Bloodlust's eyes are crimson and his fur is more creamish than golden yellow. His wings are a dark grey with little streaks of auburn. He wears a black cloak, black fingerless gloves and white shoes with gold buckles. He also has bangs that are a bit pointed.


Sure, he is a vampire, but he has a kind heart and would faint if anyone bled. He hates the dark, but he can not be in light, so he wears a cloak.


Bloodlust wasn´t always a vampire. He was just a regular 10 year old. He was a child with a very bright mind and has the abilty to read minds.

While he was walking down to the house, he heard a rustling noise. He looked around, worryed that someone is following him. Then a black and brown vampire bat bit him on the neck and he fell to the ground, fainted.

He then was addrssed to the hospital.Meanwhile, Tails had crashed his plane and he is being taken to the hospital, with Soinc carring him.

A few weeks went by, and Bloodlust opened his eyes for the first time. It was the middle of the night when he did. He looked at himself with confusion, since he now had a 7-foot wingspan. He then looked at his hostpital room partner, Tails.

Tails heard shifting. He turned to see Bloodlust gaping at his two tails. They both sat up, twildled their fingers and were silent. Tails was the first to speak. "I'm Tails, what's your name?" The eight year old asked, though Bloodlust heard the younger's mid. 'I wonder why he's here... He does have a pair of bat wings, though...' Bloodlust's mind then remembered that bat from a few weeks. The bat's mind had screeched, 'FEED ON THE FOX!!!!!' He shook his head to clear the thoughts. "I'm Bloodlust. Nice to meet you, Tails." He said with a kind smile. Both, in unison said, "Why do we look alike?"


  1. Super speed
  2. Flight
  3. Super strength


  1. ESP


  • Light
  • Fire
  • Blood (Ironically)
  • Water


Bloodlust used to be Shadow's guardian angel, but Yamaya decided to scrap that.

Bloodlust's real name was James, but he decidded to change it.

Bloodlust's parents are dead.

Bloodlust wants to work at Mcdonald's G.U.N.

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