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It's Over 10,000!

We just passed 10,000 pages! Again!

So we just passed 10,000 pages (again), and I thought it would be good time to bring up a few topics with everyone to see what your opinions are on them.

There's a lot of potential for this wiki to become a much cleaner, neater experience for both existing users and possible new ones, and I want to be able to bring a lot of that to life with you all.

I believe that the reason so many past cleanup attempts have failed is due to a flawed approach. We always went at with a "Kill anything that moves!" type of method, which really just ended up destroying a lot of Mainspace pages. A lot of that-- ok most of that was my own idea, so I'm not blaming anyone.

Let's try something new.

I think we should break up the whole process into three steps:

  1. Organize
  2. Reduce
  3. Grow

I'll just talk about my ideas about the first one for now:


Over the years, the wiki has become an absolute cluster mess of pages with spider links and unnecessary categories.

What if we organized everything we have first, then decide what needs to be fixed or thrown out? That would make more sense, wouldn't it?

Now in no way is any one person doing things the "wrong" way, but that is because we don't really have a "right" way to organize a lot of things. That's what I'm hoping we can fix first.

Here's a raw bullet list of everything I can think of that we can work on (I'll add some links to individual articles about them as time goes on):

  • Namespace Usage - We should be using the special namespaces our wiki has in order to properly manage our pages.
  • Unnecessary Categories - There are a lot of similar or outright duplicate categories, as well as ones that are simply unnecessary altogether.
  • User Categories - There are a lot of categories for individual users' pages. I feel like there's a better way to do this, but I'm still looking into it.
  • Unused Images - I'll probably handle this with a bot, but if you have free time it can't hurt to mark a few to make it easier.

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