The Boohbahs are furry alien creatures who come from the Boohbah Zone. They have tried to take over the world. So far, their only appearance is in Sonic the Hedgehog: Neo Tokyo.


  • Humbah
  • Zumbah
  • Zing Zing Zingbah
  • Jumbah
  • Jingbah

Notice how all five's names end with "bah".


The Boohbahs only think of Boohbah. Never forget Boohbah. Everyday is Boohbah. Everytime is Boohbah. Everyone is Boohbah. It is always Boohbah. All day everyday.


The Boohbahs believe in the Boohball. Everyday the Boohball is watching. Everytime the Boohball is watching. Everyone the Boohball is watching. All day everyday. 

Base of Operations

The Boohbahs live in the Boohbah Zone, or the Boohzone for short. They wiggle and giggle all day everyday.


The Boohbahs' habitat is the Boohbah Zone. 


The Boohbahs are furry aliens in different colors.


The Boohbahs came about through a mysterious cause. In 2004, they made a TV show called Boohbah, which was actually mind-control propaganda disguised as a children's show. The show was produced by Ragdoll, who had made a normal children's show called Teletubbies, and aired on PBS until 2006. 

In 2011, the Boohbahs invaded Japan. They killed the Dark Lord Madeline Schroeder and were going to destroy SEGA. However, Danielle Wurtz traveled back in time to 2004 and killed the Boohbahs before they made their TV show. Then she went to 1991 and killed Madeline Schroeder, thus making the Sonic series a bit different. She made other changes too, causing the Mobius Redrawn universe to be created. Then after a reality warp, a nuclear winter happened, which caused the Mobius Redrawn universe to merge into reality. 

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