The fourth chapter of Book Three: The Invasion by Flashfire212.

Chapter Four: Confrontation

Ronan burst into the throne room of New Mobotropolis castle, flanked by Knuckles and Will. Following them was the Col’nesian Militia members assigned to their case. King Elias stood in annoyance, but tried to block the people he was in conference with from seeing Ronan. Unfortunately, he failed.

“You!” Queen Sally roared. At Ronan’s trial, it was revealed that Sally and Monkey Khan had been married for as long as Sonic and Amy, and their two kids both took after their mother.

“Hello, Princess.” Ronan spat, treating the words as if they left a foul taste in his mouth, taunting the queen. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning stuck directly before Ronan’s feet, fired by the other figure by King Elias, Monkey Khan. Instantly, the Col’nesian Militia soldiers all aimed weapons at the hostile monkey, but Ronan just gestured to them, and they lowered their weapons.

“Your Highnesses. I come with news of an impending invasion, but from whom I don’t know.”

“I already know. The Mercians reported it yesterday.” Sally replied, acid in her voice. “Close to five hundred soldiers from your homeworld broke into a prison and freed you and a number of other dangerous prisoners. If that doesn’t count as part of an invasion, I don’t know what does.” Ronan growled, and started to advance on her, but Knuckles grabbed his shoulder and physically restrained the fox until he could regain his composure.

“Ah, that’s just hyperbole. We only freed you, and rigged up shields to keep the other prisoners in. She’s lying. Probably been watching daytime television.” One of the elite soldiers grinned, before another hit him.

“Shut your mouth, soldier! She’s got the power to have us all cast out of the planet if she wishes, and you’re making it worse.”

“No, it’s fine. I got that report from King Rob himself.” Sally walked towards Ronan, her eyes shooting lasers into him.

“Want me to tell you where to stick that report?” Ronan countered, drawing himself up to full height, slightly taller than Sally was. Monkey Khan walked down, and stood by his wife. “Heh, she’ll probably get her girlfriends together and have a better time than she does with you, your highness.” Ronan said, watching both of them. Sally twitched, while King Khan got angrier.

“How dare you attack my wife like that?!? She’s a loyal queen, but you probably don’t know about loyalty, murderer.”

“Ken, let me deal with this.” Sally said to her husband, before slapping Ronan around the face. Will felt the massive surge of energy course through Ronan, as did Knuckles who put more effort into restraining the genius fox.

“You speak scandals. Now who watches daytime TV? All I have to say is…get out. We will provide you with an access point, but you have to get out of this world in the next twenty-four hours. If what I’ve heard is correct, then your world is under attack. You should head back, or there might not be anything left to go back to.”

“Are you threatening me, your highness?” Ronan asked, his eyes flickering white from their normal gray, but they quickly returned to normal.

“Does it look like it? Use that mind of yours and tell me. If you refuse, then I’m not to blame if you don’t go home for a long while. Choose wisely.” Ronan was quiet, weighing up the options.

“Give us an hour to prepare. The gear for us to return takes that long to set up. But remember this: when the actual threat arrives, you won’t be able to call on our help, and you will want to,” he answered finally, “You really will.” Sally laughed.

“Fine. Set up your device in the courtyard. We’ll be watching.” Ronan glared at her for a while, but turned and left. Everyone else turned and followed him but Knuckles. Will turned to stay with his father, but Knuckles waved him off. Will turned and ran after the Col’nesians as Knuckles started yelling at Sally and Monkey Khan, and Elias turned to the window, shedding a tear at the monster his sister had become.

“Ronan, what was with your eyes? They flickered after she slapped you.” Will asked, as he and Ronan stood on a balcony, watching the soldiers set up the Vorstec device.

“You know how I made the inhibitor rings for you? Well, mine inhibit rage. When I get angry enough, it starts to filter through the gates, and transform me.”

“Wait, you said transformations are fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh gates!” Will pointed out. Ronan sighed, still watching the soldiers and ignoring Will’s prying eyes.

“I only have four gates, so each gate holds back a transformation. Unlike you, I don’t have my own energy style locked behind these gates, but rather a separate ‘being’ of sorts, called Terra. It is me, but not really. The Eggman of my world tried to transform me into a powerful military leader called Terraclos. They forced me to become him, with constant testosterone and adrenaline levels to sustain the transformation. Unfortunately for him, I broke free and pretty much destroyed the city, Dosa Sigma, within seconds. Somehow, he tranquilized me and created the first inhibitor gate, and sealed Terra behind it, but somehow created another stage of it, and so on until I had four gates. When I get angry, the adrenaline and testosterone levels start to climb again, and I become it again because the gate can’t hold it back. It’s Col’nesia’s greatest weapon.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.” Will admitted, seeing Ronan stare off into space.

“Don’t be. If it wasn’t for the Terra, as it’s now known, we’d still be under Eggman’s control.” Ronan’s tails swung, then started to spin as he flew down to his soldiers. Will leapt over the barrier and followed him down to speak to the men.

“Look, Sal, we grew up together, and so we should trust each other…”

“Should, Knuckles. You were at Sonic and Amy’s wedding. So was I. I can’t stand either of them now. So carefree. At least I still feel responsibility for my people, my home, my family. Sonic doesn’t.”

“Sonic does. You haven’t spoken to him in years. He feels great responsibility for his parents, his wife and kids, his friends and his community. You want the truth? Will had a dream about an invasion in another world. Ronan’s people brought news of an invasion on their world. They were stealing Chaos Emeralds and equivalents. We thought you might want to know that, so you could start plotting a defense, with a great tactical mind on our side. Instead, you exiled him. Is that what this is all about? The fact that he ordered the death of enemies? Or the fact that Sonic married Amy?” Knuckles was angry now, ready to punch either Sally or Monkey Khan.

“All of you, calm down. It’s time for the Col’nesians departure.” Elias advised. Knuckles leaped out the window, gliding down to where his son and former rival stood.

“Goodbye guys. If that invasion does occur, the Monolith should keep tactical lines open for otherworldly aid.” Ronan advised, a faint smile visible on his muzzle. “I only wish that I could have commanded in person. Easier than having a Collaborator or another person commanding in your place.”

“Bye, Ronan. I’ll see if I can get you access to Mobius again, although it will have to wait for now until Sally’s calmed down.” Knuckles said, shaking Ronan’s hand.

“Don’t worry, Ronan, we’ll keep the planet safe.” Will smiled, with a nod of the head in farewell. Ronan returned the nod, before activating the Vorstec projector.

“Right, we shall depart! Farewell, Mobius, until next time!” Ronan lead the soldiers into the bright orange glowing portal, which swallowed itself as the last of them came through. No sooner had they left than a messenger raced up, tired and obviously startled.

“News for the royal family and the Guardian! There’s been a confirmed sighting of a massive army of Moebians in Circuit Park! It’s an invasion!” Knuckles looked up at the royal throne room, before speaking.

“Forward that information to the Monolith, and put the call out to all freedom fighter groups. This time, Scourge isn’t going to roll over and play dead. This time, it’s for keeps.”

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