Hello everyone! It's time to vote on the new policy update.

Please take a moment to read the draft and post a vote using the templates in the instructions below.

Global Rules

  1. All articles must maintain proper use of English and grammar, regardless of what language the user speaks.
  2. All articles must meet standards at the time of posting. Do not post articles that do not meet standards, even if you intend to add to them later.
  3. No pornographic, erotic, or fetish content is allowed, even if it’s censored or cropped.
  4. Art theft is strictly prohibited. This includes:
    • Recolored artwork
    • Traced artwork
    • Otherwise modified artwork
    • Outright stolen characters
  5. Don’t argue with staff. Disagreement is one thing, however, staff decisions are final.
  6. Permanent bans will result in deletion of any pages that you own.
  7. Staff may swiftly delete articles they deem to be offensive or in bad taste.

Article Standards

All articles on the wiki must follow the below guidelines. Whether or not a specific article meets the requirements will be determined by the community and ultimately the staff. Any ambiguation regarding these rules will be decided by staff, and the standards may be updated to reflect the result.

All Articles

All articles must have a minimum of 2 paragraphs of information. On a bare minimum page, each paragraph must contain at least two sentences of meaningful information.


Character articles must have the following information:

  • Appearance - Either a section describing the character or an image
  • Personality - Tell us about the character

Crossover characters are allowed, however, they must maintain a strong tie to the Sonic universe.


Items, Weapons, Tools

Articles about inanimate objects must have the following information:

  • Appearance - What does it look like?
  • Function - What does it do?


Cities, Towns, Buildings

Articles about places must have the following information:

  • Appearance - What does it look like? Include either a description or an image.
  • Location - Where is it?


Races, Nations, Cultures, Religions, Organizations

Articles about groups must have the following information:

  • Description - What is the group?
  • Membership - Who is in the group?


Attacks, Abilities, Techniques, Powers

Articles about skills must have the following information:

  • Description - What is it? How does it work?
  • Advantages - What advantage does it give?
  • Disadvantages - Are there any drawbacks? Weaknesses?



Articles about fanfiction stories must have the following information:

  • Author - Who wrote it?
  • Synopsis - What is it about?
  • Link(s) - Link to the story sub-page(s)

Fanfiction articles are for summarizing stories and linking to them. The actual fanfiction stories should be posted on sub-pages of the main article.


Roleplay welcome pages must have the following information:

  • Summary - A summary of the scenario surrounding the roleplay
  • Participants - A list of participating characters (and owners)
  • Availability - Is the roleplay private or free-join?
  • Link(s) - Link to the roleplay sub-page(s)

Roleplay articles are for summarizing the roleplay and linking to its parts. The actual roleplaying should be posted on sub-pages of the main article.


In addition to meeting the above standards, crossover content must:

  • Maintain a strong connection to the Sonic universe
  • Not be a direct transplant from another fandom

Some content may not meet these requirements. If that is the case, you should create or link to a page on a more relevant fandom’s wiki instead.

Please note, I will delete comments that are irrelevant or contain no useful discussion. If you like it, you can support it. If you dislike it, say why and what you would do differently.

Remember that any page that is deleted can always be un-deleted by a staff member.

This is a voting thread.

Use {{Voting/Yes}} if you agree.
Use {{Voting/No}} if you disagree.

Votes that do not use the templates will not be counted.

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Voting is currently: OPEN

Voting will remain open until 05/01/2019

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