Bolt the Hedgehog is a video game centered around the titular character Bolt the Hedgehog. It is a 3rd person 3D title similar to modern Sonic games like Sonic Generations, Unleashed, and Colors. This is the beginning of Darkness Rising (A Sonic the Hedgehog Spinoff Franchise), and was exclusively released for PC.


In the previously undiscovered Velmoris Island Chain lies Northern Island, a yellow hedgehog with blue stripes along the center of his lightning bolt shaped quills ran around the island when a dark energy flew overhead. Bolt, with his signature electric field behind him, ran after this energy. After running through both acts of Azure Hills, a large sea creature by the name of Plesorius forms from dark energy spilled into the water. After defeating Plesorius, Bolt continues in the direction the dark energy went, leading him to Granite Cave. After running through Granite Cave, a large Rock Monster forms, and Bolt defeats the creature. After leaving Granite Cave, he sees his hometown, Cerulean Village, destroyed, with 50 people and animals now without homes and 60 dead. Enraged, he runs through the Cerulean Rubble to find a giant golem made of some rubble held together by dark energy. He moves ahead up Marble Mountain and finds a once thought mythical Mountain Demon. After destroying it, the summit of the mountain collapses from the battle, leading to Molten Lake zone. Here, a giant fire turtle made of dark energy rests. After defeating the final boss, even though you won the game, Bolt failed in his mission to chase the dark energy, as it left the island as he was fighting Moltagus. The game closes with Dr. Eggman sitting in his Eggmobile, hovering off far in the distance as he watches Bolt closely.

Game Transcript

Bolt was relaxing on Northern Island when all of a sudden, a dark energy flew overhead

BOLT: Wait, what was that?!

The energy disappears

BOLT: Hmmm... *Runs after it*

Azure Hills Zone

BOLT: What was that energy? It was so strong I felt it. I gotta find out

Bolt beats the zone and makes it to the boss arena as a drop of dark energy impacts the water. The water starts turning into something

BOLT: What the?!

The creature completes it's formation

BOLT: Whatever you are, you seem like a threat. I'm taking you down!

Boss Battle


Plesorius lets out a loud roar

BOLT: You may be intimidating, but I'm not afraid of you!

Plesorius will charge around the lake, firing pressurized jets of water at Bolt. After a while, she will face Bolt, slam her front flippers down, and send a wave of water towards Bolt. Plesorius comes near and Bolt jumps onto her flippers, and she rolls over. Taking advantage of her weak spot, Bolt jumps onto her. After this process repeats a few times, Plesorius turns back into water as the dark energy leaves the water and explodes into nothing.

BOLT: That dark energy can only get stronger from here. Northern Island and the Velmoris Island Chain is in grave danger!

Bolt looks up and sees the main orb of dark energy, and runs off after it. After the screen fades into black, the game fades back in with Bolt running into a cave.

Granite Cave Zone

BOLT: I must destroy the source of this energy before it grows stronger!

Bolt finishes the zone and arrives at a quarry. A drip of dark energy pulls rocks together

BOLT: Again with this, huh? I don't know what you are, but I'm tired of you dropping your cronies! Show yourself!

The dark energy disappears as it leaves the Rock Monster behind

Boss Battle


The Rock Monster goes around, pounding the ground and sending out shockwaves, every once and a while attempting to throw a punch at Bolt. A couple of carefully timed homing attacks on his hips and shoulders dispatch the monster

Cerulean Viillage is Destroyed

Bolt runs out of Granite Cave, and sees a fire in the place where his hometown is.

BOLT: Oh no... no no no....

Bolt runs towards his town, and the game fades out, fading back in to when he stops at his town, seeing it destroyed

BOLT: The dark energy must have done this.... I will destroy it with everything I have to avenge those who have died today.

Bolt runs into town

Cerulean Rubble Zone

Bolt the Hedgehog OST

Every Story Has a Beginning

The Shocking Hero

Azure Hills

Dark Energy

Darkness Around (boss theme)

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