Blossom the Seedrian is a fan character by FlowerOfTheWind. She is a seedrian who escaped from her planet (Green Gate) into the colony ship. When the ship crash-landed on Mobius, she met Inferno in front of the beach.


Blossom has Japanese-esque fashion. She has pure black hair with large cherry blossoms blooming out held by red hair bands. She wears a white shirt with yellow highlights and white dress with pink streaks on it. She also has a hot pink gemstone on her chest, and wears white tights with light pink socks shaped like cut petals and wears blacks. She has pale skin and maroon eyes.


Blossom is a kindhearted and down-to-earth girl who wants to discover everything to make her have a better life.


Her mother, Yoshino, gave up her physical form to give birth and raise her last daughter Blossom, leaving her father Prunus and their friends left. When a massive outbreak of the Metarex starting a war against the rebels, Blossom's father along with others escaped into the colony ship. Several years and months have passed, until the ship crash-landed on Mobius. When a girl was wondering what was going on, she ran out of her home to wonder who she is, as she opens the door to the object and it turns out to be a plant-like alien girl (who is actually Blossom). The fashion girl later introduces to her that her name is Inferno the Cat. The flower girl responds back that her name is Blossom the Seedrian, and they become fast friends to join Team Daniel.


Infernal Blossom

She only took this form in the roleplay Escape from Planet Mobius, where she was upset while trying to contact her deceased mother via a communicator. But when Inferno ran into the castle and told her to stop, she went 

Infernal Blossom final

Infernal Blossom.

out furious and had a long-flaming fight with her crush. When Blossom had collected all the Chaos Emeralds to transform into Infernal Blossom, she even had more worse fight with Inferno than the previous one. When the battle w as  over, Blossom finally explains to Inferno that she never asked to be born, and that her mother would easily ab use her like from the dream she had, since there exists a tradition in Seedrian religion that a parent has the righ t to beat up their own children if they do something wrong, and that Inferno was  just a dumb cat since there is a rule that 2 girls and 2 boys should not hold their hands together. Inferno later apologises to her; but Blossom doesn't accept it, but she had to as she was seen hugging Inferno.  


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