Note: This character exists outside the canon of The Legend of Fox the Brave!

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Cquote1.png I fight for equality. Sneer at me if you want, I will always stand by what I believe. It is who I am. Cquote2.png
Boulder "Rockstorm" the Lycanroc

This is an alternate version of Boulder the Lycanroc created for the Pokémobius: Chaos RP created by Austin Bison. As such, he is completely different in almost all aspects. Boulder will not have his power of foresight, though some aspects of his warrior life will be carried over.

For the RP, he will be known fully as Boulder Rockstorm, in reference to both his Type and warrior status in The Legend of Fox the Brave.


Unlike his counterpart in The Legend of Fox the Brave, who is a typical four-legged Lycanroc, this Boulder is a full-on Mobian Dusk Forme Lycanroc. He stands at around 5'(possibly due to the thin, lanky limbs his kind has). He has mostly orange fur with a long white tail, white arms below his shoulders, white legs below his hips, and a white face with green eyes that turn red when angry. He also maintains the thick mane Dusk Lycanroc have, with part of it drooping over his face, and four rock-spikes in said mane, with a long muzzle. Possibly due to his rock-spikes, he primarily just wears a blue vest reminiscent of Ray the Flying Squirrel from the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Comics, and tennis shoes.


Boulder largely keeps his personality from The Legend of Fox the Brave, in that he is a stern, stubborn person who tends to keep to himself and occasionally zones out, deep in thought. He does have a sense of humor at times, but will largely remain stone-faced. If on a team, he will often have the good of others in mind, but is not immune to losing his temper. Similar to Ash's Lycanroc from the Pokemon anime, Boulder has the tendency to completely lose control when he gets angry(signified by him having red eyes). Being a Rock-Type, he has severe aquaphobia(fear of water), and hates any water unless he needs a drink, and also hates getting muddy, partly because that means getting wet to get clean. Because of his habit of putting others above himself, he feels the need to help the mutated Pokemon, believing there is nothing wrong in a simple change.


Boulder was originally a regular citizen, having a friendly rivalry with an Arcanine named Lynel but when half the population of Pokemon was mutated, he was-quite possibly-the only person to side with the mutated Pokemon, believing nothing was wrong with them. Boulder began a personal quest of his own to find out what caused the mutation and how the others could live peacefully.

Fighting Style

Since both Midday and Dusk Lycanroc focus on speedy physical attacks, this is just how Boulder fights. He will often use Accelerock to speed in, slam the opponent or use Crunch, and speed away, or use Stone Edge to stay at a distance. If he feels his opponent is getting too close for comfort, he will use Counter to fling them away while dealing damage at the same time.



  • Type: Rock
  • Ability: Tough Claws; When using a move that makes Contact(in his case, Accelerock, Crunch, and Counter), it will have its power increased.
  • Nature: Serious(no stat boosted or lowered)


  • Accelerock: An attack limited to Midday and Dusk Lycanroc(unless used via Metronome), and Boulder's most commonly used attack alongside Stone Edge. With it, he can speed forward to slam into the opponent or make a quick retreat. It can be considered the Rock-Type Quick Attack.
  • Stone Edge: While a Physical Attack, it is long-range, and is Boulder's most commonly used attack alongside Accelerock. Boulder will either slam his hands into the ground for the attack to make large rock spires, or will create and throw small but sharp stones, and will vary between the two methods depending on what he needs to do. This move has a change of critical hits(which deal heavy damage and ignore stat boosts), and also lets him utilize the Z-Move Splintered Stormshards, which is exclusive to Lycanroc.
  • Crunch: When using this attack, Boulder will bite down hard on his opponent, with the chance of lowering their Defense(making them weaker to Physical Attacks), and gives him a range of close combat options, with his most common choice being to jab his opponent with his rock-spikes after releasing and while still up close.
  • Counter: A "negative priority" move, Boulder usually saves this move for if he has little choice, or if he feels his opponent is getting too close for comfort, as it lets him fling or knock the opponent away while dealing double the damage they did to him at the same time.
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