The seventh chapter of Book Three: The Invasion. It introduces a whole MASS of characters who haven't appeared before.

Chapter Seven: Shocking Reunion

The brown hedgehog ran through the streets of Central City, a city now in flames. Behind her, a large swarm of Moebians ran, engorged on stolen goods but looking for blood. Clearly at the head was an agile bat, wearing a hooded jacket and jeans in order to try to cover up her attractive figure.

“She’s mine, boys, and I doubt that any of you could stop me!” the Anti-Rouge cried, racing ahead of the pack to reach the hedgehog. Still running, the young hedgehog spun and screamed, her sonokinetically enhanced blast serving two purposes; stunning Anti-Rouge and calling for help. Suddenly, while running backwards, she ran into a red and black hedgehog.

“Hey, watch where you’re going!” the newcomer yelled, looking nervously over her shoulder, as if being chased. A black and white hedgehog came out of a third alleyway, helping both of them up.

“Say sorry, Shima, and let’s get moving. Otherwise, they’ll catch us!” the black and white hedgie muttered.

“Sorry, miss.” Shima grumbled, then turned with her friend…only to come face-to-face with the gang of Moebians. Cursing, she turned to the third passage only to find more Moebians flowing in.

“Looks like we’re trapped!” the brown hedgehog squealed, before settling her nerves. Indeed, from the final passage came a group of GUN soldiers, all holding rifles up and at the ready. Suddenly, it appeared that the three young female hedgehogs were going to be stuck in deadly crossfire, when a figure forced his way through the group of GUN soldiers. His quills and shaping were almost identical to Shadow, and his face had an identical expression to Shadow’s scowl. However, that was where the resemblance ended. His fur was green, with yellow lightning-bolts where Shadow’s streaks were. On his wrists were two silver energy braces, both possessing a blue glow. His shoes were the same green as his fur, adorned with yellow trim, but both had a pair of golden thunderbolts flowing off the back. All three girls eyes went wide, and Shima could barely disguise her shock when she managed to speak.

“Statyx…” she whispered, almost to herself. He froze, seeing the girls in this predicament, before motioning to the soldiers to lower their weapons.

“I’ll deal with this, men.”

“Rodger that, sir,” the leading officer of the soldiers said, obviously slightly annoyed at not being allowed to capture his target. Statyx made a shooing motion, and reluctantly all the soldiers left. Quickly, the three girls ran out of his way as a single Moebian ape dived at them, only to find himself flying backwards from a single punch from the G.U.N Commando.

“I won’t let you touch a single hair on their heads. Any of them,” he warned, closing his eyes and forming a pair of electrical blades, one in each hand. Anti-Rouge froze, then turned tail and flew back, but another Moebian was no chicken.

“So, you want to fight, huh?” From within their ranks, a being walked. Nobody made a move to stop him, but nobody was game to. He stood at about the same height as Statyx, but the look of madness within his eyes paralyzed each of the Moebians. Indeed, within his eyes was the same look of insanity as Insane Shadow, but behind it was also great intelligence. His blood-red fur and blue streaks instantly made him identifiable, although the hair was styled differently, and he only wore pants instead of his normal clothes.

“BloodSonic. I’ve heard of you from my half-brother. You have amazing power and speed, and are unpredictable. Plus you’re more than 4000 years old. Impressive, but why side with beings that would turn on you the moment you turn your back?”

“Whom else would I join? The pathetic Editors? The Guardian Units Of Nations? The Trolls? Eggman? I’m not Blood. You may call me…the Anti-Blood.” Quicker than the eye could blink, Anti-Blood had Statyx on the ground, Chaos energy rippling around his hands. Statyx unleashed a Double Thunder Beam on the dark hedgehog, throwing him a short distance and giving Statyx enough time to get up and ready himself, trapping his opponent within a Thunder Shield orb and starting to form a Lightning Blade, ready to strike. Anti-Blood wasted no time in shattering the orb with a Chaos Blast, before charging at Statyx, who appeared to still be charging the Lightning Blade. He leapt, letting his body fall into a flow-state from years of combat training. Suddenly, he realized he hadn’t struck anything and had passed where Statyx was. His eyes opened to see Statyx racing towards him, Lightning Blade fully prepared and ready, before ramming it between Anti-Blood’s ribs, leaving a massive hole in his chest.

“I am Statyx the Hedgehog, the ultimate guardian. You attacked two members of the ultimate lifeform family and Echo, my girlfriend, at once, so you don’t deserve mercy.” Statyx said darkly, darkness evident in his eyes. Echo opened her mouth to speak, but screamed instead as Anti-Blood stood up, shadowy threads already repairing the damage that the Chaos Lightning Blade had done.

“Foolish Mobian. You think that being struck with an electrical technique is going to stop me? I helped train an electricity wielder. He uses a variant of that technique. You think I haven’t felt its sting before?” Anti-Blood just stood, as if waiting. Statyx gritted his teeth, before reaching for his inhibitor braces, before stopping. There was something about this Moebian that made him rethink his strategy, then gave up, reforming both Blade Thunders and charging. Anti-Blood didn’t even flinch as each of the two electrical swords struck his body, leaving charred fur behind.

“Oh, please. Even Silver can do more damage that that.” Statyx growled, and lashed out again, forming a giant electrical fist and launching it directly at Anti-Blood, barely budging him a centimeter.

“Wow. That was the Fist of Zeus, I take it? That was so weak, even Sonic could do better. In his base form. That’s how little a threat even your strongest moves are to me!”

