The eighth chapter of Book Three: The Invasion by Flashfire212, and the first appearance of Flare the Wolf, his fursona.

Chapter Eight: Arrows, Magic and Blades

Julie-Su trekked across the snowy grounds near the banks of the Silver Lake, not far from Albion. In her satchel was a Chaos Emerald, glowing a glittery gold. She kept moving, even though her body was tiring and her own resistance to the cold was low. She felt her will and strength being leeched by the sub-zero temperatures, but ignored it as a Moebian panda dived at her, claws outstretched. Faster than the panda could blink, Julie had her double-barreled taser in hand, blasting it with a massive dose of electricity. It collapsed, twitching. This was followed by an Egg Pawn, it’s laser coming close to striking Julie-Su. Stealthily, she ducked down into the snow, crawling around to the Egg Pawn’s blind spot. While the Gun Pawn searched for her, she leapt upon it, her cybernetic dreadlock finding a port for her to hack. Within seconds, she was in. The pink echidna gasped. It had been reprogrammed greatly, with coding only Tails or Eggman had been seen producing. Obviously, this was the handiwork of Miles Prower, the Anti-Tails. Just as rapidly as before, she disconnected, but not before setting the core to detonate, barely leaping from the humanoid robot before it detonated. She landed face-first in snow at the foot of a tree, stunned. That was before a large gold pointed hammer face swung down and would have hit the cybernetic echidna if she hadn’t leapt to one side, arming her taser and sliding a second weapon into her off-hand. The pointed hammer arced down again, but this time Julie-Su was ready. The massive tip of the hammer swung downward, ready to crush, but Julie maneuvered the small energy-coated dagger into its path, stopping the warhammer with the strength of an echidna. The impact created a loud PIKO upon impact, and Julie recognized the green sides and handle of this hammer from a red version wielded by one of her own friends. A lilting, cackling voice came from the other end of the hammer, revealing a being Julie had never expected to see working for Scourge.

“Mree-hee-hee! Scourgie said to smashie anybody with a powerful stone here, and I found one! Now Scourgie will have to give me respect!” came the voice of the pink hedgehog with pale skin and a green and yellow tutu, just before she swung her hammer at Julie again. This time, Julie’s strength wavered, her arm buckling under the force of the hammer blow. The Anti-Amy took this time to brag.

“You’re hard to squishie. Harder than a little hedgie, but I don’t care! You still get squishied!” Julie tried a different tact, to try to make the insane hedgehog flinch long enough to get tasered.

“Wouldn’t you rather squish Scourge, Rosy?” she asked, making sure she had a decent grip on the taser. Rosy spat, the squishy mound landing barely inches from Julie’s face.

“Squishie Scourgie?” Rosy’s face flickered, as if she was fighting something, but quickly returned to the same mad expression she normally wore. “Why squishie Scourgie? Scourgie is my friend! He let me squishie Mobians!” It was this distraction that allowed Julie to raise her taser to fire, but she didn’t have to. An arrow leapt from the newcomer’s bow as he leapt from a nearby tree, the twine on the arrowhead binding Rosy’s hands to the hammer. A second arrow, this one with a shoe tied to it like a giant foot, headed directly for Rosy’s head, but she managed to hit it with her arm as she struggled to chew through the hardened rope.

“Rob?” Julie-Su asked tentatively, looking at the figure of the King of Mercia.

“Aye, tis I, Rob O’ The Hedge. Be ye the wife of the Guardian, Knuckles?”

“I am, your highness.” Julie returned, using the tree to help herself up. She reached down to her satchel, only to find it gone.

“My satchel! It had a Chaos Emerald in it!” she cried. Rob reached into his quiver for something, but froze.

“Verity! Someone has taken the Royal Scepter from my quiver!”

“Royal Scepter?” Julie queried, confused. Rob gestured frantically, stressed.

“Aye, the Royal Scepter. Tis a powerful tool of the king, and also tipped with a Power Gem in the head!” the royal hedgehog finally said, stressed. The two turned to Rosy as one, only to find a gothic-looking rabbit cutting through the ropes binding Rosy with a dagger, before using the Chaos Emerald she had removed from Julie’s satchel to Chaos Control away, with Rosy and the Scepter going with her. Both hedgehog and echidna stood there, blinking. Julie shivered at the cold, before Rob walked over and grabbed Julie’s satchel, which stood out in the snow like a star in the night sky. He withdrew a Warp Ring, then handed her the satchel.

“Prithee, let us get somewhere warmer. Do thou know where?”

“I do.” Julie took the Warp Ring from Rob, creating a portal to New Mobotropolis. “We go to my home, and plot our course with the military alliance fighting Scourge’s forces.” Julie-Su stepped through the golden portal before the green hedgehog could respond. Rob stood for a while, his brown robes merging with the brown trees around him, before he followed Julie through to the other side.

The purple cat hurried through the forest, worried. She’d heard that there were Moebians around, and that they were stealing precious items. She shivered, imagining what would happen if they managed to get their hands on the book of magik or the powerful staff she possessed, or her Pokémon, some of the strongest in Mobius. She rounded the corner in the dark forest, only to find a massive group of Moebians, lying in wait. Stunned, she grabbed a red and white Pokeball, throwing it.

