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Blaze the Cat is a cat from the Sol Dimension. She currently resides in Mobius.


Blaze wears her purple hair up, held together by a red jeweled scrunchie. She wears a purple fur coat, white track pants, and red shoes with white stripes. She has black eyes and wears white gloves.


Blaze is friendly and brave. As a survivor of many calamities in the Sol Dimension, she's a brazen fighter who constantly seeks to train her skills. She uses a tactical approach to dealing with enemies: ask questions first, fight later. Because of this, Sonic's glad to have her on his team.


Blaze first appeared leaping out of a portal into Mobius. When Sonic met her, she informed him that the Sol Emeralds were stolen and the two teamed up to track down the culprit, who was obviously Dr. Robotnik. Afterwards, Blaze invited Sonic to her world, where they took a boat ride with her best friend Marine. Blaze is one of Sonic's love interests.


Blaze has the power to transform into Burning Blaze whenever she collects all the Sol Emeralds.


Blaze has natural cat instincts, so she can leap over high distances and sharply scratch foes. She also possesses superspeed.


Blaze knows a variety of martial arts, which she puts to the test when up against her enemies.


Like Sonic, Blaze's weakness is water. It's implied she can't swim either, and she drowns if she doesn't find an Air Bubble in time.

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