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Chica Nunnally Chica Nunnally 11 days ago


As the title says, I regretfully announce that I am leaving the wiki.

Don't get me wrong, I quite enjoyed my time here. But now, the place almost feels like a ghost town.

Go ahead and delete every trace of me on this site, if you'd like. I have plans to make a fresh start on a different Sonic wiki.


P.S. I might come by occasionally to check up on old friends. But other than that, I won't be around at all.

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Konnichiku Konnichiku 31 December 2021

Ask Konnichiku

Hi, I'm Konnichiku, the creator of Mobius Redrawn (coming in 2022; it now has YouTube and Twitter accounts.) I decided to start this blog so you could ask me about various things relating to the series, its characters, and various other Sonic stuff.

Examples of questions you could ask me:

  • "Where did you get the idea for ______?"
  • "What's your favourite Sonic game?"
  • "What did you have the most fun coming up with?"

Or you could ask your own question. IDK. Hope you enjoy this Q&A.

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Chica Nunnally Chica Nunnally 24 November 2021

I'm back

Well, I'm back after such a long hiatus, although I doubt I'll be active much.

I must admit, I wasn't expecting to be gone for a few years. Sorry about that. 😅

On a different note, I've come up with two new characters - hedgecat twins named Alexander and Sophia.

I am thinking of having Alexander (the older male) be an umbrakinetic while Sophia (the younger female) would be a photokinetic - meaning one twin has dark powers, while the other has light powers. Other than that, I don't have a lot of ideas for them, so feel free to make some suggestions.

I look forward to working on their pages. 😊

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AnnabelleRich AnnabelleRich 7 November 2021

Is this place still alive?

It's been years since I've interacted with this site, and the people I grew to befriend are probably long gone as well, but I just thought I'd pop in and say hello lol.

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Speedyblue Speedyblue 1 August 2021

I Have No Clue Who is an Admin on this Wiki so I Will Make A Blog Post

I want all my pages deleted. That's right. Every single one of them. I would also request that I be blocked from editing, but if that is too much I completely understand. I ask because I wish to move on to new things, and I find this era of my life somewhat of a traumatic experience. I don't want to go too much into that part but I want all traces of me here being left behind. I want to forget about this. My Twitter and YouTube (both have the same username) is maytriggercrew, where I am most active. My Twitter is private due to a fear of stalking/harassment but my YouTube is public to anyone. I was very young when I joined. If anything I said here can be used against me, I want it erased. My anxiety of being harassed because mistakes I made…

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Neoexlucky Neoexlucky 3 July 2021

The Ending of Tales of the Echo

Currently Under Progress*

Hey there, I don't think we've been properly introduced. My name is Brandon Hart, or my online alias (former alias) NeoExlucky. I'm a historian, writer, roleplayer, and I started doing this the summer of my freshman year of High School. It's been a long time since then, and it's been a long time since I last did anything on this site.

  • 1 What happened?
  • 2 The plot of Tales of the Echo
    • 2.1 Season 2
  • 3 Interlude
    • 3.1 Rebellion
    • 3.2 Revolution
    • 3.3 Season 3
    • 3.4 Season 4
    • 3.5 Season 5
    • 3.6 Moonlight
    • 3.7 Season 6
    • 3.8 Season 7
    • 3.9 Spin offs and the 100 Year War
    • 3.10 Twin Tales

Well to put it simply, I just stopped wanting to do it. I think really I wanted to stop for a while but I kept going for some reason. I was in college and I was doing a lot more and h…

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Ami670 Ami670 9 June 2021

10 Years of Being on This Wiki...

This is crazy; 10 years of being on this wiki. Sure, I haven't been editing too too much lately, but I never really left. I had irl stuff going on in my life plus I had been getting into other things.

I also remember hitting my 5 year anniversary of being on this wiki and telling myself, "No, don't write a 5 year post. Write a 10 year post!" Flash forward 5 years later and I almost forgot to, had it not been I looked at my profile page. Wikia updated its layout too much and moved everything around; they took out the date of when you first joined on your page. Shitty move but eh whatever, I wrote it down on my page at least.

So, 10 years... And I'm still here. That's not even a bad thing; it's just crazy how fast the time flies. I remember dis…

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Sonic 505 CHEESE Sonic 505 CHEESE 3 March 2021

Sonic Forces 2

  • 1 Sonic Forces 2
    • 1.2 CHARACTERS
    • 1.3 LEVELS

Sonic Forces 2 is a sequel to Sonic Forces. It is playable on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, XboxOne and Nintendo Switch.

After events of Sonic Forces, Eggman Empire is over. Sonic and Tails are back on the South Island where they found mystic portal. Infinite is back! That isn't good. Luckily, Mighty and Ray are back and found the South Island, Sonic's home. Sonic was so happy when he sees them.

During that time, Knuckles and Team Chaotix discovered Eggman's plans and found documents about new empire on Angel Island and new Metal Sonic Kai. They went to South Island for announcing Sonic about trouble. They made the new team w…

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MLP Pixel 727 MLP Pixel 727 20 January 2021

I'm Backing Off

[This blog post is no-longer valid.]

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