The Blue Typhoon is a large blue starship made by Miles "Tails" Prower in the T.V. series Sonic X. The Blue Typhoon was created mainly for space-travel when the team had to go with Cosmo into outer-space to defeat the Metarex.
Blue Tyhpoon

The Blue Typhoon


Originally built to battle vessels created by Dr. Eggman, the Blue Typhoon was adapted for space travel. Tails intended to power it with the Chaos Emeralds, but when they were scattered across the galaxy, he was forced to use the Master Emerald instead.

The Blue Typhoon features a large hangar where several aircraft are kept. Directly in front of this is a runway with palm trees lining it, modeled after the Thorndyke residence driveway. The vessel is heavily armed, its main weapon being the Sonic Driver, also called the Sonic Power Cannon, which fires Sonic as an accelerated projectile. In Episode 77, it shown that the cannon can also work as a wave motion gun. The Blue Typhoon also comes equipped with a powerful energy projector which can produce a deflector shield or a cloaking field. Its engine, which takes up much of the vessel, allows it to cover great distances in short periods of time, although it requires a "warp ring" (generated by the yellow nose section) to travel at faster-than-light speeds.

The Typhoon's design may have been influenced by the Space Battleship Yamato, from the anime series of the same name.

In Games

The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes

The Blue Typhoon appears in the game as a playable level. It is also in the Story of the game. Tails has reconstructed it in order to get to he Space Colony ARK to defeat the Gravitus and prevent Immarius from activating the Eclipse Cannon. Team Sonic, Team Dark, Team Rose, Team Chaotix, Gamma, Zeline, Mighty, the Omni-Viewer, Silver and Blaze all board the ship. The Blue Typhoon is armed with a variety of weapons, including the Sonic Driver, which Sonic uses to penetrate the Gravitus Mothership. It has also many escape pods. However, the Blue Typhoon is destroyed when Immarius activates the Eclipse Cannon and shoots at the Earth, destroying the Blue Typhoon in the process

As a stage, the Blue Typhoon is the only level to feature only 1 Act. The Act is called Danger Chamber. Danger Chamber is the first and only Act of Blue Typhoon. It is also the smallest level in the game and the shortest (ap. 3:00 min while other levels ap. 10:00 min). It takes place aboard the Blue Typhoon. The Gravitus have somehow infiltrated the ship and are destroying it. The level features mostly raw melee. Gravitus are the only common enemies in this level. The Boss, Gravitus Archfiend is a large Gravitus life form with large horns and cybernetics attached to its body. It is fought on the exterior of the Blue Typhoon. The player has also a time limit before the Gravitus Archfiebd burns down the entire spaceship.

The Blue Blur

The Blue Typhoon appears as a playable level and is quite repetitive at being in the game. It becomes the team's personal transport. It is quite different from its Sonic X look and is updated from the last time in design. Tails uses the Blue Typhoon to go to Argo's base in Wither's End. Team Sonic. Team Dark, Team Rose, Team Chaotix, Silver and Blaze, Craig, Atrocia, Anthony and Xazar are all aboard the ship. They attack the base as they have no option. 

The first act is Flying Doom and the second is Death Wish. Flying Doom takes place in the exterior of the Blue Typhoon. It is 7:00 minutes (both stages). The Savori are common enimies in both stages. Argo and his Savori are attacking the base. There's actually a hidden ship which is hidden by the large base. 

The boss is Shade who has turned evil somehow due to Argo. She can fire energy blasts at enimies, she can mind control others, fly and teleport. She is one of the hardest bosses in the game. 

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