The nineteenth chapter of Flashfire212's epic Book Three: The Invasion.

Chapter Nineteen: Destiny's Battle

The forest rung with the hum of steel spinning at high speeds, and the deep, dark laugh of Prime Scourge as the empowered Moebian dueled both Ultra Shadic and Blazing Blue Hollow Blood, his bare hands easily blocking Blood’s zanpakto, even with its aura. On top of that, he had greater stamina than Ultra Shadic, who was starting to tire under the exertion. Sonic and Shadow may have trained themselves to enter Ultra-level forms without expending rings at a massive rate, but they hadn’t used fusion in a while, and as such Shadic was lacking any form of unity in his assault. Scourge’s laugh increased as he sensed the approaching power coming in his direction, a fresh mind he had only battled once before – Striker’s counterpart. Without dropping his guard, the platinum uber-haired hurled a small ball of amber goo at BloodSonic, who sliced the gunk in half with Tsukiakara.

“Really? Scourge, that’s just sad. Distractions don’t work for you.” Blood quipped, launching another razor-edged slash with his blade.

“Who said that was a distraction?” Scourge shot back, the ooze moving on its own accord and binding Blood’s feet to the ground. The ancient being exploded with a stream of curses, slicing at the amber jelly which simply didn’t want to break apart to let him free. With one foe distracted, Prime Scourge transferred all of his attention to Ultra Shadic, who had remained alert and moving the entire time, making the most of the Moebian dictator’s distraction to prepare an attack. Scourge lashed out with a perfect golden copy of Silver’s telekinesis, but the lilac fusion seemed to anticipate that and simply teleported out of harm’s way. The platinum Mobian growled, then tried to blow Shadic away with a single Chaos-enhanced Roar. Again, Shadic dodged with ease, before suddenly emerging directly behind Scourge. Then, the disharmony struck again. Shadic hurled a kick and raised a block half-heartedly, his guard lowered. Scourge made the most of that, dropping his shoulder and diving backwards, tackling Shadic to the ground and pummeling him with a series of rapid fists to the face and chest. Shadic used Chaos Control to warp behind Scourge once again, but this time, Scourge was prepared, multi-colored energy rippling into his hands. The Moebian pivoted and unleashed a powerful Chaos Blast Beam straight into Ultra Shadic’s chest, hurling him backwards into a tree directly in front of a newcomer, leaving the fusion to separate. Scourge used this break to analyze the being’s appearance. His fur was a bright pinky-red, with a large amount of quills which bore only the slightest resemblance to dreadlocks slicked straight backwards, the majority of the hairstyle more hedgehog like. His skin was a dark blue, while the sclera of his eyes was neon green, his iris and pupils both bright orange. His gloves were the same color as his eyes, as was the binding on his shoes, which were bright gold. The being growled, his stance shifting from the traditional combat idle stance of a hedgehog to the much more hunched, arm-focused positioning of an echidna. Prime Scourge’s brain clicked.

“You’re Will! I was expecting a transformation, but what on Moebius do you call that?” Will didn’t respond verbally, instead shifting his stance slightly and unleashing a powerful gout of flame from both hands. Scourge stepped back, checked the positioning of his feet, and launched his own assault, a solid stream of dirt and mud from the blood spilled by the others, with his own blast easily countering Will’s fiery attack. Instead, the echidna vanished, only to reappear behind Scourge, slashing with a rather large guy’viroth broadsword, a second sword leaping from its scabbard to rest in his off-hand. Prime Scourge shook his head.

“I was expecting a challenge. Shadic spoke so very highly of you.” Even as he spoke, Scourge could hear Blood finally free himself from the gooey mass and start racing in towards the Moebian dictator, possibly with a readied killing slash with his sword. Scourge started to prepare special defenses, but Will chose to speak.

“This form is more than strong enough to defeat you. It’s called my UltraBlazing form, and with it, you shall discover that I am more than a match for you. For Dreads, Striker and everyone else whose lives you have ruined, I shall fight. For them, I shall win.” Prime Scourge raised an eyebrow, impressed by the youth’s fighting spirit, but slightly worried by his words. As he prepared a retort, he stepped lithely to the side and let Blood go flying by, his sword still swinging in the middle of a slash aimed to decapitate. As soon as the ancient hedgehog saw the riotously colored echidna, he smirked and turned to face Scourge once again.

“What say we teach Prime Steak here not to mess with Mobius, Will?” the hedgehog taunted, his Hollow mask trying to intimidate the white-furred hedgehog. Will’s own smile emerged, seeming to split his blue muzzle in half.