“What about these?” came a new male voice from behind him, and Anti-Blood turned to see that all the other Moebians had been forced away, and that there was a cat with creamy-yellow fur and dirty blonde hair wearing olden-style clothing and pointing a large flintlock pistol at his head. The gun fired, and instead of a bullet, a ball of fire leapt from the end and struck Anti-Blood between the eyes. Anti-Blood recoiled sharply, before facing the cat angrily. This took his attention off Statyx, who struck his foe with a sudden Electric Wave into the ribs. Anti-Blood’s eyes darkened within the black “whites” and he lashed out, Chaos Controlling behind Albus and throwing him into Statyx before unleashing a one-handed Chaos Blast Beam directly at the two, which was stopped by a solid stream of water being launched by a female fox, who stood directly between the two defeated heroes and Anti-Blood, who with her brown fur, black hair and smart olden-style clothes made her seem harmless, but the massive streams of water coming out of each hand obviously deferred that idea. Instantly, Anti-Blood cut-off the Chaos Blast Beam, opting instead to test her. However, the coalition of enemies he was facing had other ideas.

“Alright, everyone, we only have one shot with this! Hali, I trust you can get him in one place for a while?” Statyx asked, his brain working overtime.

“Um, sure. I can try to trap him in a Chaos Shield until you guys are ready,” the black-and white hedgehog admitted, looking at her half-brother in worry. Statyx, however, wasn’t paying attention.

“Alright, then this is how I want to play this. Everyone but Hali, use your strongest attacks on him. I need at least thirty seconds to charge my technique, so that’s how long you have!”

“Right.” The cat dove around Anti-Blood, drawing his attention with a mixture of Ignis, Fulgur and Globus Glyphs fired from his gun. As soon as Anti-Blood’s back was turned, Hali’s hands flew up and rippled in golden Chaos Energy.

“Chaos Shield!” she screamed, trapping Anti-Blood within a golden energy dome. As soon as he was obviously out of play, each of them prepared their attacks.

“Ready, Albus?” the fox yelled to the cat, a pair of Glyph marks appearing on her arms as she prepared a Glyph Union. “You bet, Shanoa!” he shouted in reply, coating his leg in glyphic flames. Statyx had already begun charging light into himself, as Shima formed Chaos Energy into the familiar spear shape before broadening it, and Echo took a deep breath. Anti-Blood simply closed his eyes, snapping his fingers and freeing himself, but wasn’t fast enough to be ready for what followed. Hali closed her eyes and turned away as most of the others lashed out as one, giving Statyx the final amount of time he needed. Anti-Blood found himself immersed in an ice storm triggered by Shanoa’s Melio Grando Glyphic Union. Closely behind that was Albus and Shima, striking simultaneously with completely different techniques. Albus lashed out with a powerful, fiery kick, while Shima hurled a Chaos Missile directly into Anti-Blood. This was finished by Echo, who unleashed a massive sonokinetic scream, which dropped Albus and Shanoa to their knees and shattered all the unbroken glass in the area. Anti-Blood was trapped, by both the paralyzing ringing in his ears and the trapping ice around himself, facing down a glowing Statyx.

“This is the end of you, Anti-Blood! CHAOS…” Statyx roared, in a spindash position, before launching himself directly forwards at lightspeed straight for Anti-Blood.

“…SHATTER!” came Statyx’s voice, a mere split-second before he triggered a Chaos Control, creating a stunning and brightly colored shockwave, which danced across Anti-Blood’s dazed eyes as it struck him. Everyone else froze. Statyx had disappeared. For that matter, so had Anti-Blood. Suddenly, Statyx reappeared, restrained by a telekinetic aura. Silver floated down, setting Statyx onto the ground, all the energy of his attack drained. Close behind the white hedgehog was Blaze, fire in her eyes. “I’m sorry for the rough landing, Statyx, but would you have preferred to end up in a far-off dimension?” Silver asked sarcastically, meeting Statyx’s eyes openly. Statyx shook his head, too drained to even attempt a retort. Blaze smiled at the macho display, but then motioned for everyone to approach her.

“Listen. We need to find Sonic. Someone stole the Sol Emeralds from my world, and Silver ended up there after his Time Stone was stolen. We managed to get here, but now we need to find Sonic. Does anybody know where he is?” Statyx managed a faint smile as he straightened up, sweat clinging on his fur.

“Yeah, he’s with GUN command in New Mobotropolis for now. We should all go there, and be ready to help out. It’s a full-blooded invasion. Look, let’s just get going now.” Statyx closed his eyes to Chaos Control them, but Shima simply grabbed his shoulder. “Allow me. Chaos Control!” she said, and the large group disappeared, leaving the city in flames.

Anti-Blood landed, face first, back in Moebius. He hadn’t been quick enough to dodge the Chaos Shatter, but had managed to twist almost all of his body out of the way. Almost. He lifted himself on his left arm, before looking at what remained of his right shoulder. Black threads were repairing what they could, but they couldn’t rebuild an entire arm. Not without time. He cursed. Statyx had just cost him six weeks, the amount of time in a specialized healing trance that it would take him to regrow his lost appendage. Anti-Blood limped over to an old cryogenics tube, something that had sustained him for months while organs and limbs regrew previously. Eventually, he’d seek his revenge, but now was time to sleep and wait until he reached his peak strength again. Only one thought was in his mind as he forced his intelligence back to enter the trance: He had lost.

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