Cquote1 I suppose we were always fools for thinking they would listen to us. They look at us and see brutish, uncivilized rogues who see violence as the only option; they do not see us as we truly are. We are so much more. Because of our foolish belief that they would listen to us, many lives have been lost here. But there are two that we have saved. From this moment, this place shall be called Lucky Tundra Village, in memory of the children we have rescued here. Cquote2
Boulder's solemn monologue, It's a Whole New World (FeralFront RP)

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Boulder the Lycanroc is a character appearing in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is a male Dusk Forme Lycanroc serving as a main character and occasional POV of the series. He is a close friend of Austin Smith and Storm the Buizel, as well as a mentor figure to Lucky Smith and Tundra Smith(when Lucky is kidnapped) during Rise of Ruin. He is currently the second-in-command of Lucky's Resistance, helping to guide Lucky and Tundra whenever they feel stressed about the leadership. A new remake story, called The First Battle, shows a little more of his dynamic with Austin early into their friendship, given that it overhauls much of the series' old lore.


As Rockruff: Boulder resembles a short non-anthropomorphic puppy with tan fur, a brown muzzle, and paws, brown-tipped floppy ears, bright blue eyes, and a pink nose. He has a white mane with rocks in it, and an inward-curling, bushy white tail and a white belly.

As Lycanroc: As Dusk Lycanroc, Boulder greatly resembles a Midday Lycanroc, but with a few obvious key differences. These are that he has orange fur, green eyes(that turn red when angry), and a much longer and thicker, mane. Boulder is rather stocky, and noticeably large for a Dusk, possibly due to his age and experience. He also has a battle-scarred pelt, and a scar slicing across his nose.


As Rockruff: Boulder is a kind-hearted, friendly soul. He is eager and innocent with a deep love for his father Finnick, who greatly contrasts from the usual portrayal of Midnight Lycanroc in the series.

As Lycanroc: Boulder is stern, firm and calm, but has a surprisingly short temper. When angered, especially in battle or when his friends or family are threatened, Boulder's eyes will become red and he will become almost feral with rage. He is very hard to calm down like this.


Before the Series: Boulder was born to the Poni Island Moon Pack(a Pack of Midnight Lycanroc) as the son of Finnick and his former mate Luna. Finnick already wasn't very liked in his Pack because he had more of a Midday Lycanroc's personality rather than that of a Midnight Lycanroc. When Boulder was young, Luna left and Finnick was driven from the Pack because of his reluctance to be savage in any way. The Pack leader chose to raise Boulder as his own purely to spite Finnick and teach the young pup to be savage. However, Boulder had apparently inherited his father's personality, and chose to go with Lucas when the Midday Lycanroc chose to join The Storming Alliance. Later, when Finnick joined, Lucas let him be with his true father, but Boulder continued to allow Lucas to be his adopted father.

Search for the Lost Warriors: Boulder is first seen near the edge of Lamarkie Forest, playing with Cody. When Lucas hears Lycus growling, he hurries over to block the antagonistic Midnight Lycanroc's Stone Edge attack by crouching over him and Cody with them under his belly. Later, while thinking to himself, Lucas considers Boulder more his kin than Lycus.

The Dusk Wolf: See The Dusk Wolf.

Return of Evil: See Return of Evil.

Shadows of Vengeance: See Shadows of Vengeance.

The Heart of a Warrior: Boulder serves as one of the POVs.


Main Article: Boulder the Lycanroc/Powers

Boulder's currently known moves are Bite, Rock Throw, Stone Edge, and Accelerock.

As of Return of Evil, Boulder can use the Z-Move Continental Crush, coming off of either Stone Edge or Rock Throw. As of Storm of Warriors, he can use the exclusive Z-Move Splintered Stormshards.

Recently, due to new lore for Dusk Lycanroc in The Legend of Fox the Brave being created, it was confirmed by the creator that Boulder has the ability to see into the future and past sporadically as sudden visions. It is this that allows Boulder to foretell major events and see past events-thus letting him learn about the Team he fights for. However, he is upset by his powers since he just wants to be a regular Lycanroc. Dawn and Crunch are both Dusk Lycanroc as well, but do not have these powers.


Boulder's Ability as Rockruff is unknown, but is possibly Own Tempo, as in the Pokémon video games, that is the required Ability for a Rockruff to evolve into Dusk Lycanroc.

As Lycanroc, Boulder's Ability is Tough Claws, giving him a boost to all his attacks that make contact.


Like Midday Lycanroc, Boulder is very swift, but also has a ferocious fighting style similar to a Midnight. He also has incredible endurance like all Rock-Types, and can deal back twice as much damage as he was dealt via Counter.


Being a Rock-Type, Boulder is weak to Water, Ground, Fighting, and Steel-Type Pokemon.


Austin Smith

In The First Battle, Boulder is seen eagerly looking up to Austin as a mentor figure, and later lets him be the first to call out an attack as Dusk Lycanroc. At first Boulder acts like an excited apprentice around Austin as Lycanroc, but he overcomes this and forms a strong friendship with Austin.