“Fine by me.” With that, the duo attacked, Will aiming high with a shattering punch, Blood going low with another Cero. Scourge leapt over the blast from the Vizored hedgehog, using Will’s swords as pivot points to lift himself into the air and hurl himself over the echidna teen’s body, shattering both blades with pure strength in the process. Will hurled both ruined swords to the ground and knocked Scourge’s legs from underneath him with a powerful windmill kick, leaving Prime Scourge open to a Getsumen Suraisu launched from Tsukiakara, Blood preferring to strike from range now rather than close-in and block Will’s physical assault. Scourge struck the ground hard, but vanished barely a second later in a flash of white light.

“Shunpo. He’s simply moving faster than we can physically view.” Blood explained. Will’s eyes returned to their normal hazel for barely a second, before transforming into his Sharingans. Without flinching, he jumped and grabbed a tree-branch above his head. He swung for a few seconds, before hurling himself forward, foot first before slamming into the back of Prime Scourge’s head, knocking him forward just as the overpowered Moebian reappeared.

“Ugh! How in Chaos’ name did you manage to do that?” he groaned for a few seconds, before throwing himself into the air with a push-up. Will struggled for a few seconds, his feet tangled within Prime Scourge’s impossibly long quills, before Scourge backflipped, landing with all of his weight and razor-sharp quills pointing down on Will. At least, that was the aim. Barely a second before impact, Will got his hands down above his head, and with pure physical strength, enhanced by his transformation, he held Scourge aloft on his legs before simply falling backwards, once again slamming the platinum hedgehog into the dirt, leaving him spitting dust as Blood glided clean over the branches overhead, landing and gripping Scourge’s neck with a tight, two-handed crushing grip.

“Two minutes, Scourge, then you black out, power down, and end up back in the No Zone or another prison, wherever the others feel you belong. Personally, I’d rather you struggle, because I can simply add another minute, and let your life return to everyone else.” Blood spat, his words striking Scourge as hammer blows as the blood began to pound in his head.

“Look…there……your……counterpart….” he croaked. Instantly, Blood’s head flew up, scanning the forest for his psychopathic counterpart, his grip on Scourge loosening rather considerably. Gasping in a sudden breath of air, the silver transformation unleashed a small Chaos Burst, channeling enough Chaos Energy through his body into Blood to cause his mask to break and him to pass out. With that, Scourge stood, staggering slightly from the lack of oxygen. He took a few pacifying breaths, preparing himself. Then, he saw Will. The echidna was still standing there, eyes closed, a strange curved sword with an intertwined dragons motif in his hands. Scourge smirked, preparing himself.

“Get ready, runt. This one’s going to hurt!” he roared, dashing forwards towards UltraBlazing Will with fist cocked. The youth took these few seconds to twist the hilt of the Dao blade, splitting it into two separate swords, both with a single dragon now adorning the blade. Scourge kept approaching, barely noticing the sudden series of flashes in orange coming from the young echidna. Instead, he launched his punch blindly, only to find it blocked by a metal of unprecedented hardness. Indeed, there stood Will, adorned with red-orange armor covering most of his body, with only his muzzle still visible. He smirked, and spoke three words.

“Are you worthy?” he murmured. Instantly, the look in Scourge’s eyes changed from flat-out rage to an out-of-control insanity. His body retained its power and transformation, but his stance changed.

“Oh, I’m more than worthy, kid. I conquered this world with my bare hands! I conquered both of these worlds as a kid, barely older than you! But no, Sonic kept beating me. Every single time I tried since I escaped the No Zone the first time, my damned counterpart keeps showing up and stopping me, getting me thrown back in that clink. Now that I finally have the power to finish him, you’re the only thing that stands in my way. I WILL BE KING!” With that, Prime Scourge attacked. His punches suddenly tripled in intensity, trying to break through the armor purely with punches, kicks and jabs of various kinds. However, Will still hadn’t powered down, so with a combination of the strength and speed of his UltraBlazing form plus the defense and shielding provided by his armor, he stayed standing, the armor barely denting as Scourge’s assault continued. Suddenly, Will spoke as he hurled Scourge backwards with a burst of Chaos Energy, letting the Moebian slam into a tree. Scourge was cringing and could barely focus as Will approached, the armor disappearing as he recombined the swords and slid them into their sheath on his back, his UltraBlazing form fading away with the armor. Standing before the being, knowing that Scourge could snap him like a twig in that form, Will raised his head and paralyzed the Moebian emperor by meeting his eyes directly, his Sharingans seeming to spin as Scourge began to freeze up. The echidna spoke, his voice not his own but ringing with power, the same power Scourge had felt many years ago when he first touched the Master Emerald.

