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"I don't fear him because of his appearance, not just because he chooses to only attack during a terrible storm. I fear him because of every storm in the distance. With every dark cloud on the horizon, I see him, the creature that dashes towards trees, setting them ablaze to let his skinny, sickly figure become a shadow against the fire. The thing that cares not where or who it strikes. The one that death tries to follow but cannot keep up. That...Bolt Kouleman, has found the perfect way to instill fear. He makes us all look at the common storm cloud and see him. Anyone can become a face of evil, but to place the face of evil on such a common thing, THAT is how you achieve becoming the true embodiment of horror."

-Solomon the Bobcat on why he fears Bolt.


Bolt Coleman is of a tall and thin Mobian figure, even skinnier than Solomon The Bobcat, but it has not been determined by the public, or anyone, what species he is. He wears loose rags that are tied around his whole body with the exception of his chest, upper arms, and legs. Even his eyes are shrouded by the old black cloth. Whatever the rags do not cover reveals pale skin and thin silver covering bone. One witness was able to get a good look at Coleman before he vanished. The witness's testimony revealed that the rags covering where his ears and tail should be are stained with blood seeping through the cloth.


Since none have ever truly talked to him, people only have his actions to look at to determine what kind of creature he is. With that being said, he is hardly a living creature. It has no preference on who it kills or what it destroys. If you are under a black cloud, you will most likely become a pile of ash under the foot of this monster. Some have thought that it is not trying to kill or destroy, but is just a being trying to move from one location to the other leaving an unintentional blazing footprint. These people have been dissuaded after it was seen on a hill, extending a staff over a village and annihilating everything within as volts leaped from the staff.


There is only one source of history proving the existence of this monstrocity. It was found within some ancient ruins found on Saari:

When skies become overcast with clouds as black as the soul of evil, when bright lights shine for a single instant like a sun's birth and death in the blink of an eye, there is a creature garbed with old, brown rags covering pale skin peeling from its bones like old papyrus paper. This monster travels with the storms, an embodiement  of its destructive nature. Any time it graces dark clouds with its presence, A horrible massacre is soon to follow, for whatever- or whoever- dwells under those clouds will turn to ash with each slither of sun that smites the earth. One will be lucky to live long enough to see the thing's silhouette against the flames of a burning tree. If any man thought it pure coincidence this vagabond followed the storms, they would be proven wrong when they see it appear and vanish with every flash of light, or when it extends an old rod across the land, sending the power of light itself against entire villages. This is no good spirit. It is a force to be avoided like a plague. Before it, no one feared dark clouds in the distance. But now, whenever one sees them far away, just piercing the hoizon, entire tribes flee, even when the monster is nowhere to be found. Be terrified of this Bolt Kouleman, Bolt of Death.


He has the power to travel at the speed of light in the form of a lightning bolt. This means he only travels where it is possible for lightning to strike. As a result, dark clouds are seen as his chariots. He also carries a staff with him, which he uses as a way to expel concentrated shots of lightning to a specific area, even if that specific area is an entire city.


Over the centuries, his visits have been slowly becoming less constant, making many imply that he is losing his power over a large time span. The world could only hope he's in his twilight years...