The fifth chapter of Book Three: The Invasion by Flashfire212

Chapter Five: Arrival of Fate

Scourge strode out of the portal from Moebius with purpose, into the middle of Circus Park. Eggman’s robots lay in a pile nearby, with a white and green hedgehog sitting atop the pile.

“Yo, Sparkle! Get down here!” Scourge yelled. The hedgehog fired the jets in his air shoes, boosting himself into the air and landing near Scourge.

“Yes, King Scourge?” he asked, with the grin still on his face, as if the sun was shining out of it.

“Look, don’t take this the wrong way, but could you go do something other than sit around on that pile of junk? You’re annoying the king.”

“Sure, my king! I’ll go transport some supplies!” yelled the Anti-Shadow as he dashed off. It was then that Miles walked up.

“This is just too easy. I would have thought your counterpart would be here already causing us trouble, or maybe one of the many other Mobians styling themselves as ‘heroes’. I swear, this is just a gift of destiny…or maybe the arrival of fate.” Little did Miles know that another fox was speaking that same line at the same time.

“Maybe it’s the arrival of fate, Will!” Kyle cheered, watching his friend’s eyes. “You dreamed that an echidna invading another world warned you that we would be invaded, and it happened. You normally dream that you and Maddy are married, so maybe that’ll happen!”

“What about you and Crystal?” Will teased, knowing just what Kyle got up to with his cat girlfriend.

“Wha…what are you talking about Will?” Kyle asked, blushing.

“You know what I’m talking about. I’m talking about stuff I promised never to tell your parents. The reason you Chaos Control around in the middle of the night. The reason you blush every time you hear her name.” Will smiled, even though the Monolith around them was full of training Freedom Fighters and busy workers. Kyle looked away, then looked back at Will, with an unusual light in his eyes.

“Will…what if I told you that I was going to be a dad?” Will’s jaw dropped.

“A dad? Congratulations! Tell Crystal I’m happy for her as well!” Will cheered, giving his younger friend a big hug. “Start the family young and keep it large, huh?”

“Something like that. Anyway, we find out our assignments today! I wonder whose team I’ll be on?” Kyle said, worming his way out of his friend’s hug. “Man, you must work out too much!” It was at that point that a number of beings walked in and everybody quieted down. The screens came alive with live feeds from teams who couldn’t make it to the Monolith, including Shadow, Rouge and their kids, who’d stayed in Mercia to tell King Rob of the impending invasion. Will recognized his father, Tails and Sonic amongst the planners, which also included former Grandmaster Dimitri, Kommissar Lien-Da and Walt Wallaby from the Downunda Freedom Fighters. The final member of the group, a human in military uniform came forward to the podium, as a final view screen opened to reveal Ronan.

“Hello. I am Commander Abraham Towers, Commander of the Guardian Unit of Nations. We are leading the group. This is the current ‘team’ breakdown. Each group is being assigned a source of power to guard. It’s being brought up on-screen now.” Will quickly scanned through the list on the screen. His father was guarding the Master Emerald, while his mother was going out to Lake Silverwind with a Super Emerald. A lot of teams were three-to-five members, with a fair few solo teams. Maddy was assigned with her mother to go to Deep Woods with a Mystic Ring. Will froze when he read his team, which Kyle read aloud next to him.

“Will the Echidna, Kyle the Fox, Stave the Hedgehog, Daniel the Hedgehog and Belle D’Coolette, assigned to guard a single Chaos Emerald. Why so many people, when the Master Emerald has only a single guard?” Ronan managed to hear this comment, and he grimaced on-screen, before explaining.

“I might be in Col’nesia, but it doesn’t mean that I’m not helping. That is mostly because Knuckles and Sonic wanted to be the soul guards of something. We tried to have Knuckles take Will as his side, and Tails have Kyle as part of the trio guarding the Monolith’s massive collection of power items, but nobody wanted to break that team. Strategically, it’s a major target, because you’re going to be guarding a Gaia Temple, itself a source of tremendous power, enough to recharge a Chaos Emerald. With you guarding it, I have no doubt that it will be held.”

“I see…” Will responded, by no means sure that he happy to be stuck in a massive temple for ages.

“These are your orders, so get to them!” Commander Towers shouted, and everyone grabbed their bags and started to leave. As Will drifted past Maddy, he gave her a peck on the cheek.

“Good luck!”

“You too!” she yelled back, following her mum away. Will flicked up his old backpack, then went over to his team.

“Fancy a walk, boys and girls?” Will asked, the grin on his face making it clear that he was joking. Stave looked at him dryly, as Belle and Daniel just shrugged.

“Actually, I thought Stave and I would walk, the rest of you fly.” Daniel stated.

“Daniel, he’s joking with you. He can Chaos Control. He’ll just jump us there.”

“Oh…” Daniel looked at Will blankly, as he played with his platinum-blond fur. “Well, go ahead. My sister won’t mind.” Will opened his mouth to ask who the sister was, but changed his mind midway and instead said “Ok, grab on.” Instantly, the five teens disappeared in a blue flash.

Scourge looked over the circus-themed field in front of himself, as the Moebians bowed before him. Striker stood at his side, and Fiona Fox had disappeared, claiming that she was collecting the Destructix to stand by their side, but Scourge didn’t care. This was going to be the greatest victory of his life.

“Are we to take the Master Emerald straight away, your highness?” Striker asked, impatiently.

“Patience, Striker. First, one of our mobs spotted your counterpart in the Gaia Temple near Adabat. You should join them and get the emerald from there now, to save our time later on.”

“Certainly, your highness. They shall know defeat.” Striker said, leaving. Scourge looked over his assembled troops, before bellowing at them.

“You know your jobs! GET GOING!” Quickly, the Moebians dispersed, hunting their counterparts and the emeralds they guarded. Scourge smirked, preparing himself to get moving to find Sonic. Soon, he would beat him once, then bring about his own final victory. That one word practically rung throughout Mobius. Soon.

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