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Bolt the Hedgehog is the titular character from Bolt the Hedgehog (game), a game in the Darkness Rising franchise.


Bolt is a yellow hedgehog. Blue stripes run down the middle of his 6 spine clusters. He has tan skin on his muzzle and arms, and no visible skin on his stomach, unlike Sonic. He wears blue shoes with a yellow lightning bolt on the outer side of each shoe, and regular white gloves. When Bolt runs, a signature electric field follows behind him, so it's good advice not to be too close to Bolt while he is running, or you are in for a nasty shock.


Bolt was born on Northern Island in the Velmoris Island Chain, a chain of islands previously unknown to the world. He was born in Cerulean Village, a coastal village at the foot of Marble Mountain. Throughout his life, he never stayed in his village, always running around the island. Eventually, he wanted to see the discovered world. However, he swore to Velmoris Code, stating he will not leave the island chain and possibly be responsible for it's discovery. One day, he was running around Northern Island when a dark energy flew over. He followed it only to find his home has been destroyed, and he goes on a mission to bring the culprit to justice.

More information to be added as Darkness Rising continues.