Blood appears as a red hedgehog with blue streaks and green tips on his spines. His skin and muzzle appear blue, while his eyes are bright gold-yellow with black scalera. His gloves are purple with white fingers, he wears a dark brown jacket over a red shirt, dark blue trackpants and blue shoes with an aqua streak.


Typically shown as kooky, fun-loving and lighthearted, Blood is often seen as being unable to take things seriously. He often speaks with a jovial tone, as if things are unimportant, although states logical answers to problems people bring to him, often ignoring emotional context. He has often taken jokes too far, annoying or angering even his close friends. Despite this, he always tries to do right by them, fixing whatever he breaks or apologizing for off-color jokes.

He is more appreciative of the power possessed by others than he is his own abilities, as the nature of his Transcendence forces him to be mindful of its use on himself. This gives Blood more leeway when augmenting an ally, making him a greater support-style fighter than a solo one, being able to temporarily improve an allies recuperative powers when they start running out of steam, or augment their stamina reserves before a battle breaks out.

Blood is naturally competitive, hating to lose and loving to win. In battle, he stays rather jovial and lighthearted, making complaints and criticisms about both himself and his opponent, or simply pointing out any ridiculous things out of context. This often angers his opponents, and acts as a smokescreen for his highly analytical mind. At some points, typically when things don't go his way, he has been shown to lose some of his lightheartedness while retaining his fun-loving side. At times like these, he seems to act more violently and aggressively, often fooling his opponents into believing there is a strength increase. If all else fails, Blood loses his temper entirely, and with it, losing any shred of lightheartedness and outward appearance of joviality. In this state, Blood shows a rather relentless side of himself, almost never letting up on his assault until his target is defeated. It rarely helps him actually win.

Due to all these points, along with his supposedly 4000-year life, Defaran's seal inside him, and the kind of powers Blood possesses, his sanity has been called into question multiple times. While there is no definitive proof he is mentally sound, there is no real evidence to indicate insanity. As such, many people, including his friends and several government institutions, remain suspicious.


Most of his past is only what Blood himself has claimed. It's truthfulness is less verifiable.

The Creation Myth

The universe began with three Gods - Solaris, Chaos and Gaia. Together, they created the world and it's facets. Gaia created the land, the people, the animals and the water to sustain everything. Solaris created light and heat, to guide the lives Gaia had made. Chaos created power, to drive and hold everything together. The lives of the planet grew strong and numerous, and worshiped their Gods for centuries.

However, while Chaos and Solaris were content with the people as they were, Gaia wished they would give him more of their adoration. He was not content with sharing the credit for the lives he had created, and attempted to take their worship. Due to Chaos' Energy permeating all of creation, however, Gaia could not intervene as a God. This caused a battle to begin between the three.

As their battle waged on, Gaia was slowly consumed by the darkness in his heart, and eventually, he was defeated. Solaris reached into Gaia, and pulled out what light was left inside him, naming it Light Gaia. What remained of Gaia was no longer truly a God, and became the monster known as Dark Gaia, who fled to the planet. The people did not worship the creature who appeared before them, but ran in fear and disgust, and Dark Gaia's rage shattered the planet.

Chaos and Solaris knew he would not stop, and allowed Light Gaia, who was also not truly a God, to go down to the planet and battle his darkness. With Solaris' sun to his back, Light Gaia fought Dark Gaia, and sent him to sleep inside the broken planet. Chaos, using his energy, called on the people through his Master Emerald to offer 8 gems to infuse with his power, which became known as the Chaos Emeralds, which were used to seal the planet, along with the two halves of Gaia.

It was through this event that the planet's own darkness became manifest, growing in strength in a domain outside the influence of the Gods, and took a body, naming itself Erebaan. He turned to the heavens and shouted "I am not like Gaia. I am without pride and ego. Bring me to your height, make me a God, and I will rule the domain of Darkness which you cannot touch." Knowing he would keep his word, Solaris shone his light on Erebaan, and the shadow became a God of Darkness.

A new peace covered the planet, ruled by a new trio of Gods, who were worshiped. This peace was not to last forever, as Dark Gaia once again awoke, and shattered the planet again. Knowing Erebaan could quell the monster, Solaris asked him to calm Dark Gaia, and Erebaan took control of it. With the fight seemingly avoided, Light and Dark Gaia returned to the planet, just as the Chaos Emeralds were used to close it again. But quickly, Dark Gaia broke free, and crushed one of Chaos' Emeralds.

Erebaan turned against his former allies, and a new war broke out. The power of a God and a Monster was not enough to defeat the Sun God and the God of Chaos, however. Dark Gaia was once again sealed in the planet, and in return for shattering the planet twice, Erebaan was shattered to 3 pieces and scattered through time.

Erebann, before he was shattered, saw a future where these Gods would be defeated, and vowed that he would return then, and destroy the very thing they sought to protect.

