The first proper chapter of Book Three: The Invasion by Flashfire212.

Chapter One: Hunt for the Blade

Will stretched, looking around. It had been almost six months since the last crisis, the problems with Jacob, and the relapse of his disease from opening all eight gates, which had only been minor in comparison, but still had taken almost a fortnight to recover from. Now, he was challenging himself and Tails’ abilities with scanners in order to be able to break Ronan out of the Mercian prison he had spent the last couple of months in, in case Tails’ appeal failed.

“Do you read me, Will?” Tails asked, sounding stressed.

“Loud and clear, Tails.” Will responded, fixing his mic where it was. “You know how I’m going to get into this monolith?” Indeed, before him was what looked like a pyramid.

“Well, you can tunnel through, but you have to be careful. It’s been boobytrapped. I can detect explosive seals, active traps and the Guardian’s Seal, as your dad and Sonic said would be there.”

“Guardian’s Seal…what the heck?” Will groaned, confused by what Tails was saying.

“Basically, as soon as you get into the room with the swords, the seal will create a perfect doppelganger of you, which then uses the swords at their maximum possible strength. This means…”

“One heck of a sword fight. Alright, keep me posted, Tails. I’m going in.” Will cracked his knuckles, taking a few steps towards the pyramid, before launching himself into the ground, the same as his father always did, using very powerful muscles in his upper body and arms to drag himself through the dirt and rock, even with the two swords attached to his belt and his denim jacket restricting movement. Quickly, he hit a wall of rubble that he struggled to dig through, but a pair of powerful punches broke a hole in the subterranean wall, allowing Will to clamber through. He shook violently, forcing all the clumps of dirt and little bugs out of his dreadlocks and jacket, before taking in his surroundings. The room was dark, but flames flowing from Will’s hands provided adequate light for him to see where he was. Around him were blocks of stone, larger than anything he had seen in temples or pyramids on Angel Island before. He moved, letting the orange flames around his fists light up the corridor. He saw the big black letters on the wall, and decided to turn around. No sooner than he did that, the entire corridor section ahead of him burst into flame and caved in as the explosive seal the letters had denoted detonated the dangerously well-designed ancient explosives. Will raced around the next corner as the corridor collapsed behind him, finally reaching a pit, which he easily glided across as the tunnel collapsed behind him.

“Whatsay I take this path instead?” Will asked himself quietly, a smile evident on his face as he ventured deeper into the pyramid. After a further hour, with no radio contact from Tails due to the thickness of the monolithic structure, not to mention the perpetual shadows around that were blocking his sight and the common deathtraps littered throughout the corridors, Will was considering knocking down every single wall in his path as he made for the exit of this dank place when he found a round chamber, with what looked like an alter or plinth, with a sword in scabbard lying on the top. Will scratched his head. It was said that there were two swords here, not one. He took a few steps into the room to have a better look, when suddenly ancient writing on the plinth started to glow, building up to a red-orange sort of color. The glow was blinding, and Will struggled to look at it, bringing one of his gloved hands into the way to block the glaring light to see something amazing. Where there had been an empty room, there now stood a perfect representation of himself, still being assembled by the energy at play. It turned, still being finished, grabbing the scabbard off the top of the plinth and drawing the blade.

“Are you worthy?” it asked, before holding the hilt in a precise way, and turning it in a specific way, splitting the blade into two swords, each with a dragon motif on the hilt, etched in gold on the red fabric. That’s when the armor started to appear. Large metallic pieces of red-orange armor materialized, attaching themselves to his body, starting with his feet and moving up to his waist. The image of the saber’s sheath rotated to point along his leg, before fusing into the armor. The scabbard which the two swords had lain in melted into the armor now covering the copy’s hands, reappearing over the top of the Guy’viroth broadsword and sheath. The armor rapidly formed, covering his arms and torso within seconds. The final things to form were the slotted helmet that appeared above his muzzle, and a cape sprouted from the back of his neck. Will froze when he saw the emblem on that red cape: embroidered in gold thread was the image of two dragons, intertwined around a single point.

“Are you worthy?” it repeated, before racing at him at an amazing speed. Unfortunately, Will was just as fast, and stepped aside before it reached him, whipping his Guy’viroth broadsword out of its sheath and bringing it down on the back of the clone’s armored head with a metallic clang. The armored clone spun, it’s dual blades spinning and lashing out wildly. Will drew his saber with his off hand while still fending off the wild but controlled strikes from his opponent. He had heard of the Bes’kad method, where the practitioner gives up all thought but one: END. He never thought he’d have to fight a practitioner of that style, but here he was. Horizontal sweep! Overhead cut! Overhead backhand! Side jab! The speed of the strikes the clone was using was intense, the sign of a natural. However, it’s abilities stemmed from Will’s own, and he was keeping up, and even putting pressure on the clone, but still only defending. Suddenly, he flipped over the clone, bringing in the hilt of the saber in a sudden punching motion to the back of the helmet, creating a loud CLANG as it impacted. The clone turned, but not fast enough. Will went on the assault, using both swords in amazing motions, striking the doppelganger with sudden and sharp strikes, before it could get it’s swords into place, before smiling.

“Let’s finish this!” he cried, charging his Guy’viroth broadsword with Chaos Energy before stabbing it through the clone’s armor. It stopped, and raised its visor.

“You are worthy,” it muttered, before disintegrating in the same orange glow and leaving the swords on the plinth, rejoined and back in their sheath. Will walked forward, taking the red and gold scabbard in his hand as he examined the swords, taking in the impossibly well forged blades and hand-stitched hilt covers, with the dragons intertwined, unlike when separated where the dragons were separate, then looked up at the roof. There was a hole there, showing what appeared to be a way out. Will ran over, leaping up there, then ran out onto a plateau. He grinned, as suddenly Tails, as well as his dad and Sonic, started yelling into the radio.

“Guys, not so loud! I was in the middle of the place, but I got the swords. Never seen anything like them before. Two swords that fuse into one. Intertwined dragons on the hilt when combined, separate when not, and the transformation that the guardian used was amazing.”

“Will, just get back here. We got word on Ronan’s appeal: it failed. Again. Tails is taking this even further, getting G.U.N. involved, but…”

“Wait, did you say two swords that fused into one, emblazoned with dragons?” Sonic asked, cutting Knuckles off.

“Yeah, and the guy used the Bes’kad technique. Only managed to get the drop on him with a fluke.”

“Those are the Twin Dragon Dao Blades! They were called lost for hundreds of years even before I received Excalibur! They are awesome!” Sonic crowed, before Tails cut him off.

“Just get back, Will. We’ll need you to get ready, because the prison is going to be harder to get into and out of.”

“Rodger.” Will clipped the Dao blades to his belt, then Chaos Controlled away, leaving the amazing pyramid behind.

Dramatis Persona

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