• Nitrogen218

    New Information Available

    December 12, 2018 by Nitrogen218

    Blog #0998257: Information Blog. Updates.

    Hey, everyone, its Nitro. I understand its been months since I have last updated my profile and blog posts since the grieving notice.

    My grief has subsided almost two montha ago, and I have updates for the present day:

    1.I just finished up my college courses for the semester, and I will be available for the next four weeks, so Ill availble if you want to talk.

    2. While I'm not leaving this wiki, I can also be found on the Sonic Fan Characters Wiki. There I will continue to work in my characters and refine them with the aid of as much constructive feedback as possible.

    3. I will continue to work on the Unity rp and try to make as many additions as possible to comoensate for such a lengthy absence.

    4. I a…

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  • MaxIrvaron

    It was supposed to just be another normal Friday evening in the relatively abnormal Trikon City. Cars were honking at six o'clock PM with several Mobians getting back from work. There was an elderly pink cat with a walking stick crossing the street, slow as a snail with one hundred pound shoes. Despite there being a red light, a blue car was zooming forward, apparently not caring about the law... or the lady. The driver was just about to ram into her, and she was screaming, when suddenly-


    A powerful burst of air flew right by her and hit the front of the car, stopping it in its tracks. However, it also left the front with a palm-sized dent. The driver, a grey lemur, got out of it, not knowing how to react. How did the vehicle stop? W…

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  • MaxIrvaron

    What if....

    December 6, 2018 by MaxIrvaron

    I created a fanfiction series in Julia Finitevus's Continuity about Kennedy and his inter-Zone travels? I'd call it, like, the Chronogazer Saga or something.

    Also, though it won't be connected to the JFC without her permission, I'll start writing the first entry.

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  • ReensRedux

    New Year, New Universes

    December 4, 2018 by ReensRedux

    Seems like quite a bit of revamping, renovating and retconning going on in the wiki before the new year, huh? Which reminds me. Reens doesn't actually have a specific canon. 

    So I was thinking. Should I make her one? Just make her a set canon and spread from there? Or just stick to what I already have? (Which isn't a lot canon-wise as I have a couple AUs with her...)

    Just a random thought I had.

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  • XophPsycho


    As the title states, I'm considering starting over. What this means is retconning, rebooting, and overhauling all my stuff into a new, single, centralized universe. The benefit to this is that it would make one main, more original, and hopefully better story for me to focus on that I could post in more places. The downside, however, is that community projects like rps would no longer be canon, and I fear some old and ongoing ones that are important to other people's continuities may become destabilized.

    I'm probably not in the right mindset right now to be making extreme decisions like this, so I thought it’d be worth asking for opinions on the matter.

    Feel free to discuss this and any potential workarounds for the issue. Feedback is alwa…

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  • MaxIrvaron

    My Series' Developments

    November 26, 2018 by MaxIrvaron

    Whew! I haven't been as active, but I think I might be getting back into the spirit with some new ideas.

    For one, I now have Mystic Zone, or Season 1, full planned out. This means that there will be no more canon roleplays for the S1ers except for Kennedy unless I feel it is best for the series.

    Season 2, or Mystic Fever, will be split in two - the first half, up to Unity, is about healing the broken parts DoD shattered, and getting used to life after it. After Unity, we'll be discovering more about the Chaos Force, Konton, Roxas, and Kennedy's backstory. Kennedy and Tina will be getting a good amount of development, but I'm having a lot of thoughts about Sephtis, also...

    Season 3, or Mystic Fusion, will be hyping up the finale from the begin…

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  • YeezusChristo

    I'm not a fucking troll

    November 23, 2018 by YeezusChristo

    Stop calling me this. I am a legitimite user. It hurts me when people call me a troll. Fuck off if you think I'm from 4chan or some shit like that. Seriously.

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  • Skyblade743

    Leaving Temporarily

    November 17, 2018 by Skyblade743

    I will be leaving all my Discord servers and the Wiki until around Christmas. If you need me for anything important here or just want to talk you can DM me on Discord. See you in a month or so.

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    i am a cool new guy! i like milhousr from simpsons alot! hello!

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  • MaxIrvaron


    October 31, 2018 by MaxIrvaron

    No way! 5k edits! Wow! Well, technically it's 5.015k now, but whatevs.

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