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Biographical Information
Chronological age 4000+
Apparent age 19
Active age 3
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Hedgehog
Gender Female
  • Fur: Red w/ light blue muzzle, blue streaks and green tips of spines.
  • Eyes: Yellow-gold iris, black scalera
  • Dark blue shirt
  • Aqua-green skirt
  • Black and purple gloves
  • Blue shoes with black platform
  • Blue headband
Weaponry Unknown
  • Chaos Control
  • Chaos Blast
  • Chaos Oblivion
  • Chaos Shroud
  • Energy control
  • Dark generation
  • Energy fusion
  • High speed
  • Great stamina
  • Great physical strength
Other Information
Theme Song(s) So Long, Sentiment by Celldweller
Creator User:BloodSonic1

Ultimate Lifeform Prototype 3.06 Blood Erasor Sonya Flux, or just Sonya, is the female counterpart of BloodSonic, and as such, shares many of his physical and personality traits.


According to Blood, Sonya was designed and built at the same time Blood was, however, she was not activated at the same time. She was kept in cryo-stasis along with Paradox the Hedgehog, and has only been active for the past few years.

Since her awakening coincided with the Genderbending incident, it was always assumed she came from Blood. She is rather inactive in events, often spending her time at home, or working on random projects with Blood.


Sonya's abilities are similar to Blood's, however, she lacks the ability to transform as he does. However, she maintains most of the same energy types and stamina. Because she hasn't separated any of her power from herself, she is possibly more powerful than Blood.

She possesses the same Chaos abilities as Blood, however, she lacks the Phazic and Hollow abilities, as they were obtained later. She also has Heartless energy that was implanted in her by Blood. She is far more proficient in utilizing Heartless and Chaos energy than Blood, often merging the two powers to create deadly attack fusions.


Chaos Shadow form

Sonya's only form, it involves combining her two power sources - Chaos energy and Dark/Heartless energy - and overcharging them, either with an outside source, such as Chaos Emeralds or absorbing Heartless, or by simply pushing her energy a la DBZ power up (minus the over-the-top screaming). The changes to Sonya's appearance are rather minor.

  • Her spines point out more and become a dark purple
  • The tips of her spines become a darker green
  • Her irises become a dark red, the pupils disappear, and her scalera becomes an even darker red

Other than the skin-deep physical changes and a large power and speed increase, there is little that changes about Sonya. She becomes slightly more prone to stealing Hearts, in attempts to create more Heartless, as well as thinking about Keyblades for some reason.


BloodSonya is another prototype in the Defaran project. She was designed alongside Blood in case he failed to hold Defaran. As such, she is very much like Blood, often being very laidback and comical. However, this laidback outer shell is much thinner than Blood's, often being insufficient in hiding the bad-tempered attitude underneath. She is on equal terms with Blood in intelligence, however, she is less mature about her intelligence, often insulting those who she deems dumber.



Temporal Kitsempt

The two met by coincidence, bumping into each other during the events of Experiments in Personal Interaction in Conditions of Stress. The day after, they were sealed together in a forcefield, and worked together to break out. She is intrigued by his power, and considers him an ally she wouldn't like to have against her.

Ronan the Fox

As the counterpart to Blood, Sonya holds Ronan in respect as a fellow inventor and scientist. However, she shows less tolerance for him, becoming frustrated in the middle of a battle when he reveals his presence.

Zoey Kitsempt

Sonya helped her escape Eggman Nega at the beginning of A Making of Destruction, and bandaged her wounds afterwards. The two share a good bond, possibly due to them both being artificial lifeforms, and she seems to actually care about Zoey.

Cassandra Kitsempt

The two met during A Making of Destruction. While they have barely talked yet, they seem amicable towards each other.



The two are very much alike, and have formed a sibling bond. They sometimes collaborate to create things or to experiment, and often work well together, despite Sonya's less calm demeanour.


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