• DUBSTEPxSonic

    Hey it's me again and lately i have been trying to establish my most recent continuity by setting up a navbox on all my pages within said continuity.

    So I would love if someone would help me with that, if you know how that is.

    Not much to say so... yeah... I would apreciate it.

    Creator of Ion the Hedgehog. 21:41, July 6, 2020 (UTC)

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  • Heroic412229
    Ego vidi multum in vita mea. {I've seen a lot in my life.}
    Vidi ego mundo. {I've seen the world}
    Ego vidi et core. {I've seen it's core.}
    Et intus habet. {And what it holds inside.}

    Ut unus omnes. {To one and all}
    I know the way we think and feel.
    And though I don't want to heighten up my pride.

    (Ego vidi lucem quod evacuatur.) {(I've seen the fading light.)}

    Ut unus omnes {To one and all.}
    I know that we are just an abundant of
    Deceitful, hateful, corrupted, life forms inside.

    So tell me, one and all.
    Why do we let it continue on?
    Why do we let this darkness bleak our souls.

    I feel it, I know it.
    We try and deny it, but I know
    That we are completely out of all control!

    Like evil
    Pure evil
    There's evil in our skin
    This constant upheaval
    Is turning us to sin.

    It's all …

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  • SpongebobSonicandYinYangYoFan

    It's a blog duh

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  • RealSticksTheBadger

    Ask me anything! I mean anything! I am the real Sticks after all. Ask me any questions.

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  • Tailsman67


    June 19, 2020 by Tailsman67 long has it been since I've been here...the memories bruh

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  • DUBSTEPxSonic


    • cough, cough*

    ow! anyways...

    Hey it's dub and it's my birthday today!

    Wish me a happy one (even though it's not very eventful)

    I turn 23 years old and holy s**t i'm getting old!

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  • ReensRedux

    So I've been thinking about what to do on this wiki, since I haven't been on here as much as the Sonic Fan Wiki. I haven't left this one, despite not editing much. I thought I would try starting another role-play, but this time it would be based on an AU idea I have. If you're not aware, let me summarize.

    Basically, I had an idea with elemental symbols (Wikikinetic knows what I'm talking about) and that they are tied to elemental powers, ranks, and royalty/prisoners/slaves etc. It's slightly similar to my The Gifted Ones concept, but focuses more on racial/societal issues than survival. 

    I have the scans of the symbols, even though they aren't the best quality, and Wiki has helped me by redrawing them (I really appreciate it :) ). Would anyo…

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  • Heroic412229
    There's no good in.
    Any of us.
    And we should know that we all have betrayed my trust.
    We're filled with hate and lust.
    And now I gotta do what I must.
    And if we think that it's not the truth.
    Then the only one who's lying is me and you.
    It's time to show what this all means.
    It's time to show what we all seem.
    Go ahead and defend it if we're able.
    We're not good and we all are unstable.
    We can't hide from the wages of our true selves.
    That includes everybody, including myself.
    We should know we can't hide from our sins.
    I know all the evil we have within.
    We need to stop these demons inside.
    Or they will take us over with stride.
    We think we're made
    We're not made o-of
    I know who we are.
    I'll put us i…
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  • MaxIrvaron

    itza sandbox

    April 27, 2020 by MaxIrvaron

    "MAC!" Schnee yelled out, about to jump off of the bleachers to go check on him and was already standing up... but Aorki was right by her side, and he shook his head, still smiling. Reassured by his look of glee, Schnee rolled her eyes and sat back down... only to immediately gasp.

    The smoke was quickly dispelled by a large, fiery, light-blue, almost whitish aura that shone fierce in the darkness. Inside of the aura was Mac, keeping his blue eyes from earlier, but there was more of his appearance changed. His tank top was now cyan on the inside with white lining, his shorts were white, and his fur changed to the same light-blue color of his aura; also, his hair strands were turqoise. Mac had a blank expression, facing Jamal as if he were ch…

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  • Heroic412229

    I've created a new question and answer blog for my fan characters. Here, you can ask any of them any question(s) you want and they will answer them, though they might not always have a clear answer for everything, so you have been warned. This may include spoilers, things they don't know the answer to, or private information that they want to keep safe and secret. Anyways, here they are:

    • Sid the Hero
    • Ominous
    • Clover Hagen
    • Alex Edurus
    • Rana Franklin
    • Sandra Franklin
    • Bob Franklin
    • Lightning the Porcupine
    • Ashen the Panther
    • Smoky the Panther

    Okay, I think that's every character I've created so far. Now, you can ask them as many questions as you want. Have fun. And also, have a great day.

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