The prologue for Book Three. This covers the escape and re-coronation of Scourge.


Tap, tap, tap.

Scourge lay in his prison cell, underneath the window. He smirked. When he was freed, he’d destroy his counterpart. Still, prison life wasn’t so bad. Three meals a day, not the nice stuff he had as king but not the worst stuff either. There was regular exercise, and a chance to talk up the lady guards and prisoners, not that there were too many lady guards.

Tap, tap, tap.

Scourge shook his head. Noises like that weren’t common in the No Zone. It was a bustling city with no seasons for crying out loud! There was no sound like snow melting and dripping from a tree, or someone tapping on the windows of his ground-floor cell. Scourge looked at his inhibiting shackles, wishing there was a method of escape.

Tap, tap, fwap!

Scourge blinked. That was the sound of a whip! Who did he know that used a whip? There was muffled talking, then a sound like birds chirping was heard. Scourge smiled. How he’d missed going for walks with Fiona in the spring when the birds were chirping and they could discard their regal manners in a way some would find repulsive. His daydream was interrupted by the chirping of the birds getting louder. There must be a thousand of them! Scourge thought. Somewhere in his brain, it clicked. A Thousand Birds…that could only mean one thing. Scourge leapt across his room as the wall practically exploded behind him. He turned, his signature smirk returning to his face: there stood an echidna, fully dressed in golden armor, the remaining sparks from his Chidori flickering around his metallic armor.

“Sir, we really should get out of here. The Zone Cops will be here in seconds!” the echidna mentioned, snapping Scourge’s inhibitor braces with pure strength. Fiona ran over, planting a kiss on Scourge’s cheek as the echidna induced a Chaos Control, sending the three of them away from the No Zone in front of Zonic and the Zone Cops. Scourge blinked as soon as they arrived in Moebius: they had arrived back in Castle Acorn, but with a crown and jeweled sword on the throne, and all of the Suppression Squad and allied groups formed up before the throne, as if awaiting someone…

“We’ve been …persuading members of the Suppression Squad and other groups to return, Scourge. Or should I say…your highness,” the echidna said, bowing before Scourge.

“Now, now, Striker. As my adopted son, you don’t need to do that.” Scourge responded, taking Fiona by his side and walking down to the throne with her in hand. Alicia and Miles both looked at him, then smiled, although their eyes were blank, as if hypnotized. Scourge didn’t care, taking up the sword and the belt it was attached to, fixing it upon his waist, before Alicia took the crown and stood before him. She hesitated, but Scourge drew his sword, planting it into the carpet before him, and kneeling. Alicia still hesitated, but a nod from Fiona had her lower the crown upon Scourge’s head, then turning to face the crowd.

“I present to you…KING SCOURGE!” The crowd cheered, awaiting Scourge’s first decree as king. He stood, and Alicia moved aside. He cleared his throat, then spoke clearly.

“As King, I say we shall finish what we started and overthrow Mobius! Their lands shall be ours! They will fall, and WE SHALL RULE!” This statement had the entire crowd cheering and dancing. Striker stood by the newly crowned king’s side.

“We need to capture all the different kinds of power gem we can get our hands on for you to finally finish Sonic. Anarchy Beryl is already being collected, but soon we’ll need more. I had scouts find at least six more worlds, which will all need to be raided.”

“Sure, kid. Hey, deal with that for now.” Scourge straightened his back, standing with his normal arrogant stance. “I’ve got an invasion to plan.”

Dramatis Persona

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