The final chapter of Book Three: The Invasion, with a lead-in to the next trilogy....


Scourge’s eyes opened. That, in itself, was surprisingly fast for someone who had been beaten to a bloody pulp; most people had believed that it would take days, even weeks, before the sedatives pumped into him by the medics wore off and he healed. Blinking, he looked around at his confines. Designed to hold one, plus be used as an interrogation suite when needed, the cell was described as being luxury compared to lower-risk inmates, but even then, it was still rougher than the No Zone. Suddenly, a woman appeared, flanked on either side by a Mobian. The one on her left was a white hedgehog, with Sonic-like quills hidden by his hooded jacket, while the second was a burly echidna, whose broad physique and green fur made him instantly catch the Moebian’s eye. But it was the woman who held his eyes. She was average height, with short, Amy-like quills, plus vibrant pink eyes. Scourge tried to look further down her body, to take in what he expected to be an attractive body, but as he moved his neck, a shooting pain shot down his neck.

“Damn. Inhibitor collars,” he grunted. The woman smirked.

“Jacob, help our friend up.” The echidna immediately did so, his large hands seeming to crush the Moebian’s shoulders as he hoisted the hedgehog into the air, planting Scourge on his feet and letting him regain his balance before releasing him. Scourge rubbed his sore shoulders.

“Thanks, I guess. What are you, the woman in charge here? Planning to rehabilitate me? It’s been tried before.” The woman laughed, her somewhat deep voice making her seem even more menacing, as did her dark attire.

“In a way, I do seek to rehabilitate you, Scourge, but I have nothing to do with this prison. We work for the True Lord of Mobius, and we’ve been watching you for quite some time.” The woman patted the hooded hedgehog beside her on the shoulder. “Reaper here got footage of your recent battle against a variety of powerful Mobians, and we were impressed, despite your loss, which was foreseen.” Scourge shivered a sense of foreboding fresh in his mind.

“So, what, am I supposed to clap and cheer at this news? Are you going to break me out, or am I going to be stuck in here as you plan?” The woman clicked her fingers, and a portal opened, a second Scourge emerging.

“Both. This clone was created from a genetic sample we acquired. He shall take your place, and you shall come with us. We have big plans, and we need your help in their implementation, in exchange for you retaining your command of Moebius when we control the Prime Zone.” Scourge scratched his chin, before his signature smirk broke over his face.

“Where shall we discuss these terms?” The woman laughed, and gestured to the portal.

“Come with us, and you’ll find out.” Scourge stroked his chin for a few seconds, before walking forward towards the portal, the echidna following him closely. Finally, the woman gestured for him to enter.

“Call me Phantom, Scourge. I have the feeling that soon enough, you shall meet the true lord of Mobius for yourself, once we free him from a prison much harder than this to break out of.” With that, she entered the portal.

“What kind of prison is harder than this?” Scourge wondered aloud, as he followed Phantom through, flanked by her lackeys, and leaving his clone imprisoned.

Shadow entered the dark, dingy laboratory, making sure to keep his eyes on the treacherous scientist before him as he was lead towards an experimentation table.

“Shadow the Hedgehog. I have heard your request, unusual as it may seem, and I think I may hold the cure for your unique problem. Please, lie down on the table.”

Self-consciously, Shadow lay down, with restraints snapping onto his arms and legs. Doctor Fineventus smirked darkly as Shadow closed his eyes.

“My immortality, Doctor. I’ve spoken to beings like BloodSonic, whose agelessness caused them to see many families created, grow old, and die, without him joining them. I don’t want that to happen to me and my family. I love them, and couldn’t bear to see them join Maria in the beyond as I stay physically the same.” The white-furred echidna nodded, sliding a pair of earphones into Shadow’s ears. “These should help you relax. The process of removing your immortality through force is painful, and this music should aid you in making it through the operation.” Shadow nodded, and the doctor turned to the two hedgehogs on the side, standing next to a set of microphones and a computer. They grinned, and flicked a switch.

“Welcome to Mephiles and Nazo’s insane music radio show! The show that plays music that will drive you insane!” Mephiles grinned.

“Oh, don’t worry about us, we’ve got earplugs in, so we don’t hear a thing! Oh, and Rageik, just a warning, this should give you a chance to break free.” Nazo chimed in, before the duo eyed the computer track list.

“For our next song, we shall play an old classic, used to drive Shadow insane last time! It’s your favorite, the Numa Numa!” Instantly, Shadow’s body arced, his fur changing colors to a random mix of yellow and blue, with his streaks teal and his muzzle blue & pink.

“GAARBBLARF! Not…again…” he moaned as his eyes changed, his sclera turning blue while his irises stayed red. Instantly, the two Demons raced over to Shadow, watching him arc and struggle until a white glow covered his body.

“Oh boy, here he comes!” Nazo muttered, Chaos Energy rippling at his hands as he prepared to defend against an assault. The glow then split from Shadow, who had turned back to normal and passed out on the table, before taking on a familiar form. The hair was outrageously large, while the body was quite recognizable as Sonic’s. The being, trapped in the form, roared incoherently for a while, with the two demons cringing as they recognized a couple of noises as ancient Demon curses. Finally, the being calmed himself and turned to face the trio. Doctor Fineventus turned, made some excuse, and left, leaving Mephiles and Nazo with the being that burst from Shadow.

“Lord Rageik! Finally, we have freed you once again!” Nazo blustered. The recolor glared at him.

“I can see that, Nazo! You and Mephiles Junior there took your bloody time, too! It’s been what, twenty more years?” Both of the duo looked at each other sheepishly, neither willing to face the powerful beast before them in combat. Finally, Rageik sighed.

“Well, this time, I’m more coherent in thought, but this recolor body…it’s so hard to focus! But Shadow there…his brain is silent. I take it he’s once again purging the Numa Numa from his thoughts… and leaving himself open for possession.” With that, the recolor approached Shadow, placed his hand against Shadow’s arm and turned back into a white silhouette, merging with Shadow’s body. This time, there was no dramatic change, no sudden transformation or change of color, but Shadow sat up, tearing the bonds apart with his impressive strength before standing back on his feet. He pulled the earplugs from his ears, and smirked. This time, however, the smirk wasn’t normal. It was malicious, conveying darkness.

“Now, Mobius shall bow to its true lord and rightful ruler!” he laughed, the voice of Rageik carrying from Shadow’s voicebox. “Now, let us begin planning. Tell me of what you have so far……….”

Dramatis Persona

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  • A large portion of Rageik's scene being freed was adapted from a scene from BloodSonic's flash movie Fusion Saga 2, where Shadow is turned insane, and the next episode, Fusion Saga 3, where a recolor (the original form of Rageik) splits free of Shadow's insane body.
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