• Heroic412229
    There's no good in.
    Any of us.
    And we should know that we all have betrayed my trust.
    We're filled with hate and lust.
    And now I gotta do what I must.
    And if we think that it's not the truth.
    Then the only one who's lying is me and you.
    It's time to show what this all means.
    It's time to show what we all seem.
    Go ahead and defend it if we're able.
    We're not good and we all are unstable.
    We can't hide from the wages of our true selves.
    That includes everybody, including myself.
    We should know we can't hide from our sins.
    I know all the evil we have within.
    We need to stop these demons inside.
    Or they will take us over with pride.
    We think we're made
    We're not made o-of
    I know who we are.
    I'll put us in…
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  • MaxIrvaron

    itza sandbox

    April 27, 2020 by MaxIrvaron

    "MAC!" Schnee yelled out, about to jump off of the bleachers to go check on him and was already standing up... but Aorki was right by her side, and he shook his head, still smiling. Reassured by his look of glee, Schnee rolled her eyes and sat back down... only to immediately gasp.

    The smoke was quickly dispelled by a large, fiery, light-blue, almost whitish aura that shone fierce in the darkness. Inside of the aura was Mac, keeping his blue eyes from earlier, but there was more of his appearance changed. His tank top was now cyan on the inside with white lining, his shorts were white, and his fur changed to the same light-blue color of his aura; also, his hair strands were turqoise. Mac had a blank expression, facing Jamal as if he were ch…

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  • Heroic412229

    I've created a new question and answer blog for my fan characters. Here, you can ask any of them any question(s) you want and they will answer them, though they might not always have a clear answer for everything, so you have been warned. This may include spoilers, things they don't know the answer to, or private information that they want to keep safe and secret. Anyways, here they are:

    • Sid the Hero
    • Ominous
    • Clover Hagen
    • Alex Edurus
    • Rana Franklin
    • Sandra Franklin
    • Bob Franklin
    • Lightning the Porcupine
    • Ashen the Panther
    • Smoky the Panther

    Okay, I think that every character I've created so far. Now, you can ask them as many questions as you want. Have fun. And also, have a great day.

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  • CrimsonFlame2K

    Yep, I've decided to reboot my old "Ask My Characters" blogpost. Same as last time, if you've got a question for any characters that are available, feel free! Can't guarantee whether or not they'd have a definitive answer though, or that they'd be willing to answer every question thrown at them (basically, questions that will reveal spoilers will be dodged to the best of their ability).

    Of course, the following characters are available for questioning:

    • Zagan the Gravebringer
    • Raiden
    • Streak
    • Whirlwind Reyes
    • Dustin Wylde
    • Kris Rodriguez
    • Liam Scarlet
    • Burst

    • Lyn Salazar

    • Bianca Helios
    • Solis Magna
    • Prince Friedrich Luminosa

    That should cover everything for now. Now, without further adieu, ask away to you hearts content! ...or not. That's fine too.

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  • KasaneTetz

    So, I just joined the wiki, edited my profile, and added my first OC. Now, I was exploring the wiki, when I found the “anti-heros” category, and since I labeled my OC as an anti-hero I was going to add her in. Now, I’m not the best at editing, and am still learning the tips and tricks, however I can’t seem to find how to add my character to the category of anti-heros. Would anybody mind helping/telling me instructions on how to add her? It’d be greatly appreciated.

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  • Heroic412229

    As the title suggests, I really need help my fan game, Sonic Rectification. Most importantly, the plot of it. If there's anyone who can help me, please let me know. Thank you and have a great day.

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  • CrimsonFlame2K

    Super late, I know, but I've been busy. So, first things first, I officially turned 20 years old (oh dear god) over a week ago, so I guess I'm well on my way to adulthood... while still being a freshman college student, lol. Just about the few bright spots in an other shitty month, eh?

    Well, anyway, the reason I haven't been as active here recently is two-fold. One, college is getting in the way, and the first half of this second term of the year is starting to pick up, since my midterms will be in a few weeks from now. So, wish me luck. The second reason is because I've spent quite a bit of my free time on Dungeons and Dragons, which I got into only a month or two after I graduated from senior high. Over time, I've slowly gotten a few of m…

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  • Sonicade

    I get a box in the mail. It's from a robotics company from the future. I open the box to find- Sonic? They made a Sonic robot? The mechanical Sonic powers on and holds a flower up to me. Aww!

    CHAPTER 2 coming soon

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  • Heroic412229

    As the title suggests, who do you think should be the true main antagonist of one of my fan games called Sonic Rectification, and why? You can tell me in the comments why you think that anyone of these choices in the poll down below should be the true main villain of the game. Thank you and have fun.

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  • Speedyblue


    January 7, 2020 by Speedyblue

    Hey guys guess what day it is?


    I mean, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! To me. I know I’m not active anymore but I just turned [redacted] so please wish me your special birthday wishes!!

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