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Cquote1 ...Krieg, we didn't defeat Sigma just so we could take his place. We fought because he terrorized both of our worlds with the Dark Creatures and the Hell Prizm. We fought because we wanted our worlds to be free from his influence... If you take his place now... All of this will have been for nothing."

"...Don't you mean, 'If WE take his place?"

"No, Krieg... I mean 'you'. I'm not joining you... I'll even stop you if I have to."

"...I don't like what I'm hearing, Blitz."

"That's just it... I will stop at nothing to free this world from all evil... and you, Krieg... as far as I'm concerned, you are one such evil."

" you choose to decline my offer. You will regret that, my light self..."

"I doubt it. Cquote2

Blitz arguing with Krieg, before eventually starting their duel after the Σ Colossus has fallen

The Blitz-Krieg Conflict is the conflict between Blitz the Wolf and Krieg the Hollow Blitz, two swordsmen with conflicting ideals and clashing personalities. Their opposing ideals serve to spark a conflict that spans five years, which comes to a boiling point during the final three.



The conflict began when Krieg revealed his true colors to Blitz after the Σ Colossus' destruction. As they are looking upon the ruins of Central City, Krieg explains that peace will come. He then lets out a wham line: "The results are much better than I had anticipated..."

Blitz, Knockout and Rho are confused at this, then enraged when Krieg has the gall to say that both the Dark Creatures and the mortals need new leaders, in particular himself and Blitz. Blitz questions his argument, wondering if he'll be like Σ. Krieg vehemently denies the comparison, and adds that the current governments of both races were too weak to prevent tragedies to befall them. Blitz tries to say something about the Presidents around the world, but Krieg interjects by asking if he wished to "leave the world divided under many instead of united under one". Blitz argues that he didn't fight Σ just for Krieg to replace him. Krieg declares that he's not liking what he's hearing, and his light counterpart says that if he has to fight his Hollow to stop him, then he will do it.

The two then duel, and Blitz wins it when he impales Krieg through the chest with his sword. He nearly kills his Hollow as well before Knockout steps in, begging him to stop. When that fails, Rho loses his sh*t (again) and commands Blitz to cease his onslaught. It works. Exiting Darkness Trigger, Blitz does indeed cease hurting Krieg and help him to his feet. The wolf then tells Krieg to leave with a warning that the world was under Blitz's and everyone else's protection, and Krieg was not to return ever again. Threatening that he won't forget this, Krieg slashes open a Gateway and departs to places unknown (it would later be known that he had escaped the Endless Void).

It is after five years that Krieg does return with an army of his own - Hell Creatures. After pilfering the Hell Prizm Shard, Krieg begins his campaign to eradicate mortalkind the world over, believing them unfit to walk on the world. Blitz and co. are called upon once more to stop his Hollow's madness.

Krieg's reign of terror ends when he is defeated by Blitz and Zagan, his ultimate creation, in his tower. After defeating his super form, War, Zagan executes a powerful attack known as the Hand of Punishment, which forces Krieg to remember and feel all the pain and anguish he has caused while trying to complete his plans. Soon after, Krieg is left repeating that it was his doing, and the Hell Prizm Shard is finally destroyed. With the menace finally over, Blitz and Zagan leave Krieg to whatever fate awaits him.

However, when Blitz and his fellows try to leave the tower, they are stopped when Krieg re-appears to face off against Blitz once more!! Blitz tells his allies to go, and faces off with the now-insanely-presistent Krieg one more time.

Krieg is defeated once again, and this time, it appears that the Hand of Punishment has finally taken hold, for he stops fighting and proceeds to stand, with an expression that indicates he has a moment of clarity. Blitz looks on in confusion, before Krieg states that he realizes what he's done, and that he wishes to make up for his crimes. After some hesitation, Blitz decides to go with it.

Later, Krieg decides to go back to the Endless Void, and this time he intends to stay, so as to do time for what he's done. Instead of the murderous villain he used to be, he sounds genuinely sorry for his actions, which leads the others to believe that he means what he says. Then, Blitz asks if Krieg will return again.
Cquote1 There's no place for me here. I've caused so much torment and anguish... all because I was blinded by my own hubris... but I'm willing to pay for my crimes... I'll do my time in the Void, and I'll stay as long as I am required to. Maybe someday, I'll return... but you won't see me as a vengeful murderer. What you will see... is up to the future to decide.

"...gotcha. Guess we'll see ya around."

"Indeed. Farewell. Cquote2

Blitz and Krieg after the latter is defeated once again

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  • The Blitz-Krieg conflict is DarkMantis' first relationship page.
  • Their relationship is based on the relationship between Dante and Vergil in the Devil May Cry series.
    • It can also be compared to the relationship between Ragna and Jin in BlazBlue, as Blitz has a hot-blooded attitude like Ragna, while Krieg is cold and aloof like Jin, and the two have clashing opinions and ideals. They even have similarly-colored outfits (Blitz and Ragna wear red, Krieg and Jin wear blue).
      • Although, the only time Krieg is fixated on killing Blitz is during the finale of Savage Retribution, and, even then, he still doesn't do it in a very suggestive manner.
        • Yes, we're looking at you, RagnaXJin fans... That includes you, ArcSys. (True, the latter does it for humor, but still.)