Blazing Will is the Blazing (an equvilant form to Super) form of Will the Echidna.

Flashfire212's fanfics

Book One: The Beginnings

In the final chapter, Will faces off against a bully who has seven chaos emeralds (from another world, stolen from Shadow's house) and goes Blazing in order to combat the bully's super form. Will ends up having to power up once more to Chaos to defeat the guy.

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Book Two: The Sickness

Blazing Will doesn't appear in this book.

Book Three: The Invasion

In this book, Will goes Blazing to fight Striker, defeating him before he collapses with a relapse of his disease.

Book Four: Insanity

In this book, Will faces off against Shadow in this form a number of times.

Book Five: Possession

In here, Will uses this form to stop a Rageik-empowered Maddy from destroying everything the two of them loved. He succeeds and Maddy returns to normal. He also has a quick face-off with Rageik making sure that he was aware that all Will's friends and family were off limits.

Book Six: Sealed

Blazing form Will doesn't appear in this book.


Blazing Will is bright orange with yellow gloves, red shoes and green irises in his eyes. He also has yellow stripes down his dreadlocks instead of black. He also takes off the black denim jacket he normally wears. After the Heartless Saga, where Will gets transformed into a Cykresian-style of appearance, this form also changes, becoming orange with the same clothes as Will's new base form, as well as having green eyes and no change in gloves or shoes. Blazing Will


So far, Will and his Blazing form haven't appeared in games. If you are interested in adding them, tell Flashfire212 on his talk page to discuss it.


Blazing Will takes Will's already powerful Chaos Flare and supercharges it, making the Solar Flare. He can still use Chaos Flare, but it lacks the power of its more powerful cousin. Blazing Will also can use the well known Chaos moves Chaos Control, Chaos Blast and Chaos Spear, moves rooted in Pokémon and the like. (Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Overheat, Fire Punch, Blaze Kick) as well as the ultimate blazing move (Taught to him by Blaze the Cat), the Blazing Angel. (Note. the Blazing Angel is at it's most powerful when used by either Ultimate Blaze or UltraBlazing Will). Note Two: A full list of abilitys used by this form is still being written. It involves fire-style techniques from Naruto and other abilitys from other sources.

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