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Description of the Book of All

The Book of All is an ancient, legendary tome that is rumored to contain every single cosmic event that has occurred and will occur since the very beginning of time. The book was subsequently found by Savant the Goetian, and then (rumored to be) lost forever, the knowledge contained within the book seemingly corrupting him.

The only other person who knows of this book is Erasmus.

Events in The Book of All

I'll try to put these events in chronological order.

The Turning of The Wheels

The Elemental Gods

Birth of Celestial

Birth of Arceus

Birth of Dialga, Palkia and Giratina

Destruction of Kynarth

Beings in The Book of All

Arceus, the Alpha

Buer, the Black Wheel of Decay

Celestial, God of Light and Darkness

Dialga, God of Time

With the birth of Dialga, time began to flow.

Ghroth the Harbinger

The Harbinger, Ghroth, roams the cosmos, feasting upon the stars and planets, wholly indifferent to the wails of those it eats.

Giratina, God of Antimatter

Ka, the Great Wheel of Being

Palkia, God of Space

With the birth of Palkia, space began to move.


  • The Fantendo-version of the Book of All was created by The Fan and The Enemy and is protected by Karakal the Watcher, as opposed to the SFW-version, who's creator is unknown. The Fantendo-version also contains knowledge on many beings from the Fantendoverse.
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