Defaran and Blood

Somewhere around 10,000 years before the present day, the first shard of Erebaan, Defaran, appeared, who embodied the pure power of the former God of Darkness. Due to the actions of Sonic, Shadow and Silver, the Sun God Solaris was unable to intervene, and Defaran subjugated Chaos with his power, making Chaos Energy his own weapon. He tore through the planet, before a group of beings who used magic and technology interfered, sealing the being away into a Chaos Emerald. Knowing his prison would be finite, these Techno-Mages worked to create a more permanent seal for the Demon

Defaran became known as 'Chaos, the Destroyer', and after 6000 years of prison in an Emerald, the magic placed on the Demon broke down, and he was freed. At this time, the Techno-Mages influence had waned, though there were enough to perform a ritual, transforming one of them into Blood. The souls of the 6 other Techno-Mages who had sacrificed themselves in this ritual, instructed Blood on his purpose and use of his powers, for he had no memory of his own. With this instruction, Blood tracked down the Chaos Demon and sealed him within himself, and learned to draw on Defaran's mastery of Chaos for himself.

The souls of the Techno-Mages faded, their mission complete, and Blood had to spend the next 4000 years learning society as it changed over the centuries.

The Second Shard - Solex

At some point during these 4000 years, the shard that contained the Dark powers of Erebaan emerged, though he had no memory of his own. Blood named him Solex during their first encounter, though has had to remind him of this many times since. Solex showed no hostile intent beyond a scared defense, being unable to recall anything days after it occurs. As a result, Blood has let him alone, though keeps an eye on him to prevent the resurrection of the Dark God.


In recent times, Blood's description of events has changed several times. At one point, he claimed his body was made from a pair of time-travelers who were fighting. Another recollection says that he was one of many experiments, and that he killed the others while possessed by Defaran. And at times, Blood has claimed that Defaran and Solex were other experiments that went mad when their connections to their powers were opened wide. Whatever happens to be the case, Blood has never wavered in keeping them separated and under his jurisdiction.


Chaos Techniques

Having contained Defaran within him, Blood is able to draw on his deep connection with the Chaos Force to perform a variety of Chaos techniques, including:

  • Chaos Control - Using Chaos Energy to alter the flow of time or the domain of space, allowing the user to teleport or slow time.
  • Chaos Spear - A blast of Chaos Energy of varying size which can cause damage or explode on contact.
  • Chaos Oblivion - A huge dome of Chaos Energy around the user which expands, destroying whatever it comes into contact with, similar to Chaos Blast.
  • Chaos Shroud - The user bends light in such a way to become nearly invisible. They are unnoticeable to all but the keenest of vision, and only when absolutely still.

Because the Chaos Energy Blood uses is not directly from his own connection to the Chaos Force, but by proxy, he is unable to store large amounts of Chaos Energy within himself. This precludes the possibility of him using transformations such as a Super form, or by directly enhancing his physical abilities with Chaos Energy.

God Darkness

The reason for Blood having this power is inconsistent. Blood has often said different things regarding it, including that all people have a connection to Darkness like they do Chaos, Defaran being the source of this power, and that he has also sealed a portion of Solex inside himself. Whatever the case may be, Blood is able to control and manipulate Darkness and shadows into offensive techniques, including:

  • Shadow blasts - Similar to a Chaos Spear, but utilizing Darkness as an element
  • Shadow Clones and Shadow Merging - Melding his body into a shadow to become invulnerable to attack
  • Shadow Constructs - Black objects formed from shadows, typically spikes or walls

The greatest strength of this Darkness, according to Blood, is it's defensive aspect. With his Shadow Merging and Constructs, Blood is able to block or avoid nearly all incoming attacks, making him a slippery and frustrating opponent.


Blood's inherent power is manifested as a blue fire that gives off no heat that he calls Transcendence. With it, Blood can alter and enhance various aspects of objects, other people and himself, including base stats like strength, speed, endurance or stamina, the power of a specific attack, a physical quality like hardness or elasticity, or the ease at which a power can be summoned. It's limits, however, are that it can't affect a subject's mind, which means that while it can make a person able to physically run at higher speeds, it can't make the subject's reactions quicker to control that speed. These augmentations are temporary, though can be extended by continuous application.

When used on an object or person, it has no visible effect, meaning that Blood can easily hide Transcendent changes.


Transcendence only manifests as a blue flame when it is specifically shown to others, and while within Blood's body. To augment himself, he must spread the fire around himself, and if overused in this way, Blood will begin to Overheat.

While Overheating, his appearance is altered, turning all of his fur blue, his streaks red and extending them towards the tips of his quills, and his eyes red. All of Blood's base stats are improved greatly, and his attention is focused, making his reactions more on-point. His body heat also rises, which he reacts to by unzipping his jacket. If Blood continues to Transcend his abilities further and further, the Overheat will turn into a Burnout, completely negating all of his Transcendence and precluding it's use until rested.


- Blood most often relies on his Transcendence to bolster himself, rarely utilizing his Chaos and Dark powers. As a result, he tends to Overheat semi-regularly, and take hits he could avoid without much trouble.

- Blood draws Chaos powers through proxy and not by his own ability, meaning he can't store Chaos Energy within his own body. While this means he can't transform, he also can't charge or fire high-level Chaos techniques.

- Because of his joking manner and competitive nature, Blood is oftentimes rather cocky, almost always unfoundedly.

- He is also somewhat of a defeatist, rarely challenging someone he's lost to before.


  • Blood's theme song is Scardonia by Celldweller
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