Body Slam is a fairly strong head-on physical attack.


The user charges their target and then lunges, hitting the target with the full weight of their body, capable of paralyzing the target upon impact. The bigger and stronger the user is, the more powerful the attack. However, it's not a good idea to miss. In a number of cases, the user jumps before the strike, in order to lessen the chances of the opponent stopping the falling body before the technique hits.

The crushing impact has been known to crush nerves and slow reaction times, the status condition known as paralysis, brought about through a physical strike. This is an uncommon effect, with a ratio stated as three of every ten uses.


Pokemon Users

Species Users


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Derived Techniques


While this attack is fairly strong and has the capability of paralyzing the foe, it is such a common attack that it has only a C-Rank, although many argue that the rank should be at least a B.

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