Blazing Rivals is another game in the Blazing Adventure Series. It can also be considered part of the Sonic Rivals games.


The game begins Eggman Nega turning Silver, Alet, Sora, and the Kojon Crown into cards with his rebuilt device. Blaze and Nami arrive on the scene, and find out what has happened. Nami, bent on recovering the Kojon Crown, tells Blaze that teamwork is out of the question and that she needs to get to Eggman Nega first. Blaze snickers and says that she likes a good challenge. Meanwhile, Dark receives a distress signal from Eggman Nega. Suddenly, a Fox Scientist named Dr Prower appears from the past, and tells Dark he needs to get to Nega first. After numerous conflicts, it is revealed that Dr. Eggman Nega is in fact, Dr Eggman. After one final battle with Blaze, Nami, Dark, Dr Prower, Gila, and Eggman, Eggman is defeated, everyone is reverted to their original forms, and Dr Prower (who revealed himself to be Miles 'Tails' Prower) returns to the past with Eggman.

Playable Characters

Blaze the Cat

Blaze arrives at Tempest Island after being told that Eggman Nega was on the island. This is her primary focus throughout the game. Blaze wields her fire abilities in battle.

Nami the Cat

Nami comes to Tempest Island after her fathers Crown was stolen, and, thinking it was Nega, began searching for him. This is the only thing Nami cares for in this game, other than her sisters who also came to the island, Blaze and Sora. Nami uses her water-based powers in battle.

Dark the Hedgehog

Dark came to the island after receiving a distress call from Nega. He planned to use this to his advantage and capture the Doctor. Dark mostly uses his enhanced agility in battle.

Dr Prower

A mysterious fox scientist from the past. It is revealed that he is, in fact, an adult Tails searching for Eggman, who had jumped in time. Prower uses hand to hand combat and his flying skills in battle.


Dr Eggman

Disguised as his descendant most of the time, Eggman came to the future in the hopes of ruling it, after suffering another defeat from Sonic and Tails.

Gila the Chameleon

Dr Eggman's main henchman throughout the game. After coming to the future, Eggman recruited a more than willing Gila, who wanted revenge for her previous defeat.

Other Characters

Silver the Hedgehog

Silver comes to the island with Sora as her bodyguard, by order of King Kojo. Unfortunately, Sora and Silver were both transformed into cards.

Sora the Cat

Blaze and Nami's air-controlling sister. Sora was hunting for jewels on Tempest Island when she was transformed into a card by Eggman Nega.

Alet Kine

Blaze's 'biggest' fan. Alet came to the island in search of Blaze, but was found by Dr Eggman Nega and transformed into a card by him.

King Kojo

Ruler of Mobius. Although not seen directly, the King plays an important role in the game. It is he who tells Blaze that Nega is at Tempest, orders Nami to recover the Crown and orders Silver to be Sora's bodyguard while she went to the island in search of jewels which the King told her were there.

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