Bounce Attack, also known as Sonic Meteor is a somewhat basic, but useful and potentially powerful attack.


Used primarily by hedgehogs (although it has been seen being used by hedgehog hybrids), the user jumps into the air, then at the height of their jump, curls into a ball and slams down onto the ground. The user then rebounds higher into the air, due to the force of their decent. This attack allows the user to reach higher ground when no other way of doing so is available. However, this attack can also be quite powerful. If the user uses the attack while high enough in the air, the combined speed and force will allow them to rebound into the air with incredible velocity and power. If used at an angle, the user can also potentially use their surroundings to hit the opponent from several directions. This attack in its basic form is usually best used as a surprise attack from high above the opponent, or to surprise an airborne opponent who dodged the first part of the attack.


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An attack that requires little training in its basic use, though potentially quite powerful, it is given a C-rank

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