Blue Blur: The Video Game
Blue Blur Game Cover (Front)
Sonic Team
Blue Blur series
Hedgehog Engine (graphics), Havok Engine (physics)
3D Platformer
Single-player, Local Multiplayer

PEGI: 7 (Europe), CERO: A (Japan),

ACB: G (Australia)
Wii U

Blue Blur: The Video Game is a licensed video game developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega. It is based on the fan-fiction of the same name by Macintosh; more specifically, all 3 entries in the Robotnik Saga of the fan-fiction. The game's gameplay follows closely to the Sonic Adventure route; similar physics, similar controls, similar game mechanics, and similar level design.


The game follows closely to the Robotnik Saga of Blue Blur. Dr. Robotnik conquered the planet of Mobius and turned it into a dystopian planet, and it's up to Sonic, Cosmo, and later Tails to stop him and save the Mobians from Roboticization. Later on, you'll go on a mission to collect all 7 Chaos Emeralds before Robotnik does, and then wreck his plot of using the Death Egg to destroy Mobius in its entirety.

Playable Characters

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Sonic the Hedgehog2

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog

His gameplay style is very similar to his Sonic Adventure 2 gameplay style. He can run really fast, defeat enemies by jumping onto them or homing attacking them, and preform both the Spin Dash and Somersault. Though later, he can gain upgrades to perform new moves like the Light Speed Dash and the Bounce Attack.

thumb|left|200px|link=Cosmo the Seedrian

Although she is as fast as both Sonic and Tails and does have an attack similar to the Homing Attack, Cosmo's gameplay is mainly inspired by the gameplay of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. With her Solar Power ability, she can pick up enemies and objects with ease, can perform melee attacks, can push things on the way, and can perform many things. Like Sonic and Tails, she can gain upgrades to gain new Solar Power moves.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Tails has a blend-in with 3 gameplays in Sonic games; that of his gameplay in Sonic Adventure, and some in both the mech gameplay in Sonic Adventure 2 and weapons and vehicles in Shadow the Hedgehog. He can still go as fast as Sonic and Cosmo, perform the Spin Dash, use his tails to attack, and fly just like he can in the Classic Titles and Sonic Adventure, but he can also use dropped weapons of Robotnik or his robots, and can use vehicles to progress through part of the stages that requires them. Again, like Sonic and Cosmo, he can buy upgrades that can help him either with his flying techniques, or with his use of weapons and vehicles.

Non-Playable Characters

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Dr. Robotnik 2

Dr. Robotnik

Dr. Robotnik

The roboticist who conquered Mobius and turned it into a dystopian city-planet, he planned to destroy the Sonic Heroes in order to keep his legacy safe. He wanted to conquer the entire universe in order to have all living beings to worship him as a God. Despite the technology he had that allows him to do so, his plans get endlessly crushed by Sonic himself.

Sonicchannel metal

Metal Sonic

Hyper Metal Sonic

The duplicate of the Blue Blur himself, he was created by Tails in order to match every skills, powers and abilities that Sonic has. Little did Tails know that Metal Sonic was also created to replace him in case he betrayed Robotnik. Hyper Metal Sonic can do almost everything that Sonic can do: he can go as fast as him, can perform the Spin Dash and Homing Attack, etc. But despite being a copy of Sonic, he refuses to believe he is that, and thinks that he is the real Sonic.


Name Image Description
Knothole Forest
Knothole 2
The Secret Sonic Heroes Stronghold.
Robotnikland 2
Robotnik's City.
Airship Raid
Eggman's Grand Battleship
The Grand Air raid On Robotnik's Ship.
Chaos Shrine
Chaos Shrine's Island
A Shrine Located On A Mysterious Island.
Black Desert
Black Desert
The Oil Factory Desert Owned By Robotnik.
Stardust Speedway
Stardust Speedway (Fixed)
Robotnik's Grand Central City.
Sky Rail
Sky Rail
Robotnik Turned Sky Rail Into A Living Nightmare!
Deep Space
This Is It! Robotnik's Space Fleet!
Death Egg
Ultimate Death EGG
Robotnik's Space Headquarters. Let's Finsh This!
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