Bolt the Manectric is a character appearing in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is a gruff, serious warrior in The Megastone Rogues commonly seen Mega Evolved while his son Stone chooses to remain in his base form but still wear a Manectite.


Bolt is a quadrupedal mammalian Pokémon that is canine in appearance. He has a long dog-like muzzle and red eyes. His body is cyan blue and yellow in color. The top of his head is pointed and spiny, with black spots on either side that appear to be his ears. He has bristly seemingly electrified fur, which sticks up as if by static electricity. He has powerful back legs with yellow spines on his flanks, and an angular, pointed blue tail. Bolt has bulky paws and with three clawed toes on both his front and back feet.


Bolt is very gruff and appears to come off as unfriendly and standoffish, but it still stubbornly loyal to his Team like other Alliance warriors. His serious, snappish personality greatly contrast with his son Stone's more childish and friendly tendencies.


At an unknown point in time, Bolt joined the Outsiders as an Electrike. After an unknown amount of time, he joined the Megastone Rogues, evolved into Manectric, and choose to Mega Evolved.

Zorro's Tale: Bolt is seen as Mega Manectric guarding the entrance to the Megastone Rogues' camp when Rynok the Rhydon takes Zorro the Zorua to the Rogues. He is again seen guarding the camp much later when Zorro finds a way to bring his ill father to the camp.

A Brother's Search: Though unnamed, Bolt is seen with Austin, Cori, and Longmire by Michael and Dr. Finitevus when the latter surprises the young loner and indirectly helps him discover the nearby Storming Base. Bolt, Austin, Cori, and Longmire are seen on a late night patrol returning home.

Storm's War: When Austin and Storm return from the Chaos Chamber, and King Cado asks them where Fox is, Bolt answers that he's no doubt off fighting whatever Finitevus created for the War of Time. He is seen in his Mega form.


Though unmentioned, Bolt's moveset currently consists of Thunderbolt, Thunder, Wild Charge, and Crunch.


Bolt's natural Ability is Lightning Rod, which boosts Special Attack one stage upon being hit by an Electric-Type move. When he Mega Evolves, his Ability is Intimidate, which drops the opponent's Attack stat one stage upon entering battle.


Bolt possesses amazing speed and agility in his base form. He loses some of his agility when he Mega Evolves, likely because of his massive frame, but he still has incredible speed.


Being an Electric-Type, Bolt is weak to Ground-Type attacks(unless he has an Air Balloon); he resists Flying and Steel-Type Pokemon; he is completely immune to Electric-Type attacks in his base form because his Ability is Lightning Rod.


As Electrike
Mega Manectric
As Mega Manectric
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