The second chapter of Flashfire212's Book Four: Insanity

Chapter Two: Two Become One

He stood before the altar, his knees weak. Dressed crisply in a formal suit, Will felt over-dressed, and out-of-place. Considering this was his wedding, that was an issue. He sighed, loud enough to earn an elbowing from Stave. The priest was setting up; the Editors were warming up both outside and within for their duties as security and ushers, and the first guests had arrived. Family, friends and foreign dignitaries, for the most part. Will’s brain was a blur as people clapped him on the shoulder, congratulated him, and complimented his suit. The young echidna was close to breaking point, his nerves frayed. He wasn’t quite worried about an attack on his wedding, although that was a possibility. It was the idea of getting married to Maddy. Of getting married to his childhood sweetheart. He twitched nervously. His groomsmen simply looked at each other, surprised at the turn in Will’s normally confident nature. Finally, Stave gave up. “Hey, Will! I’ve got some jokes that might take your mind off your nerves! What did Sonic say to the other Freedom Fighters at the end of the war?” “What?” the groom grunted, his lack of interest clear. “How do you like your Eggman, beaten or scrambled!?” Stave smirked, but Will just looked at him blankly. “Oh, I’m sorry, but I’m a magician, not a comedian. You want comic timing; I’ll get Blood in here…” Ronan sighed, and nodded to the others. “Speaking of Blood, I’m going to go check on him, make sure he’s set up. The bride should be here in less than half an hour…” Will shivered at that idea, “And I want to be sure that he’s ready.” Stave nodded as he started a basic magic routine of card tricks and illusions, his attempt to take the groom’s mind off his nerves.

Ronan walked out of the church, smack-bang in the middle of New Mobotropolis, into the center of an armed and well-trained force of vigilantes. There were members of the Editors positioned all over the place, from atop the cathedral spire to inside nearby buildings, and even the sewers. Instantly, the Col’nesian homed in on a red and blue hedgehog, dressed in a standard black suit, complete with sheath for his zanpakto. “How’s the set-up going, Blood?” “Fine, fine, about as well as could be expected. I mean, we’re bored. No Trolls around, no alcohol until the reception, nothing worth smashing, and we have to behave. We’re an effective fighting force in a large space, not a city... Collateral damage and all…” Ronan glared at the hedgehog, a withering gaze that affected the green and teal hedgehog behind Blood, but the ancient life-form simply shrugged it off. “Ooh, real intimidating. Look, shoo. We’ve got this covered. Besides, the bride’s due here in five.” With a noncommittal grunt, Ronan turned and left. As he walked, he muttered a few choice comments about Blood in the ancient Echidnan language. Finally, he returned to Will and the others, and the groom was clearly a bundle of nerves. “Look, close your eyes and focus, Will. You’ll be fine. I’ll tell you to open them, and voila, you’ll be getting married.” Stave’s suggestion met with no resistance as Will clamped his eyelids down, his nerves slowly fading into his self-inflicted darkness.

For the bride, things were just as tumultuous. Nerves would be an understatement. If she hadn’t been wearing gloves, she would have been chewing her nails, and her bridal party knew it. Amy hadn’t helped, what with her tales of her own wedding and regular tears at the idea of her youngest child getting married. Sonic gave his daughter’s hand a squeeze. “Look up, sweetie. It’ll be past in the blink of an eye. See, we’re almost there! It’ll all work out…aw, geez, I suck at this…” Indeed, as the father of the bride spoke, the hired limousine pulled up at the front of the church, where an honor guard of Editors stood. The public surged around the guards, with some snapping photos with cameras, while others tried to just get a peek at the dress. The wedding was no small affair, after all. The union of the children of two of Mobius’s heroes? Public interest had surged.

Atop a nearby skyscraper, a gang of Trolls had come together, stronger than any recent gathering on Mobius. The leader, a teal Sonic recolor, gestured out towards the church. “Ok, we all know what we have to do. Disrupt, cause havoc, the normal. Understood?” The gang of other figures, all similar to other Mobian heroes, nodded. The leader smirked and punched the air. “Let’s move!” As one, the gang dispersed through a variety of methods, diving straight for the Editors. No sooner than Maddy and her bridal reutine entered, the Trolls hit the defending line. At the forefront of the gang was Blood, whooping and catcalling to his heart’s content as he brutally tore down Troll after Troll.

Inside the church, nobody noticed the goings-on outside. Everyone was transfixed on the beauty. Maddy was amazing, and after a single swift elbow from Stave, Will’s face simply lit up on the sight of her. Before her, twin rabbits ran forwards as flower girls – the youngest of Tails and Cream’s multitude of children. Behind the twins, the pageboy, a pale yellow-orange fox kit, a near-spitting image of his deceased father…this was the first public appearance of Lucas Prower, Kyle’s son, and the group of family and friends present simply adored him. But, understandably, it was the bride who stole the show. As tradition dictated, Maddy was clad in a flowing white dress, the bridal train not long enough to slow her down too much, while her face, veiled as it was, was simply perfect in Will’s eyes. Even the hard-as-nails Ronan was touched, although to a much smaller degree.

The ceremony was relatively short and sweet, with nobody really wishing to hold it up. The exchange of rings brought a tear to many an eye, while the kiss brought the crowd to their feet and the sound of applause rung out. As the couple led the way to the reception hall, the streets were covered in dead and unconscious Trolls, the guards simply posing with satisfied smirks. Slowly, the guests, guards and family left the church, because now the real party was going to start.

Dramatis Persona

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Author's Note

Ok, guys. I know I skimped on a lot of detail, and there's no excuse for that. HOWEVER, I had to churn this bucket of garbage out, so I could more onto something where I have infinitely more options and ideas - the reception. Besides, I suck at the mushy stuff. Anywho, ideas for the reception would be a great help for me, even though I have a few, I'm not sure how much of these I'll work on, and how many you will get to read - some have defined adult themes, and will be skipped over, if mentioned at all. - Will.

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