“You stole this power. All of it. While some has joined you permanently, I see it fit to restore you to the way you once were and strip you of this vile form once and for all!” With that, Will walked a short distance away, but Scourge found he still couldn’t move as Will powered down completely. The echidna turned and faced Scourge once again, his right hand raised and pointing directly at the Moebian’s chest.

“The servers were the seven Chaos! Chaos is power enriched by the heart! The server existed to unify the Chaos! By these powers, I take back all you have claimed as your own!” he cried, his voice once again layered with that deep resonant power. Scourge screamed as golden light surrounded the duo. He could feel his power, all of it, disappearing, being sapped away by the echidna. In turn, Will could feel himself changing. His body was growing stronger, and his dreadlocks longer. He could feel quills burst from the back of his head, plus another quill burst out over his left eye, obscuring it’s vision. As the glow faded, revealing Scourge in his base form, quivering and shaking, Will could see a mass of bright blue quills rolling halfway down his back. His dreadlocks were completely that same color, and he could see clothes, a black denim jacket and jeans of the same make. He shuddered under the strain of the energy, before teleporting over to the Energy Transference Device and it’s payload of energy items, before closing his eyes and releasing the torrent of power he had absorbed. Instantly, all of the energy, flowing through a passage outside of his gates, began to flow into the gemstones. One by one, the emeralds and crystals began to glow once again, while the items like Mega Coal and other plain stones and items of power simply seemed to ripple with an energy haze as Will pumped all of the absorbed energy back into the drained items, his body returning to its original state. With the excess power remaining in his system from his transformation, he reached out and touched each mind of the team in turn, giving them the slightest spark of Chaos Energy to return them to the land of the conscious. He turned, surveying the battlefield and spying his teammates slowly but surely walking up. Suddenly, a pair of bright blue arms wrapped themselves around his chest from behind. Will laughed and managed to turn within the tight hug to embrace Maddy, her tears of joy falling on his shoulder as the sun began to rise over Moebius and the impending cleanup efforts.

Perched in the tree that provided the greatest view of the battle arena and the embracing figures, the wolf known as Flare gestured towards Will, his face passive but his eyes burning with inner fire.

“You see, Crisis? He is the one. He took that much energy, and his future transformation shone through from the overload. He is the one with the power of True Chaos. He is the one you need to train.” His companion, a cheetah with pale yellow fur and tan spots, nodded.

“Indeed. I know not to question your knowledge of the future, flow-walker. I am of the past. You are a time-traveller. But if I am right, and my greatest enemy is stirring within his prison, that boy and his allies better be able to prove themselves in combat against him. Flare, I trust that you can breach the issue?” the chocolate-brown wolf with black & red spiky hair nodded. Crisis smiled faintly.

“His power is right. You are right. Let us only hope he can handle it.” With that, a small ripple appeared within the environment. The cheetah started to step through, but turned to face the wolf again.

“Flare, you have done well not to get involved. You could not have afforded to influence this battle.” Flare nodded once again to his benefactor as he began to fade into the threads of time and space. Crisis took the final few seconds to snap a salute, before venturing into the portal to return him to his hideout. Flare returned the salute, and focused more on home, to where his own team needed him. Soon enough, he could focus on these events, but for now, at least the next few months, Will had enough to focus on.

Positioned in another nearby tree, a pair of hedgehogs sat, watching Scourge. One of them raised a radio to his mouth, but the other, a red hedgehog with a hairstyle like one of Blood’s old ones stopped him.

“Are you sure this is what they wanted to know? Are you sure they wanted Scourge to lose? Reaper, this could get us on her dark side. We don’t want to be there.” Reaper, a hedgehog who’s quills were covered by the hood on his jacket simply shrugged.

“We have to risk it. Phantom didn’t want us out here for nothing, and she briefed me. This is what she expected, Scorch. I understand your concern, but it’s not needed.” Scorch looked unconvinced, but Reaper activated his radio.

“Ma’am, this is Reaper. The king has fallen. Using multiverseal tracker tag now.” From that, they received a quick trio of clicks over the radio, signaling them to proceed. Skillfully, Reaper threw the tag into the air towards Scourge, then guided the tiny black circular pin to embed itself in the Moebian’s stomach. Scourge stirred slightly, but returned to his broken shaking as his counterpart began to approach.

“This is Reaper. Mission complete. Returning to base,” the lead hedgehog radioed. Again, the duo received the triple clicks, so Reaper gripped Scorch’s wrist, revealing a Trollish Emerald in the other.

“Chaos Control!” he muttered, and the two Trolls disappeared.

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