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Blueberry the Puppet Fox
Looks to be 12-15
A Fox Puppet
Fur: Blue

Hair: Deep blue-indigo

Eyes: Mint green
A dark blue, denim colored dress with red band below the chest

Neon purple sleeves
The Puppet Doll
Needles ranging in size

Blueberry may look like an everyday, average fox girl but is really a living fox puppet. Blueberry began life as a puppet made by a lonely toy maker. After being aware that he was going to be attacked, the maker quickly tore open her back and shoved an emerald shard inside of it, sealing her back up before he was slain. While she There is still signs pointing out that he is alive though, and because of that Blueberry hopes to one day find him again so that she can thank him for giving her life.

Now Blueberry spends her time exploring and generally living life, learning new things.

Basic Stats

Blueberry has been made around six to seven years ago, but she has the appearance of a teenage girl and has actually been noticing that she's developing more of a body from the effects of the emerald. Due to her inexperience however, she is very naive and has a mind like that of a six year old. She thinks nothing of romance or love, but is learning about it still.

Since the attack, Blueberry sometimes makes occasional visits to her previous home. It's been abandoned since, but the toy maker has let some basic items behind for her, so that it can still be a home to her. Every now and then, she tends to find some things he has recently left for her also, and because of that she's very protective of her old home.

Abilities and Attacks

Given that she has been attacked here and there, Blueberry has picked up a few things. She has also since learned how to sew herself back up and treats losing a limb as if it's nothing, unaware that it tends to freak out others if they watch her do it.

  • Needle: Blueberry uses a pair of sewing needles at the target, which can pin and impale them. When she prepares to is it on herself, it tends to look like a suicide attack until the other person learns she is just fixing herself.
  • Puppeteer: Glowing strings appear on the target, to which she can control but they can be broken pretty easily. So she mainly uses this to grab far away items instead.


  • Blueberry is basically weak to all elements. Such as getting burned from lightning or fire, blown away, soggy when wet...
  • When cut her "fluff" tends to come out and this can become hazardous for her if she was to "run out of fluff."
  • If her emerald shard is damaged, or stolen she becomes lifeless until another source replaces it. Certain items can affect her behavior though.


As she is just now begun to live, Blueberry is highly curious about every single thing in the world. She often spends time browsing through books upon books to read up on anything that sounds interesting. Like bowling, performing music, or baking. Simple common sense things like eating however, she does not need to read up on.

Besides reading and experiencing life, Blueberry also likes to sew. She didn't originally until she found out how vital it was of her to know since her injuries are much different then the norm.


Blueberry only knows a few people currently:

  • Old Bluebird: Her creator who ran a toy store. He was somewhat sad and lonely due to never marrying and as such, he took up the hobby of making stuffed animals and puppets. After his home was attacked he fled. While he loved Blueberry, he left her behind so that she would be okay.
  • Tails Doll: Someone Blueberry has come across a few times.


A living puppet with qualities of a doll. She isn't made of wood, but a super soft huggable plush material. She is very cutesy and loveable by others, and always offer them hugs! However, a lot of others tend to find her creepy, but she innocently has no idea how or why. She comes off as clumsy and lately has begun to learn how to walk and run, but often trips.

Blueberry is somewhat paranoid and consistently fearing that someone will remove her emerald shard. Blueberry also feels sad as she doesn't feel love just yet, she wants to know how it feels and will try very hard to act like those who live normally by watching them and sometimes copying or mimicking them.

She also suffers from a minor identity crisis.


  • Anytime she shows a sign of being a living breathing fox (in fact, she keeps a journal of it.)
  • Bath time (being of cloth, her baths are pretty unique. But she claims them to be fun.)
  • Trying new foods
  • Soft Pretzels
  • Jam cookies
  • Anything drinkable (usually as long as its clear since it otherwise stains her fluff)


  • Careless people
  • Fire and other intense heat
  • Spicy foods
  • People who try to trick her (such as telling her its okay to kick others. Or make her eat something that isn't really food)


Blueberry is a royal blue colored fox puppet made of the finest, softest plush material. Her muzzle, tip of tail, stomach, and inside of her ears, is white colored. Her eyes bright mint. She has dark blue, stomach length hair that is very soft, but becomes knotted very easily, so she often wears it in pigtails on the top of her head, along with bangs that frame her face. When she bathes she may put them up into buns.

Due to being a puppet, she possesses stitching all over her body.

Blueberry normally wears a dark blue denim colored dress with a red belt below her chest and bright purple sleeves.


  • "Let me just patch you up!"
  • Losing: "Aw man, I think I lost some stitching...."
  • "So this is how losing feels....?"
  • Winning: "I like this feeling..."
  • "Mind if I take a peak inside? I wish to learn what makes you tick!"


She was made as a toy by an older male. The man had been attacked by these creatures searching for the emerald shard he had. He refused to give it to them though and after he fended them off, he fled from his original home. He managed to store it into Blueberry's back cavity for safe keeping. To avoid anyone finding out what they did, the creatures set his house on fire. Several days later Blueberry woke up to find herself in a burned and abandoned house.

The puppet didn't seem to realize she wasn't even a real fox until she came across a loose floorboard while repairing the small house. Finding a picture of a little girl who looked like her. She thought it was her until reading the name, "Millie" under it. Because of this, she tends to believe she was just created to replace someone from the past. But at the same time, Blueberry often has to convince herself otherwise considering the fact she has been told her Maker never had a child.


  • Blueberry never blinks.


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