Bo stands about 3' 3", and she has light tan fur. Bo has two light pink jagged triangles on her muzzle, and the five strands of her hair appear to have been dipped in pink. She wears a dark pink oversized sweater, and dark blue denim capris. She also wears brown boots. She also has light violet eyes.


Bo is a rather apologetic person, always apologizing for ill-fated events that aren't her fault. Bo can also be rather cautious, not trusting people easily. She's also a very faithful and loyal person to her friends and significant other. She is also very friendly to everyone, and she is grateful for everything good in her life. Bo is extremely hard-working, always doing a stellar job on work, afraid of failure.

Bo is also rather innocent and respectful. She's almost child-like in innocence, but she is not naiive. Bo is also reliable and reponsible, allowing people to rely on her easily. Bo is also very sensitive to other people's feelings, often empathizing with them.o very tolerant and understanding of others, rarely becoming annoyed. Bo is also very honest in a gentle way, preferring not to hurt people's feelings.</span></p>

Bo is also a rather afraid and anxious person. She fears many concepts, ideas, thoughts, emotions, people, and animals.o very clingy to those she is close to, not wanting to lose them.

Bo easily doubts most things, and she is also very forgetful. She tends to forget most things, but she tries not to. Bo is also a rather hesitant and indecisive person. It is hard for her to make a hard decision on her own. Bo is also very insecure and meek, often being submissive very easily, also, she is gentle and kind.

Bo is very nervous and scared of most things. She is also very easily self-pitying, although she would never admit she is. Bo is also a very shy person, who stutters when she talks unless she is close and comfortable to the person she is talking to. Along with being shy, Bo is timid and easily scared off.


Bo was born to a poor family along with her older sister, Vasilisa. Bo's family could no longer support Bo and Vasilisa by the time she turned twelve, almost running broke. Bo's family sold Bo to a slave owner, and they almost did the same to Lisa until she ran away.

Bo stayed with the same slave owner until she turned eighteen. The slave owner then sold her to another slave owner, Amias . Amias thought that Bo was genuinely beautiful, so he married her. He made the other slaves do as he pleased, and if they didn't they recieved a beating. Amias probably beat Bo the most, making sure she wouldn't run away from him.

Bo slowly losed hope of a better life, letting Amias torture her. Bo grew to be extremely afraid of Amias, and she wouldn't talk for weeks on end. Amias would lash out at her for not talking, but the fear continually and gradually grew worse.

Bo eventually went free from Amias, and she divorced him.

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  • Vasilisa the Jackal- Bo's older sister, whom Bo extremely trusts. She and her sister eventually came back in contact after they lost it. Bo began to confide in Lisa and tell her about most of what happened in the past.


  • Bethany the Coeurl- Bo feels that Bethany is very nice to her, but Bo doesn't quite know if they are friends are not. She also doesn't know if she trusts Bethany yet.


  • Amias the Hyena-

Romantic Interests

  • Jericho the Jackal- 


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