Williamcost wrote:
Hi, didn't see you there.

Everyone's actually introducing like normal and formal humans here so I might as well give my extra bit. I am from England and I am an 8th grader (as you'd say in American as it's most likely most of you are). I am dark skinned, I also write fangames here, well only write fangames here unless I write for characters that are in those games to elaborate further on them and they're motives. I love telling stories and my ambition as of now is to become an author and a movie writer, not for the romantic shit however more for action, comedies, drama and adventure type movies or even games. I'm not a huge Sonic fan, however I've come here to actually practise my writing abilities though have grown to liking Sonic more in the process (I have played his games before). 

I was inspired by a certain user to write fangames here, and it looks like it's going pretty well for moi. Though yeah that's pretty much all I have to say...

Theresa May is a sour-faced fuck isn't she? 

I'll never tell!!!

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