The tenth chapter of Book Three: The Invasion and the end of an era in my writing - the death of Kyle Prower.

Chapter Ten: End of the Line

Tails cracked his knuckles as the door blew inwards, blocked by a telekinetic catch he managed to pull off using Chaos Energy. Quickly, a bright green echidna burst in, holding his quarterstaff in a defensive position. Behind him came a uniformed fox with smoothed black hair between his ears. He clapped, his face holding a sarcastic smile.

“Hello, kid. I’m here for the Chaos Emeralds, and I doubt that you will stop me getting them.” Miles’ gaze carried across onto Cream. “Either of you.” Cream stepped forward, aggressively, but Tails’ hand blocked her. He sat there, eyes closed.

“You’ll have to get through us to get them, Miles,” he replied, serenely, with nobody seeming to notice his fur starting to stand on end and get lighter. The echidna laughed.

“You really think we’ll bother? All we have to do is stun you, help ourselves to the emeralds, and then I think I’ll help myself to your daughters. You know, as my payment for this duty.” Cream growled, stepping forward again as her body started to change. Her chest started to expand outward and she started to grow taller. Miles and the echidna looked at each other in shock. Nobody had expected her to reveal a Super form. Cream laughed as her fur turned a light yellow, the same as Tails’ Super form, before lashing out with a slap aimed at the echidna. He smiled; swinging the staff into its way before kicking her legs out from beneath her.

“Please, even with a super form you are weak. I’ll make this quick.” His grip on the staff changed slightly, and the tips of it started to burn with red Anarchy flames.

“Anarchy Dart!” he yelled, launching a red Chaos Spear-like attack straight at Cream, but it only lightly impacted against her head, almost completely useless. Angrily, she started to stand only to find herself flying backward with a telekinetic tug from her husband. Tails growled as he opened his eyes, revealing bright red irises, as his fur rapidly became the pale yellow of his super form. His right hand opened into a claw-like shape, which was quickly filled with spinning energy. The color of the energy ball quickly changed to a pale orange, while it grew to be about half the size of Tails’ chest. He held it at his side, before running straight forward and shoving the Super Rasengan directly into the echidna’s chest, sending him flying straight out a window. Miles froze as the energy ball deformed, and Tails turned his focus onto him. Suddenly, both Tails and Cream screamed, grabbing their heads in pain. Miles blinked as his mob of Moebians fought their way in the door, having been attacking everything else in the tower, just as Tails and Cream opened their now pupil-less eyes and their fur started darkening. What could have caused this to happen?

Kyle ran as hard as he could, tails spinning behind him like a cyclone. Behind him, he could hear the solid thudding of Striker racing after him, using lightning to increase his speed. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t hear Will. Kyle tightened his grip on the white Chaos Emerald in his hand, easily tapping into its power and locating Will a fair distance behind the two of them. Kyle snapped back to reality just as he was about to faceplant into a tree, resulting in him diving to the side and losing some momentum. He snuck a glance over his shoulder to see a blur of gold racing towards him down the path he had made, so he closed his eyes and raced off.

Will growled as he ran, unable to catch up with Kyle and Striker no matter what he tried. The cut on his leg hadn’t healed yet, and whatever magic Stave had used on it was stopping him from accelerating enough to fly, or even accelerating enough to start catching up. He felt Kyle’s senses brush against him, telling him that Kyle was a fair distance ahead and giving him a sense of urgency to catch up. Will roared, before diving head first into the ground, using his powerful arms to move the fastest way he could think of, just hoping that his tunneling would let him catch up.

Kyle kept running, forcing himself to exert everything he had to stay ahead as Striker gained on him. Closer and closer the golden blur was getting, Kyle could feel it. He was tiring. Unlike Will, he had never made the most of his Chaos-enhanced strength and skills and now it was costing him. He was exerting every bit of Chaos Energy he could, channeling it into his legs and tails to force himself faster and faster. Suddenly, his feet hit nothing. He dived backwards, stopping himself from falling off the cliff he had lead himself to. Quickly, he checked his chances. The cliff was wide, wider than he had flown over in a long time. He was exhausted as well, which ruined his chances of flying over. He tried to collect together enough Chaos Energy to Chaos Control, but his running had drained every last morsel of energy from his body, and the emerald wasn’t glowing as bright as it should, suggesting that he had started to drain it as well. He quickly calculated his chances, before gripping the emerald as tight as he could, feeling it’s power start to invigorate himself. He readied himself, thinking about his target location as well as he could.

“Chaos…” he started, but it was that moment that a large, golden gauntlet wrapped itself around his neck and held him over the edge.

