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Bopha Channary is a member of the interdimensional Smuggler's Alliance. His job does not include smuggling, as the name of the organization implies; instead, his job includes both trading with external organizations and using his excellent negotiation skills to solve internal problems within the Smuggler's Alliance itself.


Bopha is lithe and wiry, with a frame some would compare more to a cat than a hedgehog. He has dark purple fur over most of his body, with the exposed skin peach and lightly suntanned. Most of his hair is hidden by the hood he wears, but the tuft that sticks out the front and sides is thick and brown. His eyes often seem to glimmer with cunning and a sly glint in his lilac irises.

As to attire, all of Bopha's clothes are black with gold markings. He wears a black hooded sleeveless shirt emblazoned with the alchemy symbol for earth (Earth symbol) on the forehead of the hood. He also wears arm sleeves of black and gold rings, black cargo pants marked with gold rings above and below his knee, and black leather boots.


Cool and confident, Bopha always seems to know what he's doing, even if he's completely in the dark on his own plans. Bopha is also very casual, tending to speak to his customers and business partners as though they were friends. This annoys some of said people no end and has nearly endangered Bopha's jobs multiple times, although he is almost always perceptive enough to avoid actually losing business due to his over-casualness.

Another thing to note about Bopha is the fact that he'll work for himself and for the Smuggler's Alliance, but almost never for anyone else; no matter whether the good guys are suffering or the bad guys are the ones taking the hits, he's not going to lend a hand unless there's something directly in it for him or for the Smuggler's Alliance (and he's only doing it for the Smuggler's Alliance because it's his employer). As such, the only real way to convince Bopha to do something is by paying him, making him a perfect agent of the Smuggler's Alliance, as it can simply pay him more if necessary. That said, Bopha does have a particular hatred for murderers, particularly one Crimson Eye, who was responsible for the death of his parents. Contrary to his usual stance on morality, Bopha will go after such people regardless of any dangers to himself.

Strengths and Powers


Bopha has a keen eye for potential customers and potential riches. When he was younger, he relied on pick-pocketing to make a living, to the point where he earned the eye of members of The Smuggler's Alliance. With his rather unique choice of clothing after joining them, it is safe to assume that around that time, he stopped relying on thievery. Instead, he has shown an eye for evaluating just what items are worth, and has worked extensively with the Smuggler Alliance, aiming to get the best deals for both parties in goods, both legal and illicit.


Aside from Bopha's job-related skills, he also has a low-to-moderate level of skill in geokinesis, or earth manipulation. He can move nearby stone, allowing him to conjure spikes of rock out of the ground to defend himself. In his younger days, Bopha might have used his geokinesis to conjure showers of dirt to throw at his opponents to blind them, but he considers himself above that kind of trickery in the present.

Standard Moves


  • Rock Throw: Bopha creates a rock spike of any variety and throws it at an opponent. Probably Bopha's most basic attack.
  • Spike Shower: While airborne, Bopha rains down a shower of small spikes upon his foes. Pretty much always preceded by Spike Jump (see below).
  • Needle Cluster: Bopha creates a set of several long, sharp rock spikes and throws them at an opponent.
  • Rock Special: Bopha will create some bizarre and silly type of rock (such as one in the shape of a wedge of Swiss cheese) and throw it at his opponents for comedic effect.


  • Spike Jump: Bopha creates a spike of rock pointing in the direction that he wants to go in, placed in such a manner that it sends him flying in that direction.
  • Direction Shift: While airborne, Bopha may shoot streams of dirt—which he dissolves immediately afterwards—out of his hands to push himself to one side or the other.
  • Rock Shield: Bopha creates a large, thick rock in front of him to block him from an opponent's strike. Often followed with Spike Jump.
  • Rock Surround: Bopha encases himself in a giant rock to absorb attacks, although this comes at the cost of being able to see what's going on. When he feels it to be appropriate, he will remove the giant rock.
  • Rock Merge: Bopha slides into the ground to avoid an otherwise unavoidable blow, then resurfaces elsewhere. Note that this only works in rocky terrain, and that Bopha generally winds up slightly disoriented when he resurfaces as a result of having no idea where anyone went while he was underground.

