defeated him with the Ultima Weapon.

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