BTH2,is a FAKE sequel to Boost the Hedgehog 1! It spoofs Sonic 2,like BTH1,spoofed STH1.


Gameplay is similar to BTH1,except now,players can play as sidekick Taily! Taily can fly,and help Boost over gaps!


BTH2,begins immediately after BTH1! Sonic invites Boost to South Island! There,Boost meets Tails,they all have fun! But the next morning,both Sonic and Tails are trapped in tiny bubbles! Boost teams up with Tail's 6-year old brother,Taily to save their idols!


South Country Zone

Act 1: A new friend

Act 2: South Island's Wonders

Act 3: Dirt Dash

Act 4: Junk Egg(Boss Act)

Act S1: Green Hill'd

Special Stage: Chaos Emerald 1

Boss: Junk Egg

The Junk Egg is a combination of the remains of the bosses in BTH 1! It is basically a Junk ball! Eggman will shoot trash at you! When he does,Spin Dash into it! Repeat this 5 times!

Boost and Taily learn that Eggman is behind this! He declares that he will release Sonic and Tails for the ransom of the 7 Chaos Emeralds!

So the adventure begins!

Clunky Waste Zone

Act 1: Chemical Plant Prone

Act 2: Not Nice Nuke

Act 3: Lake of Poison

Act 4: Mecha-Boost(Boss Act)

Act S2: Frantic Factory

Special Stage: CE 2

Boss: Mecha-Boost

Eggman summons his "best creation yet!" Mecha-Boost! This copy,will copy everything you do,so jump over the nuclear waste bucket! He will accidentally step in the waste! Repeat this 7 times.

Mecha-Boost flees! And the 2 heroes chase Eggman more!

Slot Spin Zone

Act 1: Cashsino

Act 2: Pinball Rush

Act 3: Bingo Dash

Act 4: Poking Face(Boss Act)

Act S3: Slot Spin-Dash

Special: CE 3

Boss: Poking Face

PF,is a giant spikey clown robot. He will drop chips on you,when he does, jump on the open spot on Poking's face! Repeat this 5 times.

Snowball Lodge Zone

Act 1: Winter Wonderland

Act 2: Belo Zero

Act 3: Snowy Dash

Act 4: Frosty the Eggman (Boss Act)

Act S4: Brrrrrrrrrrrrr

Special: CE 4

Boss: Frosty the Eggman

Frosty will try to freeze you! He will lean down to freeze you! When he does,jump to the other side and get the fire shield! Then,spin dash into him! Repeat this 5 times.

Log Hilltop Zone

Act 1: Log Casino

Act 2: Hilltop Run

Act 3: King of the Hill

Act 4: Egg Cardinal(Boss Act)

Act S5: Birdy Boom

Special: CE5

Boss: Egg Cardinal

Boost will have to chase the Egg Cardinal,and then Eggman will shoot blasters at Boost. Then,Eggman will come to the ground to hammer Boost! When he does,jump on his head. Repeat this 7 times.

Oil Harbor Zone

Act 1: Ink'd

Act 2: Goop and Run

Act 3: Dashing through the goop

Act 4: Eggtopus

Act S6: Octo-oh-no!

Special: CE6

Boss: Eggtopus

The Eggtopus will try to hit Boost with his tentacles. When he does,jump on the tentacles to get to Eggman,then jump on his head. Repeat this 10 times.

Lantern Cave Zone

Act 1: Blackest Day

Act 2: Lite and Flite

Act 3: Rocky Run

Act 4: Eggantula(Boss Act)

Act S7: Lightest Night

Special: CE7

Boss: Egggantula

The Eggantula,has to be damaged by jumping on the scissor box! It will then lower the spider,and Boost can damage him! Repeat this 7 times.

The heroes go to Eggman's base,to give the Emeralds to Eggman!

Eggbase Ruins Zone

Act 1: Scrap Cranium

Act 2: Eggplan

Act 3: Firewall Fighters

Act 4: Mashed Egg(Boss Act)

Act S8: Roboom!

Boss: Mashed Egg

Mashed Egg,is exactly like the boss of Final Zone in STH 1. Repeat the strategy 10 times.

Eggman takes the emeralds,but doesn't let Sonic and Tails go! Taily hops on his plane,to chase Eggman.

Cloudy Pursuit Zone

Act 1: Sky Base Zone

Act 2: On the fly.

Act 3: Egg Approaching

Act 4: Egg Gunner(Boss Act)

Act S9: Ski Hi

Boss: Egg Gunner!

Eggman fights the 2 in his very own airship! The boss is galaga like,and Eggman takes 25 hits to defeat.

Eggman flees to his new base!

Egg City Zone

Act 1: Eggmanland End

Act 2: Egg Robo Run

Act 3: Corrupted Crash

Act 4: Mecha-Boost 2.0(Boss Act)

Act S10: Egg Rush

Boss: Mecha Boost 2.0

This time,Mecha Boost is MUCH smarter. There are zero rings,and he will try to Spin Dash into you! When he does jump on his ball form! Repeat this 10 times.

Eggman explodes! And the real Eggman is revealed to be on the Death Egg!

Death Egg Zone

Act 1: Bad Base

Act 2: Robo Rampage

Act 3: Doom'd

Act 4: Egg Assassin(Boss Act)

Act S11: Trials of the Egg

Boss: Egg Assassin

The Egg Assassin is a giant hooded Eggman-like robot with 4 arms! There are 0 rings,so you have to be careful! When he shoots lasers at you,lure them to a mirror. It will reflect his shots. Repeat this 10 times.

FINALE: Egg Retreat 2

Final Boss: Super Boost vs Death Egg!

The Death Egg,will shoot giant killing lasers at you. Then charge into the meteors into Death Egg! It's core will be revealed,charge into it! Repeat this 15 times.

Sonic and Tails are saved,and Boost and Taily become best friends!


Endless Possibilities Full Version

Endless Possibilities Full Version

Boost's Theme

Tails Theme Song

Tails Theme Song

Taily's theme


E.G.G.M.A.N. Doc Robeatnix Mix

Eggman's Theme


BTH2,was given fairly positive reviews! IGN,gave it an 8.0,for being almost a remake of STH2,but still being fun.

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