At the end of Blaze the Cat, Dr. Eggman Nega's Metallic Fortress facility was destroyed, but the evil doctor narrowly escaped. Now Nega is back and plans to conquer the world once more. He secretly follows Blaze's biplane, the Whirlwind, to her vacation spot, Eastside Island. According to legend, an ancient civilization once abused the power of seven "power stones" on Eastside. Blaze meets a peculiar psychic hedgehog named Silver. The two become good friends. Meanwhile, Eggman Nega begins his search for the Sol Emeralds to fuel his new Death Nega warship. One afternoon, he launches his full-scale attack on the island. He imprisons all of the animals on the island and turns them into mindless worker drones called Badniks. Fortunately, Blaze is determined to thwart the Doctor at all costs. This time, she isn't alone, as Silver decides to aid her. Together they must locate the Emeralds before Nega does, and stop him before the Death Nega is complete.


Blaze the Cat

The pyrokinetic, super speeding cat is back! After travelling to her vacation spot and meeting up with Silver the psychic Hedgehog, Blaze returns to her battle with Dr. Eggman Nega after he attacks the island.

Silver the Hedgehog

This psychic hedgehog meets Blaze the Cat when she arrives on his home island. After befriending her, Silver helps fight against the badniks and defeat Dr. Eggman Nega, who followed Blaze to the island.

Dr. Eggman Nega

This malevolent, mad scientist has returned and plans to steal the seven Sol Emeralds from Eastside Island. Reunited with his arch-nemesis and her new sidekick, Nega prepares his robots to take on Blaze the Cat.


The gameplay of Blaze the Cat 2 builds upon the basic set-up of the original Blaze the Cat game. The player finishes each level, generally moving from left to right, within a time limit of ten minutes. Along the way, rings are collected and Badniks are defeated. Star posts serve as checkpoints, where if the player were to lose a life then he or she would return to one. When the player has collected at least 50 rings, star posts can be run past for an optional Special Stage. At the end of Act 2, Blaze confronts Dr. Eggman Nega, although there is an exception in the Metropolis level in which there are 3 stages.

Although zones have grown significantly in size since Blaze the Cat, they now consist of two acts instead of three (with the exception of the Metropolis Zone, which has three acts, and the three final zones, which each have one), and there is greater emphasis on variety between levels. The gameplay has also become even faster; to that end, Blaze is able to perform a new special move referred to as the Flaming Tornado. The Spin Tornado attack allows Blaze to spin in place, as if revving up an engine, before taking off at high speeds from a stationary start. Blaze's running motion also features longer strides.

Special Stages track Blaze from behind while she runs through a (semi-) three-dimensional half-pipe course filled with rings and bombs. A certain amount of rings must be collected to pass through two checkpoints and then obtain the emerald itself. If the player runs into one of the many bombs (increasing in number as the emeralds are captured) he will lose a set amount of rings, varying depending on the stage. The order of stages is fixed in rising difficulty, and Blaze cannot enter the next stage without passing the previous (unlike Blaze 1). Whether the player is able to obtain the emerald or not, Blaze is transported back to the last star post he hit in the zone when the special stage is over and has zero rings.

From the options menu, players can select to either play as Blaze alone, Silver alone or Blaze and Silver. By default, players control Blaze while Silver tags along unhindered. However, a second player may control Silver separately. Should Silver move off-screen, he will eventually return.

Marine the Raccoon in Blaze the Cat 2

Marine the Raccoon in Blaze the Cat 2 is a game activated by locking Blaze the Cat 2 to the passthrough cartridge of Blaze & Marine that was released later by Sega. The resulting game is almost identical to Blaze the Cat 2, except that one plays as Marine the Raccoon. As Marine has abilities and weaknesses that Blaze and Silver do not, the game is an overall different experience. Marine can glide and climb walls, which allows her to access areas otherwise unreachable by Blaze and Silver, while her weaker jumping abilities make some situations, such as certain boss fights (particularly the final boss of Death Nega Zone), more difficult. The two-player mode and options screen have also been removed. Players who are most familiar with the level layouts in Blaze 2 will notice a few minor differences. Unlike in the default game, when a player activates a star-post and enters the special stage, the ring count remains upon returning to the regular stage.

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