Blaze is a 14 year old lavender cat with short lavender hair with dark purple tips tied up in a high ponytail with a red hair tie and bright amber eyes. Her usual outfit is a purple robe with a magenta lining, white tights, white gloves with fuzzy lining, high healed shoes that look similar to Sonic's with a fuzzy lining. She is also seen wearing the Kyokuko Academy school uniform and various types of lolita clothes, and others.


Blaze is rather anti-social, doesn't trust people easily, and tends to be rather harsh and short tempered. But on the other hand once her trust has been earned she is kind and protective of her friends. It is also known that she can be rather shy when meeting new people and its also been proven that she can be easily embarrassed.

She also gets an interest in anime and maga thanks to Rin the Wolf and Yuffi the Hedgehog, but not to the point where she becomes and Otaku. She is also very blunt with her answers and also tends to get anoyed very easily. It is also known that she has a hatered for perverts.


Blaze is the 99th heir to the Kindom of Sol. Not much of her history is known because she suffered trough mental trauma when she was younger. She currently belives that her father died in battle when she was five and that her mother passed away due to illness soon after. From early in her childhood she was raised and watched over by the guards and maids in her castle, mainly by her personal guard Gardon.

She was teased cause of her powers and due to that she would rather be alone and not even look at other people. At fist she didn't want to accept Silver the Hedgehog's friendship but after he defended her from bullies that were teasing her she accepted his friendship, also because he thought her flames were cool.

Sometime later she became the guardian of the Sol emeralds. Also sometime later she meets and befriends Sonic and his friends and her personality started to expand a bit.


Blaze has the power of Pyrokinesis, meaning she can control fire at her will. She is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat and she is also skilled with weapons. Her main weapon is twin dual gun blades that Mioko the Racoon Dog gave her.

Her known battle moves are:

Axel Kick: She round house kicks her opponent while her food is ignited in flames.

Fire Claw: She launches at her opponent while ignited in flames.

Fire Strike: She shoots a large arc of flames from her dual blades and strikes her opponent.


Guardon the Koala (guardian, personal guard)

Sonic the Hedgehog (best friend, partner in combat, possible love interest)

Silver the Hedgehog (best friend, sorta like a little brother)

Cream the Rabbit (best friend)

Rin the Wolf (good friend)

Yuffi the Hedgehog (good friend)

Asami the Fox

Ichiro the Fox

Aya the Fox

Isao the Hedgehog (at some point)

Junichi the Hedgehog

Knuckles the Echidna

Rouge the Bat

Amy Rose

Miles 'Tails' Prower

Sally Acorn

and so on...

Voice Actors

Her Japanese Voice Actor is Nao Takamori

Her English Voice Actor is Laura Bailey


  • It is known that Blaze can dance ballet.
  • Blaze hates to be called 'Highness' but she tolerates being called 'Princess Blaze'
  • A running gag is that Blaze is usually the victum when Asami wants to dress her up in Maid Lotita.
  • Another running gag is that whenever Blaze gets angry or anoyed, Rin or in some cases Yuffi and Sonic would scratch and pet the top of her head and she would calm down, to the point where she says 'Nya'.
  • The most common running gag is that Blaze would kick Isao when he does something perverted to her or her friends.
  • Blaze has an interest in anime and manga.
  • Her favorite song is The Last Night by Skillet.
  • Blaze is one of the few girls who dislikes Yaoi manga, the others being Amy, Sally and Julie-Su.
  • Blaze's favorite anime is Durarara!
  • Blaze's favorite bands are Skillet, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and A Day To Remember.
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