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This is an article about Blizzard the Wolf, a character created by Monk the Cat on 01/8/2014.

Normal Appearance

Blizzard is a somewhat small and short, thin wolf. Despite being thin he is also somewhat stocky. He has long white fluffy fur that covers hie entire body. The main part of his body fur has a slightly gray color to it and the fur on his muzzle, stomach and tail tip is pure white. His cheerful and curious eyes are a very calm sky blue color. His ears are rounded triangles that are the same white-gray as his normal fur, having white on the inside. His tail is somewhat thinner than several other wolves', bring more straight and having an underbrush, rather than just being fluffy.

Blizz commonly doesn't wear very much. His most common apparel is a worn out, open-front tan cloth vest that has a two pockets near the bottom and some broken strings at the top. He also wears a pair of short blue pants that stop just above his knees. He doesn't wear any shoes or gloves. He can sometimes also be seen wearing a musher's cap or an archer's medieval helmet, but this is relatively rare. Sometimes he wears nothing at all.

Elemental Appearance

While taking on his elemental form, willingly or unwillingly, he will change into this form. He is a wild wolf made completely of ice that stands about four feet at the shoulders. He has a long, lean and "muscular" build. Hit entire body is a semi-clear faint blue ice with a hazier white "mane" along the back of his head and running down his back. On his back and sides are also backwards-facing icicles that seem to look like fur spikes, but are actually very sharp. On his muzzle is also the icy spikes that face backwards, appearing to be muzzle tufts. His mouth can open rather wide for its size and is filled with dozens of sharp, icy teeth. His tail in this form is much different. It curves up in the back and has an intricate pattern of frozen ice sticking off the back of it. His legs are all lean and muscular, ready to take him all sorts of places and they all have slightly blunted claws. On the backs of the joints are two little icicles each.


Blizz is clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed. He doesn't know too much and is curious about everything. What makes up for his lack of his knowledge is his childish innocence. He doesn't know what many wrong things are and is always eager to help people. He is also very trusting and open with people he meets, eager to make friends. This also makes him rather naive and vulnerable to those who would manipulate him. Overall, he has the mentality of an adoloscent child, but can surprisingly act mature if he needs to. He is also very obedient to those he trusts and respect, usually following orders without question.


Not too much is known of Blizzard's history, mainly due to the fact that he can't remember how old he is or how long he has been like he has, but he does remember what happened as a young child;

He was born to a pair of wolves on the Northern Tundra and raised to be a respectful and old-fasuhioned child. Everything seemed normal about the young wolf pup, his parents had no idea what he would turn into later in his life. His parents didn't have anything of modern technology, except for two flares and an emergency phone for if they desperately needed help. They never used those things; except when the father went to go hunt the tarmigans that seemed to be very abundant in the area. This continued and they taught Blizz of their love and traditions, combing him into a very nice young boy. Blizz eventually was going to be taught how to hunt and read, but just as he started his studies something happened to him that would change him forever.

One day when he was somewhere between eight and thirteen, he wandered outside to go exploring. He had done this countless times before and his parents weren't too worried about it, but a blizzard started to pick up. Strangely, the young wolf didn't seem to mind or even notice as he trudged through the snow. After another bit of time, he looked down and saw his footprints had completely vanished. Moreover, he was standing literally on top of the light snow! Confused, he decided to head back, but eventually became lost and dropped down into the snow out of exhaustion. It was then when he underwent his first transformation. He emerged from the snow, the feral beast that would soon become feared in the region. When he arose from the snow, the ice elemental had only one thing in mind; prey for his hunger. He stormed off to the spot where the tarmigans usually rested, only to find them gone and some footprints in the snow. Tracking the scent, he followed the prints back to his very own home, where his father was returning with two fresh kills. Not even stopping or recognizing his own father, he pounced on him and bit into his chest and neck, offering him only a single yelp before the rifle and birds were dropped into the snow. He then dragged the body off to a different part of the tundra and ate part of him, then froze the rest to a cave wall. Not satisfied, he returned for his mother and jumped her as she exited the house. He dragged her to the same point and froze her next to her husband after he was done with her. Afterwards, he returned home and ate the two tarmigan bodies that had been lying there, then entered the home and curled up to sleep.

Once he woke up, he had no memory at all of becoming what he did. He looked around, wondering how he got there, then looked for his parents, only finding the old musket he had used for hunting. Blizzard returned the musket to its place and started searching. After many long days, he returned home sad and bawled his eyes out. After a few more years, his body stopped aging, keeping him about eighteen physically. He continued to live alone, still waiting for someone to come. Some people did come originally, but they were usually killed by the ice elemental. Eventually no one seemed to come anymore, which left him very sad. After a few more years, someone showed up at his door; a tall white bird with a murderour look in her eye. Upon hearing the lore about teh area, she decided to go there to be alone and get a fresh start on life. She went into one of the rooms and loaded a musket, putting it to her chin and firing. Hearing the noise, Blizzard rushed to the scene, only to find a small blue egg. He took the egg and tried to talk to it and take care of it until it hatched as a new white bird with a light blue tint. The two became best friends and spent many years together, talking, learnign things and other similar things. Blizz continued to transform on a regular basis and the bird; Ahkaka told him about it, but he never remembered or believed her.

Which leads up to where they are now. A few things have happened, but they're not going down here, as they happened during roleplays and such.


Blizzard has a unique ability to turn into an ice elemental in the form of a wolf. When in the snow, he will sometimes take this form on, involuntarily and proceed to kill and eat almost anything in range. Because the form is feral, he is easier to beat by proper fighters. But he isn't just a straight up pounce and bite, he has a more complicated way of attacking. He can dive into the snow, disappearing completely from any form of detection, until he jumps out from a different point. Also, any falling he ends up landing in the snow from deals no damage to him. He is very swift and agile, being able to ambush and scarf his targets down in a manner of moments. Being made of ice, he is indeed weak to fire, but can't be dealt that much damage. When parts of him break off, they can be remade by using up energy or by moving through the snow, which also gives more energy. His ice form has no vital points, which means a shot to the head will only throw off his senses instead of killing him. When he exits the form, he has no memory of using it, and retains a few injured area he was hurt in the form from.

Whe turning into the ice form, any injuries Blizz has will be healed as he becomes whole again. While being in snow and storms he will transform by himself, while being outside of them he can transform at will and have control over the body. He is far weaker and smaller than his normal form and can only do it for a certain amount of time, but still has no memory of it, claiming he can teleport. Aside form his elemental form, he can also control ice to a weak degree around him, forming it out of water and freezing the ground around him.

It is also told that his tail holds immense ice elemetal abilities. This only applies to his elemental form and is true. The abilities it would grant to a weapon or staff would be immense icy powers or magic. Though few are brave enough to dair try to cut off the tail for a treasure. If someone were to manage, it would simply grow back the next time he were to transform, with the same abilities.

Special Abilities

He can effortlessly walk on top of the snow, leaving no tracks at all. The snow walking also applies to both his normal form and elemental form. Being an elemental, he can also see perfectly clear through the snow and ice, in an ability known as ice vision. This can be triggered so he can either see through or see the ice and snow by choice. His movement and running speed is also greatly increased while in snowy areas. The ice vision also applies to his hearing and scent tracking too. Snow does not deter his ability to track and hear people through even the toughest blizzards.


Blizz was not taught too many things as a young child so there are many things he cannot do. He can however read and write in basic amounts. He also has some skill with a bow, being able to hit moving targets from about fifty feet away from the ground, or seventy-five feet from an archer tower. He also knows how to use the snow to be extremely stealthy and get into places unnoticed.

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