Cquote1 I suppose we were always fools for thinking they would listen to us. They look at us and see brutish, uncivilized rogues who see violence as the only option; they do not see us as we truly are. We are so much more. Because of our foolish belief that they would listen to us, many lives have been lost here. But there are two that we have saved. From this moment, this place shall be called Lucky Tundra Village, in memory of the children we have rescued here. Cquote2
Boulder's solemn monologue, It's a Whole New World (FeralFront RP)

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Boulder the Lycanroc is a character appearing in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is a male Dusk Forme Lycanroc serving as a main character and occasional POV of the series. He is a close friend of Austin Smith and Storm the Buizel, Austin's deputy, and stand-in leader while Austin was recovering from terrible injuries. Currently, Boulder is the leader of the Storm Fighters, with Storm as his deputy, following Austin's official retirement after the Battle for Storm Cloud City

Boulder is known as the calmest of the Alliance leaders, despite his perceived inexperience as one of the youngest leaders(being the youngest leader to permanently live at the Base)


As Rockruff: Boulder resembles a short puppy with tan fur, a brown muzzle, and paws, brown-tipped floppy ears, bright blue eyes, and a pink nose. He has a white mane with rocks in it, and an inward-curling, bushy white tail and a white belly.

As Lycanroc: As Dusk Lycanroc, Boulder greatly resembles a Midday Lycanroc, but with a few obvious key differences

These are that he has orange fur, green eyes(that turn red when angry), and a much longer and thicker, mane. Boulder is rather stocky, and noticeably large for a Dusk, possibly due to his age and experience. He also has a battle-scarred pelt, and a scar slicing across his nose


In his youth, Boulder was calm, friendly, and inquisitive, if a bit oddly intuitive for his age, often picking up on things children his age normally didn't

Currently, Boulder is calm, quiet, polite, and stern. he is somewhat easy to irritate, and can become quite cynical at times. When angered, he is likely to fly into a rage

When it comes to his family, he is very easy to anger. Threats to them in any way will set him off, seen when he lashes out angrily at Eggman because his daughter Sunny was one of the victims of the Metal Virus


Prior to the series, Boulder was born to Finnick the Lycanroc and his unknown mate before she disappeared. Finnick was later driven from the Pack, leaving Boulder without his father.

The young Rockruff was later taken from the Pack and its cruel leader by a Midday loner named Lucas, who took Boulder to the Four Worlds to join the Storm Fighters

It was there that Boulder was reunited with Finnick, who arrived later than them at the Base. While Finnick and Lucas found themselves growing closer, Boulder befriended older warriors Austin and Storm

During a great battle, Boulder evolved into Dusk Lycanroc, and was later sent on a mission to rescue a kidnapped Dallas. After that mission, the War of Darkness started up, and Boulder began suffering from nightmares and dark visions of an armored Echidna, driving him to leave on a journey to find answers to them

During his journey, Boulder unintentionally brings about Dark Enerjak's return, and is badly injured in a fight against him. After recovering, Boulder travels back to the Base, but encounters Dark Enerjak again, and Mephiles, both of whom give him a beatdown and leave him bedridden again

At the Base, Boulder struggles to get his new companions to fit in around the Base, before Enerjak and Mephiles attack at the same time. After a long, brutal battle with Mephiles, while Fox battles Enerjak, Boulder learns a new Z-Move in time to defeat them both.

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Main Article: Boulder the Lycanroc/Powers

Boulder's currently known moves are Crunch (attack), Counter, Stone Edge, and Accelerock.

Boulder's confirmed Z-Move is Splintered Stormshards

Boulder has the power of foresight, a rare power granted only to Dusk Lycanroc, but is rare even then

This power allows Boulder to have sporadic visions that show him the past, present, or future, but he cannot do it on command. Additionally, it grants him a limited ability to sense people's feelings, as well as walk in dreams. But for the latter, he cannot do it on command, and must be directly touching someone as well as asleep himself.


Boulder's Ability as Rockruff is unknown, but is possibly Own Tempo, as in the Pokémon video games, that is the required Ability for a Rockruff to evolve into Dusk Lycanroc.

As Lycanroc, Boulder's Ability is Tough Claws, giving him a boost to all his attacks that make contact.


Like Midday Lycanroc, Boulder is very swift, but also has a ferocious fighting style similar to a Midnight. He also has incredible endurance like all Rock-Types, and can deal back twice as much damage as he was dealt via Counter.


Being a Rock-Type, Boulder is weak to Water, Ground, Fighting, and Steel-Type Pokemon


As Rockruff
Dusk Lycanroc 2
On the attack


Due to the Rule of the Worlds, Boulder is immune to the Metal Virus, as he was born in Alola

Of the leaders that live permanently at the Storming Base(not counting Monty or Boomer, who live elsewhere), Boulder is technically the youngest

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