Boris the Stantler
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Boris the Stantler is a member of The Silver Huntsmen, and serves as one of their head trainers, responsible for taking care of the creatures used in the arenas.

Physical Description

A Mobianized Stantler who stands a fair bit over three feet tall, Boris bears the distinct physical features of that species, namely a fairly short, rounded snout with a rather large nose, small, rounded ears that typically droop, a short, rounded and fluffy tail, and a pair of distinctive antlers.

His fur is primarily camel in color, with a white chest and stomach, as well as a few white spots on his lower back; the end of his snout, around his nose, is also russet in color. His hair, which is fairly short, is bistre in color, and his eyes are Persian blue in color. His distinct antlers are also buff in color.



Base Stats
Spcl. AtkGood
Spcl. DefAverage
Other Stats

Being a Stantler, Boris has the natural abilities that his species possesses, namely the decent overall power and great speed. His more striking abilities are tied to his antlers, however; he can distort reality and create illusions by subtly changing the flow of air around them. Those who stare into his antlers often feel as if they are being sucked through them, and they may become so dizzy that it is impossible for them to stand.

His antlers are capable of other feats of mental manipulation as well, typically in the form of placating or enraging others by emitting specific pulses from the orbs; this power is what Boris primarily uses to manipulate the various creatures he is in charge of.

Boris also has access to a wide variety of different moves, as is the case for many Normal-type Pokemon, both Mobianized and not. However, he really isn't one to fight, and therefore has limited combat potential when compared to those who are used to fighting.

Knowledge of Animal Behavior

Boris has substantial knowledge in the field of animal behavior; he knows what makes each individual species tick, both in a mental sense and in an emotional sense. He is able to recognize the different behaviors (threat displays, etc.) of each creature, and can generally detect how an individual creature is feeling at the time.

Veterinary Knowledge

Boris has a substantial degree of veterinary knowledge, which is required of him so that he can help patch up the wounded creatures that come out of the arena after a cage fight.

Genetic Ability: Intimidate

Boris' Genetic Ability activates whenever he gets into combat, and his antlers seem to serve as the source for this ability. When his Genetic Ability activates, his antlers create an illusion designed to unnerve and scare the opponent and weaken their will, and as a result, lower their physical strength by about 40%



Friends and Foes








Boris seems to enjoy his job as an animal trainer for The Silver Huntsmen, and prides himself on being able to "train" each creature with as little physical torment to them as possible; he is adamant in making sure that each creature is fit and healthy, so that they can fight their hardest in the arena.

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Negative Traits

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