The twelfth chapter of Book Three: The Invasion by Flashfire212.

Chapter Twelve: Moebian Assault

Will straightened, shaking his head. Using his new Sharingan Eyes gave him a headache, which his father said was just adapting to the new form of sight and processing more of it. Sitting outside his house, he could reflect on what happened in at the Gaia Temple. The more he thought, the less possibilities for the identity of the echidna passed through his mind until there was only three left. The first, the possibility of it being Anti-Vicious, he passed off. It had used electrical attacks, not Cykresian energy. Besides, there was nowhere for his quills, just dreadlocks. The second option, it being his father’s Anti, was unlikely. Knuckles had no real aptitude for electricity, Fire being his element, and even then he used Chaos powers more often. The final one…Will shuddered. The final option was him. His own counterpart. However, the more he thought about it, the less likely it was. Even though he used electricity a lot, the chances of it being his Anti compared to the chances of it being the counterpart of an echidna he’d never met made that chance unlikely. Still…he shivered. He had a very bad feeling about this. Suddenly, there was a blue flash and two figures appeared. One was a green hedgehog with scars all over his chest, the same width as a slash from a set of knuckle blades, wearing a black jacket with flames on it and sunglasses, and carrying a bag. The other was a golden-armored echidna, the same one who killed Kyle. Will’s hand went to where he kept his swords, only to find nothing. He swore, before spinning and activating the house’s shielding with a touch of Chaos Energy. He could hear his father shouting like crazy, but he ignored it and instead focused on the energy reserves now located in his eyes, ignoring the stinging as his pupils reshaped themselves, then began opening the first two gates. He smiled. Now to let Scourge and his echidna soldier see what a true Guardian could do!

Maddy stood in the front lines within the city, watching the large army of Moebians start to approach. She looked to her left, to see the Mercian princess, her second cousin, holding a rapier in a traditional one-handed grip. To her right, Kit leant on a lamppost, conserving her energy, her golden katana sitting in a sheath on her back. Maddy summoned her Piko Piko Hammer, readying herself, before pulling a radio from her pocket.

“Team Three, reporting in. We have sighted the enemy.” Tails’ voice came back, grim.

“Copy that, Team Three. We are bringing up the shields now. Deal with any that break through in the meantime.” Maddy pressed the reply button twice in quick succession, sending two clicks, the conformation signal, before nodding to the other two girls. None of them moved, as the shield rippled into existence between them and the Moebians. However, the army didn’t stop. Instead, there were four or five blue flashes at once, and the entire army disappeared. Maddy reached into her Chaos Energy senses, and found the entire army instantly…within the shield. She waved the other girls in the direction the army had gone, and all three of them started racing towards there. As they rounded the corner to the main battlefield, where three to eleven person teams harried the Moebian force, a blindingly bright burst of light was released from the center of the battlefield. Maddy and Joy looked away, covering their eyes, while Kit almost collapsed from the sight. As soon as the light cleared, Maddy and Joy were moving, Kit a short distance behind. Almost instantly, a group of Moebians wearing armor charged at them. The leader was a hedgehog with a very familiar look to her, and Maddy almost gave up there and then as her sister’s Anti led the soldiers into the fray. Joy’s jaw tightened when she saw the emblem on the suits, the emblem of the Mercian Army, but inverted in color. Instantly, she slid in front of Maddy and just barely blocked a spindash from the hedgehog with her rapier, then gasped as Anti-Sonia’s foot lanced out into her gut.

“Call me Sonya, sister!” she taunted at Maddy, lashing out with another flying kick only to be intersected by a large echidna with a massive sword. Jon growled, before smacking Sonya with the flat of his blade, sending her flying. Shade raced over and picked Joy up, nodding to Jon as he carried her to the hospital. Jon barely reacted, instead lowering his head and emitting a brutal roar. The blood drained from the face of each of the Moebian soldiers, who fled in panic. Kit looked at Maddy and Jon, who shrugged, then charged headfirst into the mob. Maddy kept moving, but soon found she had lost Kit and Jon in the battlefield. Spying a nearby fountain, she manipulated a stream of water out and lashed it forward into Navy, the Anti-Silver. At the same time as her water whip struck him, an Electro Whip wrapped around his neck. Statyx, who had launched the whip, twisted the electrical line and spun, throwing Navy a long distance. Maddy tried to catch Statyx, but he was already moving to deal with the next Moebian, disappearing into the scrum. Instead, Maddy took to manipulating the water in the fountain, but in an instant, she realized the odds of this battle going in the favor of the Mobians. It wasn’t looking good.

