Name: Liza Wynter

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Species: Cat

Race: Shironan

R. Interests:



Father: She hasn't spoken to her parents in over a year; moving out can do that to you.


Being a cat, Blizzard is quite the flexible person.


As her name suggests, Blizzard is able to manipulate ice, able to mold and form it to her own choosing. She is able to form constructs, though she mainly forms blades and shields to protect herself in combat. She is able to freeze her opponents, though she refuses to shatter or kill them, usually fleeing from battle if necessary.

However, due to her being cryokinetic, Blizzard is extremely vulnerable to extreme temperatures, such as desert level heat,  and of course has a very difficult time defending herself against pyrokinetics, as well as other cryokinetics.


Blizzard's muzzle is a pale color, with no tinges of fur on either side of the cheek. This coloring extends to the inside of her ears, her chest, stomach, and nowhere else. The rest of her body is covered in an icy blue colored fur, with no extra colorings that can be found, minus the tip of her tail. That part of her tail is colored a dark shade of blue. Blizzard's hair is colored the same as the rest of her body, with the tips fading into the same color as the tip of her tail. Her hair is waist level, though it's usually covered up by the hoodie she wear. Part of her hair escapes the hood, with a single bang covering her eyes. The sclera of her eyes are white, her pupils black, and her irises a lemon yellow.

However, her eyes will turn an icy blue with her pupils turning white with her powers activated. She also wears her hair in a ponytail.

She wears a white and blue sleeveless parka hoodie that she will keep closed, with the hoodie up. Under the hoodie is a black long-sleeved shirt that cuts off at her midriff. She wears a pair of black jeans with blue lining, and a white belt. She wears a pair of white gloves with the cuffs covered by the sleeves of her shirt. She wears a pair of grey heeled boots with white lining.


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Blizzard, being shironan, is born with the ability to control Ice; she is able to manipulate ice however she wishes.


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