Michael Smith

The First Battle shows Michael to be alive around the time of the Coming of Alola, showing him become a good friend of Boulder after he evolves, as well as someone the young warrior could go to for advice. Boulder was devastated when Michael died of his injuries from Finitevus' attack.

Storm the Buizel

Initially, Boulder and Storm weren't shown together much, but they were later shown to be good friends. This was remedied in The First Battle. When Boulder fell in the river and was separated from the Storm Fighters in The Heart of a Warrior, Storm was made his replacement, but the Buizel stepped down when Boulder returned. Later, when Boulder stood in as leader of the Resistance in Wolfhart City, he made Storm his deputy, showing a deep level of trust between the two warriors.

Finnick the Midnight Lycanroc

Finnick is Boulder's biological father, and they care deeply for each other. Boulder's friendly, childish personality as a Rockruff somewhat mirrors his father's kind and soft-hearted personality.

Lucas the Midday Lycanroc

Sometime before his debut in the series, Boulder was adopted by Lucas when the older Midday Lycanroc took him away from the Poni Moon Pack and became his adoptive father. When Finnick joined The Megastone Rogues to be with his son, Lucas let Boulder be with his biological father, but Boulder still considers him a father.

Dawn the Lycanroc

Boulder and Dawn are mates. Dawn appears to be knowledgeable about Boulder's special powers after his evolution, and is adamant that he must live with them however much he dislikes them. In Storm of Darkness, she and Boulder have a single daughter named Sunny.

Sunny the Lycanroc

Boulder's sweet and kind-hearted daughter is very close to her father and mother, loving them dearly, but she is a bit adventurous and Flopper-brained. She tries to adhere to the rules as much as possible, but still desires to explore, as every child does. After her evolution, they still maintain a healthy father-daughter relationship, and care for each other very much.

Crunch the Lycanroc

Crunch is Dawn's bigger brother and is fiercely protective of her because of their shared tragic past. Like Dawn, he lacks Boulder's special powers. He was rivals with Boulder because of the younger Lycanroc's interest in Dawn, though this ended when Crunch officially became a warrior.

Dr. Finitevus

Boulder has had little experience with Finitevus due to never encountering him in battle, but has told many things about his crimes. In Storm of Darkness, Finitevus shows a strange interest in Boulder's daughter Sunny; why this is so is currently unknown.

Mephiles the Dark

Mephiles tried to trick Boulder into joining him, but the Lycanroc blew him off, refusing to believe his lies after having been told of what happened during the Battle for New Ninjago City. It's likely that Mephiles views Boulder as nothing more than a means to an end, trying to get Boulder on board with his plans by offering to help him prevent what he sees in his visions, though Boulder isn't fooled.

Lucky and Tundra Smith

Being a close friend of their adopted father Austin, Boulder loved to look after the two as pups, and still does, in a way. While Lucky and Tundra lead the Storm Fighters together, Boulder is their deputy and helps guide them and provide advice if either of them are troubled.


Finnick the Lycanroc-Father

Luna the Lycanroc-Mother

Lucas the Lycanroc-Adopted father

Finnick the Lycanroc-Adopted brother

Dawn the Lycanroc-Mate

Crunch the Lycanroc-Brother-in-law

Skye the Lycanroc-Sister-in-law(Skye is Crunch's mate)

Nick and Luca-Nephews

Sunny the Lycanroc-Daughter

Pebble the Lycanroc-Son

Aria the Zoroark-Daughter-in-law

Flame the Litten-Adopted grandson

Hope the Rockruff-Adopted granddaughter

Shade the Zorua-Adopted grandson


""Get out. We're finished here.". He bent his head to grab Sunny's scruff in his jaws, and when he lifted his head again, he was startled to see Finitevus barely inches from his face. The big warrior took a step back and Finitevus sneered, "Don't count on it, Boulder. We're far from finished with each other." Boulder's mane bristled when he saw Finitevus' mocking yellow stare slide down to Sunny, who whimpered."
—Finitevus and Boulder, Storm of Darkness


As Rockruff
Dusk Lycanroc 2
On the attack


Boulder is the first pre-existing character that was confirmed to evolve into a Dusk Lycanroc, the second is Sunny, though she evolved off-screen. There are three other Dusk Lycanroc characters confirmed for the series, but never appeared as Rockruff.

  • Crunch, a male, was originally designed as a Midday Lycanroc working alongside Havoc the Jolteon at Slash and Hearth's farm
    • However, Crunch was later shown as a Rockruff in Hidden Motives
  • Dawn, a female, is Boulder's mate, and was constantly bothered by her brother Crunch's overprotectiveness until the other Lycanroc ran off.
    • However, Dawn was later shown as a Rockruff in Hidden Motives
  • Dusk, a male, is the very first Dusk Lycanroc and was confirmed to be Boulder and subsequently Sunny's ancestor.

Boulder's powers are greatly inspired by those of the character Goosefeather from the Warriors book series, specifically the e-book novella Goosefeather's Curse, which explore his powers.

The scene from the Quote above(from Storm of Darkness) is a reference to a similar scene from the 1998 animated Disney movie The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, the direct-to-video sequel to its smash-hit predecessor, The Lion King.

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