“Almost got away from me, didn’t you? Well, you didn’t. Somehow, this seems almost fitting. A flying creature killed by death from a fall. Oh well.” With one gauntleted hand, Striker grabbed one of the young fox’s tails and snapped it. Kyle whimpered with the air he had left after being choked by Striker. Suddenly, there was a rumbling in the ground behind them, moving towards them with great speed. The Moebian grabbed the Chaos Emerald and swung Kyle towards the edge, before letting go of his neck, sending the fox flying off the cliff towards the valley below.

“Oops. Oh well…” Striker murmured, disappearing in a flash of blue light as Will emerged out of the cliff wall, diving after Kyle.

“I’ve got you!” he cried. Kyle gave a weak smile, before responding.

“Tell my family and Crystal…I love them,” the fox whispered, falling faster than Will could dive. Within seconds, he hit the ground. His body shook, before it started to collapse under its own weight. Will used the two seconds he had to pull up and land right next to his friend. Will grabbed Kyle’s body, cradling it in his arms as he whispered to his friend, mostly to remove the shock from himself that he was going to lose his best friend.

“Goodbye and thank you, my friend…” Kyle murmured, before his body went completely limp. Will raised his head and screamed, all of his anger and sadness coming out in that single burst as he withdrew within himself. Right where the first gate lay, a natural, porous barrier started to shake with the flow of energy, before opening in a torrent of Chaos Energy, which burst out through Will’s eyes. His pupils completely disappeared, closely followed by his irises becoming blood red. A pinwheel spun into each eye, filling the place where his pupils had been. Will felt his fur prickle and stand on end, as if he was transforming in his desire for revenge, but clamped down on it and blocked the energy, allowing his eyes to power down as he broke down and started to cry.

Knuckles froze as the Master Emerald started to take on a black glow. Stunned, he placed his hands upon it and focused, letting it show him what had happened, only to see Will’s eyes transform and Kyle on the ground, unmoving.

“He awakened them…this isn’t good.” Knuckles stood completely still, unsure about what to do. His son had awakened the Sharingan Eyes. A secret technique amongst the Knuckles Clan, the Sharingan Eyes were awakened through negative emotions such as sadness or anger in quantities that would consume most people. With training, a Guardian or Knuckles Clan member would learn to control the eyes, but few reached the point when the Sharingan Eye would itself transform into a more unique design, with additional powers within itself. That happened when someone they loved died, either a family member they were close to, like Knuckles and his father, or their best friend, like Will. This could mean trouble, but the fact that Will had powered down the eyes was saying something about his strength. Suddenly, Knuckles realized that if he had felt Kyle’s death, then Tails and Cream had to have.

Miles closed his eyes and managed to ascend to his Super form just before the first blow was thrown. Tails came in close, and his counterpart realized just how much trouble they were in. Both Tails and Cream had suddenly started to ascend to high-level Dark forms and cause a massive amount of destruction. Tails had entered a form with tonnes of black hair, spiked up and out all over the place like a Troll, his Dark Mega form. Cream, on the other hand, had become pure gray, and lacked pupils – her Dark form. The two of them had obliterated his entire strike force, leaving him on his own. Tails spun to face him, his body emitting a strange gray glow that constantly expanded. Miles was sure this was going to be his end, so he cowered down in the corner and tried to hide from the two Dark transformations. Whimpering, he waited for Tails to throw the final blow, but found it never hit. Instead, Striker and Scourge floated there, Scourge in his own Mega form, Striker, as normal, in his armor. The two of them had intercepted the first blow, and now were holding up a wall of crimson energy between themselves and two raging Dark forms.

“What happened?” Miles asked, positioning himself to assist in the shield. Scourge gave him a dirty look, before opening his mouth to respond only to have Striker beat him to it.

“Their eldest son died. A casualty of battle, I’m afraid. I think they felt that, and they’ve transformed because of it.”

“And who’s to blame for that mistake?” Miles asked, annoyed.

“I am.” Striker said, which triggered both Dark forms combining their power in a Chaos Blast Beam at Striker, hitting him in the gut and pinning him onto the wall. Scourge and Miles both acted on instinct at that point, with Scourge blasting Tails with a Chaos Bomb and throwing him up against the wall where he could deform, unconscious, while Miles quickly struck directly behind Cream’s ear with a punch, making the most of her distraction to knock her out with the single strike. Both Moebians powered down and got to work packing a trio of backpacks with the multitude of powerful items, before turning to see Striker standing up, his visor folded up to allow himself to see, revealing the face of Anti-Will.

“Ready for the final battle?” he asked Scourge and Miles. Each of the elder Moebians looked at each other, before grinning.

“The battle for New Mobotropolis and the Master Emerald shall begin.” Miles said, while Scourge’s smirk grew.

“Finally, I get my revenge,” he crowed, before starting an evil laugh that would make Eggman envious.

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