Final Form

"This is the end."
—Bopha going into his Final Form, vs. Mac and Scarlet

If Bopha is in great pain and is nearly dead, he will go into his Final Form. While in this form, he is capable of not only using his geokinetic powers, but also of shooting super-fast red lasers at people and at using these lasers to essentially fly. Also, upon triggering this form, a countdown of about 30 seconds will begin, signified by a red aura creeping up his body, starting at his feet. Once it reaches the top of his head, the countdown will be over, and Bopha will emit a red explosion that will severely damage or kill anything consumed within a wide radius of him, including himself. As such, this is strictly a last resort move.


Bopha lived a normal life with his parents until this age of 12, when Bopha, upon returning home, saw a mysterious figure with a red eye picture emblazoned on his cloak exiting Bopha's home. Bopha waited for the figure to pass, then entered his home, only to find that both of his parents had been killed. Connecting events in his mind, Bopha assumed that the cloaked man was responsible for his parents' murder, and swore revenge on the man.

Unfortunately for Bopha, there was a more pressing issue at hand: With the demise of his parents, Bopha had no source of income. As such, Bopha, who had discovered himself to be good at sleight of hand, turned to pickpocketing to support himself, eventually dropping out of school to focus full-time on earning himself a living and increasing his skills in thievery.

Cut to five years later, and Bopha, now 17, had gained a reputation in his city's criminal underworld for being a master thief. Word of this reached the ears of the Smuggler's Alliance, causing one of the Alliance's recruiters to send an invitation to Bopha, asking him to join. Bopha, wanting a better life than the one he had been forced into for the previous five years, accepted, and became part of the Smuggler's Alliance.

After joining the Smuggler's Alliance, various members of the Alliance noticed that Bopha had various other skills besides pickpocketing, including negotiation skills and the ability to accurately figure out the current market value of most items. These skills led to Bopha's occupation within the Smuggler's Alliance changing from thief to trader, and, eventually, to his current double position of negotiating—both with other factions and within the Alliance itself—and trading (with external organizations only).

In the present, Bopha spends most of his time at his job. However, he finds this job fairly interesting, as it allows him to visit highly varied locales and meet different and interesting people. Due to his rank, he is frequently allowed to borrow a dimension-traveling device from the Smuggler's Alliance, allowing him to visit even more interesting and varied places. As such, Bopha generally thinks about nothing but his job, though his parents' murder is still in the back of his mind somewhere…



Usually, Bopha's statistics look like this:

This character's sixstat code is 335551

  • Health: 3 – Bopha's resistance to attacks is around average.
  • Damage: 3 – Bopha's physical strength is not that great, but his geokinesis allows him to do a moderate amount of damage to opponents.
  • Speed: 5 – Bopha is fairly fast, which is useful for eluding opponents.
  • Reflexes: 5 – Bopha can intuitively find good opportunities for exploiting opponents, a skill obtained from his years as a pickpocket.
  • Intelligence: 5 – Bopha has fairly high intelligence, which helps him predict opponents' moves and formulate good battle plans.
  • Regen: 1 – Bopha takes a while to recover from direct attacks.

Final Form

When Bopha is in his Final Form, his statistics look like this:

This character's sixstat code is 064550

  • Health: 0 – Since Bopha has to be almost dead to go into his final form, one hit could take him down for good.
  • Damage: 7 – Bopha's mastery of his geokinetic skills, combined with his Final Form-enabled lasers, allow him to do massive amounts of damage should he land a blow.
  • Speed: 5 – Bopha is fairly fast. Also, he can fly in his Final Form, albeit not much faster than his running speed.
  • Reflexes: 5 – Just like in Bopha's normal state, Bopha can intuitively find good opportunities for exploiting opponents.
  • Intelligence: 5 – Also just as in Bopha's normal state, Bopha has fairly high intelligence, which helps him predict opponents' moves and formulate good battle plans.
  • Regen: 0 – No regeneration here; Bopha's not healing in his Final Form. Any hits dealt to him before he enters his Final Form will have to wait until he exits his Final Form.

Fun Facts

  • Bopha is technically Lawful Neutral, but only because he complies fully with the rules of the Smuggler's Alliance. Before he was part of the Smuggler's Alliance, he would have been counted as Chaotic Neutral due to his self-interested thievery.
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