The second chapter of Book Three: The Invasion and one featuring Pac, Rosy and Mace from Wiriamu's fanfics.

Chapter 2: Dreams

Knuckles sat at the entrance of the burrow Will and he had dug the previous day, watching the rain clean the Mercian countryside. Within the decent-sized burrow were Shadow, Shade and Will, with Rouge and Bianca in a specially designed tent for bats outside. Knuckles turned, hearing noise inside, but it was Will tossing and turning in his sleep. Knuckles turned back to face the outside, worried about his son.

Will shivered, as he walked inside the Master Emerald Shrine in his dream. His dad stood there, looking relaxed.

“Hey, Dad, what’s going on?” Will asked, but Knuckles turned to him, confused.

“Who the hell are you? Hey, Pac, Mace, Rosy! We’ve got someone here!” Will scratched his head, before turning to see a green echidna, taller and broader than himself walk in. Will spun, but behind him was blocked by another echidna, this one looking almost identical to Knuckles bar the massive pair of bat wings on his back. Will turned again, looking for an escape route, but a hedgehog with hair somewhere between Amy and Sonic’s cut him off.

“Ok, Mace, Rosy, Pac, keep him here. We’ll hold him here until the Brotherhood and Sonic Heroes reach us.” Knuckles stated, watching Will carefully. Will started shivering, as his brain took in what was happening, but it made no sense. Quickly, he started to open the gates. Mace froze, motioning to Rosy and Pac.

“He seems to be charging Chaos Energy! Be careful, he might try something!” Try something Will did, with his fur turning orange, his streaks yellow and his eyes red.

“He has a super form!” Knuckles roared, his fur turning green in response. Mace, Pac and Rosy all started to change as well, responding to Will’s transformation. Will opened his eyes to find a set of fist spurs hovering mere centimeters from his face. Chaos Knuckles faced him. Will looked confused at the others. Pac was red-orange; slightly darker than Will was, with his hands glowing with emerald light. Rosy was bright yellow, while Mace was a startling blue. The four of them pressed in closer, waiting for Will to make a move. Will dropped to the ground, and then launched himself through Pac’s legs with his heightened speed.

“So, you’re fast for an echidna. Rosy?” Knuckles motioned after Will, and Rosy ran after him. Even though he was flying, Will knew Rosy would catch him, so he spun, ready to defend himself, when he appeared. Standing tall, his body was covered by golden ancient echidna armor. Rosy stopped in front of him, as the trio of echidnas ran up.

“Enerjak…I killed you!” Knuckles roared, throwing a punch at Enerjak, which impacted on his armor without damage.

“And you did in this world. However, I am not Enerjak,” the echidna said calmly, before turning to Will. “You are not my target. The Chaos Emeralds of this world are.” Will found the voice familiar, but couldn’t place where he knew it from. Pac and Mace both attacked as one, Mace with a Chaos Thunder, Pac with a Chaos Wind. Neither managed to penetrate the echidna’s armor, and he absorbed Mace’s Chaos Thunder without a second thought, before suddenly knocking Pac down with a lightning bolt, which leapt from his fingers and struck Pac in the chest. Rosy screamed, running at Enerjak, who grabbed the back of her head and transferred her kinetic energy to her body as electricity, knocking her out in a single blow. Pac tried to get up, but a second lightning bolt kept him down. Mace leapt, using his wings to keep himself in the air, before raising his hands at the same time as his father.

“CHAOS NOVA!” they roared, launching a massive ball of Chaos Energy mixed with flames and lightning at the Enerjak look-alike. His hand started to spark with electricity, before he dashed at them, straight through the Chaos Nova to knock both echidnas down with a single strike. He then turned to Will.

“Soon, my friend, you shall meet the same fate. Soon…”

Will sat bolt upright in bed, struggling to keep himself calm after that dream. He got up, walking a little shakily, before standing next to his father at the entrance to the burrow.

“Bad dream, Will?” Knuckles asked, taking great care of being gentle with his son’s obviously frayed nerves. Will nodded.

“I saw you, but you didn’t recognize me. There was an echidna and hedgehog there, as well as…an echidna-bat hybrid. They all transformed when I was there, and they attacked me after I went Blazing. I ran, and the hedgehog girl chased me…”

“So, there was a female hedgehog, a couple of echidnas and a hybrid, and they powered up after you did. You tried to escape, but the hedgehog chased you. Go on, just making sure I understood everything.”

“Well, suddenly this echidna in golden armor appeared, whom they all called Enerjak. He said he wasn’t, and he wasn’t there for me or them but the Chaos Emeralds, and beat the hedgehog and the echidna called Pac with electricity, before the hybrid and you attacked him with something called a Chaos Nova, but he ran through the attack with a Lightning Blade and knocked those two down, and said that soon he would come for us.” Knuckles was silent, still watching over the quiet rain. Will started to get annoyed, and punched his dad. Knuckles turned, noticing that Will had retracted his knuckle spurs before punching him.

“Well?” Will stressed, looking tired. Knuckles looked back out.

“I don’t know what it means, or if it even means anything, but I think we should watch, and wait. He said soon, so we’ll find out, whether we want to or not.”

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