Scourge could feel the Master Emerald reach out to him; it’s power refreshing to his tired and strained body. He closed his eyes, using all seven Mobian Chaos Emeralds to allow his body to ascend to his Super form. This way, unlike tapping directly into the Chaos Force to enter his Super form and forms beyond it, his form was running at maximum power, red-hot and ready to fight the guardian. However, as soon as he entered sight range, there was a blue echidna in a black denim jacket just standing there, waiting. Scourge growled menacingly, and turned to see Striker beside him.

“Do you want to fight him, sir?” he asked. Scourge considered it for a second.

“You can do it. I’ll get the Emerald.” No sooner than he had the sentence out of his mouth that Striker was halfway to the echidna, barreling straight at him. However, as soon as he reached striking range, Striker froze, as if struck with a blast of ice. Scourge raised an eyebrow. Striker’s counterpart didn’t have any control over ice that he knew of, and he hadn’t seen a single attack be launched. Confused, Scourge raced towards the echidna. However, when he reached the same distance from the teenaged echidna, he raised his head and Scourge’s world changed. The echidna was in the same place, but the world was black with glowing white lines, no color bar a fire directly in front of Scourge. The echidna simply nodded, and Scourge screamed, his body falling into fire on its own accord. Will smiled in the real world. Trapping both Scourge and Striker within illusions was easy enough now that he knew what he was doing. Now, for the challenging part: keeping one within the illusion and fighting the other. Will turned, so his left Sharingan was facing Striker, and blinked. Instantly, the illusion was broken, and Striker fell to the ground, the pain rapidly disappearing. Will frowned. He hadn’t expected him to break past the pain so fast. Striker’s hands were moving, and Will could see what was coming, like choreographed moves in a movie. Striker launched himself into a breakdance windmill kick, his foot spinning in an attempt to sweep Will’s feet from under him, followed with an aerial bicycle kick to get back onto his feet. Only a split second before Striker launched the kick, Will was diving to the side, using his Chaos powers to extend the short-distance glide out as far as he could. Once on the ground, he spun as far as he could and launched an inverse Chaos Flash at Striker, which struck, but failed to completely paralyze him, instead sending his entire body into a spasm, throwing him to the ground. However, just as quickly as it hit, he dispelled it in a technique that sent a glow through his armor to his feet, then charged at Will, using the same inverse Chaos Flash as Will had. Will, due to the time-sight provided by his Sharingans, unleashed a Chaos Freeze, which enveloped Striker’s attack. Obviously annoyed, Striker touched his right temple with an index finger, before Will felt his sense of reality start to shift, an illusion being cast. Without conscious thought, his Sharingans dispelled the attack. At the same time, he Chaos Controlled behind Striker and sent him flying with a single punch. Striker cursed, before jabbing Scourge in the back, freeing the super-formed hedgehog from the illusion.

“He’s awakened Sharingans,” the echidna said simply. Scourge instantly smirked.

“Want me to handle it?”

“Thank you, but no. I’ve never had the chance to fight someone with Sharingans, and it shall be interesting. Just pull back. You won’t be able to break the Chaos shielding, and our fight will be intense.” Scourge nodded, then flew off.

“Um, what? You can’t HOPE to fight me. I’ve been beating the crap out of you for the last few minutes!” Will snorted, readying himself. However, the echidna reached for chinstraps under his helmet, pulling it off to reveal the face of his enemy. Will gasped, astonished. The face was near identical to his own, but for the black eyepatch over his left eye. He removed the eyepatch, revealing a blue eye with a pupil split through the middle like a blade. The other eye was the inverse of Will’s own, although the fur and scars were the same. Striker focused, and his eyes changed in turn, the right becoming a Sharingan, the left turning purple with the Sharingan pinwheel pupil becoming broken with the purple color. Will’s body went cold, and his rage built like an inferno, opening the third gate unconsciously. However, unlike becoming Blazing, where warmth would come over his body, or Super, where his fur stood on end from energy, the form he accessed projected darkness through his body, which instantly began to show. His Sharingans deformed, followed by his eyes – the pupils and irises both faded out to nothingness, and became pure white. His blue fur turned exactly the same color as his streaks, a deep black, which spread over his muzzle, leaving him completely black. He roared, and Striker realized just what he was facing – Dark Will had been awoken.

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