Blue ridge zone

Blue Ridge Zone

The Blue Ridge Zone is a zone that has very few inhabitants in it due to the amount of snow in this area is very large. It is an area in Sonic Chronicles The Dark Brotherhood, the fourth level you enter.


Ultimate Sonic

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Blue Ridge is Sonic's first stage. It is an alpine theme stage (To be exact more of a cross between hill and winter theme zone). The music for this stage is mix of the Mega Drive/Genesis version of Diamond Dust Zone.

On December 17–28, it will snow in Central City with musical Christmas tree's and snowmen that will wish the player Merry Christmas and tell them of the Christmas holiday at Blue Ridge. During Christmas time, A Christmas version of Blue Ridge is playable, Instead of day time, the sky will be night. The fir tree's have colored lights and stars above them and the railing resembles candy cane. The music of Blue Ridge will still be Diamond Dust only the Sega Saturn version. Throughout the stage Christmas presents will be dropped by a flying jester wearing red, these which gifts function like random items and power-ups for the player.


Crystal the Raccoon and Chocolate

Sophana the Rabbit and Spikeball

Ivy the Cat and Lightningbolt

Tara the Raccoon and Aquamarine

Amelia the Puppy and Sandwich

Suzie the Cat and Cucumber

Glacier Von Fang, Aqua Von Fang, Vane 'Windy' Von Fang and Voltage Bouncealot

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