“Come on out, Vulkan!” she cried, but the Pokeball never opened. Instead, it was coated in a red psychokinesis field. She froze. A deep-blue hedgehog was holding it shut with his telekinesis.

“I don’t think so, girlie,” he said, his voice steely and dark. “Now, hand over the book and staff!”

“What book? What staff?” she asked, nervously. Then, a second Moebian muscled through the pack. She looked a lot like the purple cat before her, but she wore a purple tank top and a red skirt instead of a black shirt, glasses and jeans, as well as having her blond hair curly instead of straight. She looked at the Mobian in disgust, before speaking.

“Ryushu, don’t even bother trying to play stupid. You know what we’re talking about.” Ryu remained quiet, as her counterpart got closer to her, acid in her voice.

“Yes, nerd-face, you know what we’re talking about. The Tome of the Ancients. The Staff of Celestia. I can use both. Come on, four-eyes, give it over!” the Moebian screeched, getting right up into Ryu’s face. The Mobian muttered softly, her words in no language any Moebian recognized.

“Sorry, I didn’t quite get that, nerd-face. Speak up!” the Moebian inquisitor roared. Ryu smiled, repeating the ancient words again, activating seven runes, which appeared, blasting her counterpart with flames.

“Looks like I’m not as weak as you thought, Mandy!” Ryushu laughed, the Staff of Celesta appearing in her hand. Mandy stood, burned and furious, before pointing at her counterpart and roaring.

“Get her!” she screamed. The Moebians behind her hesitated, before banding together and charging. Ryushu quickly used a Shield spell to protect herself, but it was obvious that it wouldn’t last long against this horde. However, one eager Moebian suddenly found himself flying backward, with a green hedgehog kicking him away. Indeed, there were four Sonic recolors there, surrounding Ryu and holding off the Moebians. The green one seemed to be the leader, and the others happily followed him. A light-blue one quickly started freezing all the Moebians that came near him, while a yellow one electrocuted them while he kept a stupid look on his face. A purple recolor lashed out lethally with toxic sprays, while the leader, the green hedgehog, branded a rapier with skill.

“Brothers, let us protect her! There may be something in it for us!” he cried, giving Ryu a seductive wink, before turning to resume the battle. Then, he appeared, in the middle of the Moebian mob. At first, he was pale and washed-out, almost ghost-like, but he quickly started to gain color, becoming a deep, chocolate brown with black, spiky hair on his head, with certain spikes streaked with red. He wore a black denim jacket and black jeans, and was covered in weapons. His belt sported a pair of silvery hilts for energy blades, while another two empty scabbards were on each side, one for each of the two katanas in his hands, with each sporting a unique black and red blade. A handgun was strapped to his left leg, and it was obvious that he had other weapons on him. His muzzle and skin was last to appear, taking on a natural tanned color, but the most astonishing thing was the two black dragons wings that formed on his back. He lashed out, sending the Moebians that were around him flying in all directions with a single slash, before seeming to drop out of reality. His hair got longer out the back, becoming almost quill-like, with some tipped in red, the others being fully black. His hands, feet and swords all started to catch fire, before he shut his eyes and attacked in all directions. Fire blasts came from his mouth, hands and feet at the Moebians who were sent flying, and those that got two close found themselves being struck by hands, feet and sword blades. There was a mass panic. The Moebians, facing a foe whom fought with a vigor they not only respected but feared. Those on the edges of the clump turned tail and bolted, running as fast as they could away from the berserker. Those whom were lucky enough to be struck in the lower body by the bursts of flame were soon running amongst them, while those unlucky ones who fought him soon were either unconscious or dead, unable to defend themselves against his skill. Also fleeing, although in a different direction, were the four recolors whom had been guarding Ryushu. Frightened almost to death, they ran, hoping to return to their fellow Trolls as soon as they could. Ryushu dropped the shield, and turned to view the wolf. As she did, his eyes opened, revealing hazel eyes with a strange, almost mystical, quality to them. His hair returned to its normal length, and he sheathed his two swords in a single, fluid movement. She found him rather attractive, but was unable to look at him as he turned to her.

“Are you ok?” he asked.

“I’m fine. Who are you?” she countered, quietly.

“Call me Flare,” he replied, and she could tell he found her attractive in return. They were silent for a while, but both were satisfied. The wolf spent time teleporting the injured Moebians back to their home dimension, as Ryushu retrieved her stolen Pokeball. It was Flare who broke that silence.

“They’ll be back after they convince themselves that I’m not some kind of demonic force out for their heads. There’s a massive defense force out at New Mobotropolis, you heading out that way?” Ryushu shrugged, but looked nervous.

“It’s a pretty long walk, and I don’t want to sound like a beast or a creep, but I would prefer it if I got you there myself,” the young wolf stated. Ryu smiled, reaching for a Pokeball.

“I can get there, no worries! Vulkan can fly me there!” she responded, but the canine fighter smiled.

“It might be so, but I think this might be quicker.” Flare walked over, and knelt down in front of her. He motioned for her to climb onto his back, between his wings.

“I can go just as fast as any Pokemon, even if I’m carrying someone else. Hop on!” Ryushu considered everything for and against this silently, before breaking into a smile as she wrapped her arms around his neck and let his strong legs and powerful wings launch them into the air, heading to New Mobotropolis.

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