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Cquote1 Feel the thunder! Cquote2
Boomer's catchphrase(primarily whenever he uses Thunder)

Boomer the Pikachu is a character set to appear in The Legend of Fox the Brave: Broken Worlds. He is a young Pikachu living in the Mystic Ruins Forest outside of the Final Egg lab with his family. He is also a spy for the warriors, a big fan of the Storming Alliance, and an eager battler, as he is constantly training with his friends when not babysitting his baby Pichu sister Mina.


Boomer is a Pikachu, and thus resembles a short yellow mouse capable of walking on both four and two legs, a long lightning bolt-shaped tail, red cheeks, black eyes and ear-tips, and two brown stripes on his back and a brown tail-base. When Pebble meets him in A Grand Return, it is noted that he is quite lean and muscular for his age and size, and has a scratched and scraped pelt, likely from his constant battling.


Boomer is normally very laid-back and friendly, but he is as much a fanboy of the warriors as Dr. Starline is over Eggman. He is always eager to battle, and is constantly battling with his friends or other natives of his forest home to better his skills. He also has a love for soda, to the point he will sneak into Station Square to procure his favorite kind.


Before the Series: Boomer lived in the Mystic Ruins Forest for his entire life, the son of Kantonian Raichu Raian and Alolan Raichu Starsurfer. He took an interest in stories of the warriors, and began to aggressively train and battle other natives of the forest, contributing to his lean frame and scraped-up pelt. Some time after the Battle of the Canyon, Boomer began to spy on Starline, becoming an informant for the warriors that they reached out to after Max's kidnapping, despite the extreme risk it poses to him and his family, as well as possibly the other inhabitants of the forest.


Being an Electric-Type, Boomer can generate electricity, which is stored in his cheeks, that he can use at will. His moveset is Thunder, Thunderbolt, Electro Ball, and Iron Tail.


His Ability is Static, which has a chance to Paralyze opponents that make contact with him in battle.


Boomer is incredibly swift, and is shown to be a strategist, as he is shown to figure out how to beat his opponents quickly in battle.


Being a pure Electric-Type, Boomer is only weak to Ground-Type Pokemon.


Boomer is the second of two Pokemon to have an accessory, the first is Cori the Charmeleon.

  • Ironically, both wear goggles. Cori's are green, Boomer's are blue

Boomer is the fourth Pokemon to appear to have the color of a Smash alt. The first and second are Redd and Rose the Greninjas together, the third is Scorch the Incineroar.

  • While Redd, Rose, and Scorch are actually different colors, Boomer just wears a pair of goggles.

Boomer's catchphrase "Feel the thunder!" is a reference to the song Thunder from the American rock band Imagine Dragons

Boomer's love of soda is a reference to Ash's Pikachu from the Pokemon anime, as Ash's Pikachu has a love of ketchup.

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